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Archived Message:

Need Help with ##NEXT() and ##PREVIOUS

jmiguy I am using the NEXT() and PREVIOUS() ActivScript variables in my book to navigate from page to page. I plan on using CSS so I don't have to manually configure each individual page link.

My question is this, does anyone know how to create a variable that will grab the title of the next (and previous) pages to display it as a screen tip when you hover above the "NEXT>" page hyperlink?

<a title="Title of Next Page" href="##NEXT()">
<a title="Title of Previous Page" href="##PREVIOUS()">



Posted on: 8:26 pm on July 12, 2006
Storyman Hi Jimiguy,

Great question...and one that I wish I had an answer to. There are variables for the ebook title, none for available display pages.

One work around would involve using a page ID. I've used it in the past with CSS to gray out the current page displayed on the navigation.  If you do a search you should be able to find a tutorial on how using page IDs. I'm just not sure if it is possible to grab the ID using javascript, then comparing it against a matrix to establish the next/previous page(s).

Let us know if you have any luck.

Posted on: 9:39 pm on July 12, 2006
Alaska Forward and Back buttons are part of most help systems; they are called 'browse sequences' in help author terminology.  Not all help files have them, as many subjects are not sequential anyway.

I use them in copperfieldpub.com, and others.  Its built in to the system.

Here is some Javascript that will fit into a .js file.  Place the .js reference wherever you want the browse sequence to display:

<script language="javascript1.2" src="browse.js"></script>

...and the contents of the .js file will look like this, except you will add your own page names and descriptions, of course:


Page_name=new Array()
Page_desc=new Array()

Page_desc[0]="Table of Contents."
Page_desc[1]="Chapter One: Starting the Journey"
Page_desc[2]="Chapter Two: Packing My Stuff"
Page_desc[3]="Chapter Three: Feeding the Fish"
Page_desc[4]="Chapter Four: Turning out the Lights"
Page_desc[5]="Chapter Five: Locking the Door."
Page_desc[6]="List of References"

A=StringA.lastIndexOf("/" )+1;

/*Find the page number*/
for (var i = 0; i <= n; i++)
if (Page_name[ i]==ThisFilename)  // remove space from brackets (forum fix)
if (foundit==false) {

//determine the numbers of the previous and the next pages

function goPrev(){
if ((ThisPageNumber-1)<0)
alert("You are at the beginning of the series" )

function goNext()
if ((ThisPageNumber+1)>n)
answer = confirm("You are at the end of the series. \nPress OK to go to the start, or \nCancel to remain where you are" );
if (answer !=0)

// writes the previous and next pages

function NextPreviousWriter()
document.write("[<b>Back to: </b><a href="+
 Page_name[ThisPageNumber-1]+" title='back to " + Page_desc[ThisPageNumber-1] +"'>"+
   Page_desc[ThisPageNumber-1]+"</a>]" );

document.write("<br>[<b>On to: </b><a href="+
 Page_name[ThisPageNumber+1]+" title='forward to " + Page_desc[ThisPageNumber+1]+"'>"+
   Page_desc[ThisPageNumber+1]+"</a>]<br>" );
else {
document.write("<br><b>End of series so far. More to come ... "+
   "</b><br>" );


... and there you go.

 Don't forget to remove that space from the array definiton above (around line 32) ; its a fix due to this forum messing with my code, despite turning emoticons off.  I would ask Sunil to look into it, but I'd rather see 5.0 come out first.

(Edited by Alaska at 1:26 pm on July 13, 2006)

Posted on: 5:56 pm on July 13, 2006
jmiguy Thanks for the reply but I'm a bit confused.

1.) Will this code make the page descriptions appear when you hover over the next and previous page links?

2.) How do I tie this code to a hyperlink? (I'm not very familiar with java script.)

Thanks again,


Posted on: 9:51 pm on July 13, 2006
Alaska Jeff-

1) yes.

2) it creates its own hyperlinks as needed.

 Do this: copy the script (between the "===" lines) to a text file, and name it 'browse.js'.  Add it to the folder with your html content files.

 Paste the line:

<script language="javascript1.2" src="browse.js"></script>

...wherever you want to see the browse sequence links.

simple, eh?

Posted on: 10:04 pm on July 13, 2006
jmiguy Roger Thank You!!!!! That's the ticket!

I don't know what I did wrong the first time but it worked perfectly this time.

I'll post back if I have any more problems, but I think I'm okay now.

I checked out your site copperfieldpub.com, but I didn't have much time to look around. I'll check it out some more tonight. It looks like you have some really good stuff posted.

Thanks again,


Posted on: 2:26 am on July 14, 2006

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