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Archived Message:

String concatination in Activ Script

pborow I'm new to Activ Script but have some experience with other scripting languages.

I would like to format the text returned in a MESSAGEBOX; simple things like a blank line between two statements.

For example, some languages allow the following:

MESSAGEBOX('String 1' + chr(13) + chr(13) + 'String  2'), which yields two lines of text separated by a blank line.

How might this be done in ActivScript?


Posted on: 1:21 pm on April 25, 2006
In your case, you can set a variable to be a blank string expression, something like this:

window.external.ActivSet( 'nothing', ' ' ) ;



There are a number of formats that are allowed for string expressions:

Single Quotes

If you enclose a string in single quotes, then Activ Variables within the string, that are enclosed in curly braces ({}), will be expanded into their values.

For example, the following statement, will display the title of the E-Book in a message box:


Note: The string may contain multiple Activ Variables, and may also contain other text, so the following is also perfectly valid:

MESSAGEBOX('The title of this E-Book is {doublequote}{title}{doublequote}')

Non Expanding Quotes

If you enclose a string in single quotes, preceded by a tilde character (~), then Activ Variables are not expanded.

For example, the following statement, will actually display {title} in a message box:


Numerical Expressions

It is actually possible to use a numerical expression in places where a string expression would be required. The numerical expression will be evaluated, and the result value converted into a string.

For example, the following statement, will display the number 4 (the result of evaluating 2+2 as a numerical expression and converting the result value to a string), in a message box:


In contrast, the following statement will actually display 2+2 in a message box:


Posted on: 3:33 pm on April 25, 2006
mythos Or something like this might be better:


var getit = ('String 1' + chr(13) + chr(13) + 'String  2'),
window.external.ActivSet( 'showit', getit ) ;



showit will be expanded into its value.

Posted on: 3:41 pm on April 25, 2006
Actually, line breaks  br >  in script alerts and confirm boxes are     \n\n

Some programming languages will use  |   for a line break.

I'm not sure what Activ Ebook uses for a line break in its message boxes - I haven't found it yet either...

Posted on: 4:11 pm on April 25, 2006
OK I finally got it... Here's the one that actually works:

var getit="String 1" + "\r" + "\r" + "String 2" ;
window.external.ActivSet( 'showit', getit ) ;
<.A HREF="##MESSAGEBOX('{showit}')">Click Here<./A>

(to use it remove .dots from tags)

Posted on: 4:44 pm on April 25, 2006
Of course you can shorten the code by using only the JavaScript alert:

var getit="String 1" + "\r" + "\r" + "String 2" ;

But the Activ Ebook messages are like those in Visual Basic: You can use four different icons and up to seven different button values. Well worth the extra lines of code!

Posted on: 5:41 pm on April 25, 2006


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