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Archived Message:

Print options - ?

jaxz Dear all!
Are there any good ways to handle printing of eBooks?

I intend to let customers print the entire eBook after registering.

But, how can I make it look good?

I'm creating separate print.css style sheets, but still don't know how to influence certain aspects.

For instance, when printing my test ebook the page title appears top left, page numbers appear top-right, copyright bottom left and date bottom right  in some style I can't influence.

Can I take command over these things somehow?!

It would be swell if I could have a decent footer appear at every printed page.

Grateful for any and all suggestions!


Posted on: 4:15 pm on April 4, 2006
Storyman Hi Jaxz,

You're doing the right thing by creating a stylesheet for printing. Make sure the other stylesheet is set to "screen" and print.css is set to "print". Also, remember to adjust the page width to a fixed width (and use inches).

Often the font style family is changed from the sans-serif to serif. Research indicates that sans-serif is easier to read on screen, but serif is easier to read in print.

Posted on: 9:01 pm on April 4, 2006
jaxz Yes, the css part I can manage OK.

BUT, the layout(positioning/fonts etc) of page numbers, page title, date and copyright are NOT my doing.

That stuff comes from AEC and windows. And I really don't have a clue as to how I can modify that.

In the print options (print setup/properties) in AEC, I can only set printer related settings like paper size etc etc.

BUT in  IE6, I also have access to  "utskriftsformat" (perhaps "page setup" in English) where I can also set:
margins, but more importantly I can specificy footer and header inclusions with the following formats:

&w   Window heading
&u   URL
&d   short date format
&D   Long date format
&t    Time
&T   Time in 24h format
&p   current page number
&P   Total number of pages
&&   an & character
&b   Text following &b is centred
&b&b  Text immedieately after the first &b is centred,     text immediately after the second &b is right                       adjusted.

In these settings however, there is no control of fonts.
Likewise in Firefox I can set Margins and can control header/footer printing.

It seems that AEC automatically does this from data supplied into the Quick project application (Book title, Copyright info) and adds page numbers in the format "Page # of Total" (&p of &P), along with the current date.

This is not very useful. For instance, what is the point of printing the current date on every page? And when a book contains multiple chapters (as separate pages), I suspect that it will be printed with an (ugly) heading (book title) in the top left corner, but with page numbers (top right) starting over from one for each chapter, but with the same title...

Clearly, windows settings rule the print formatting. But browsers including IE do allow user input to modify the printed output. And I have not found the way to do that from within AEC.

I hope I am missing something BIG here.

Please advice (perhaps Sunil may have an input too?)


(Edited by jaxz at 3:35 pm on April 5, 2006)

(Edited by jaxz at 3:37 pm on April 5, 2006)

Posted on: 10:06 am on April 5, 2006
Storyman Have you tried putting the AEC coding within a Class? I normally don't use AEC code to print so it is something I'll have to experiment with.

Posted on: 5:57 pm on April 5, 2006

Quote: from Storyman on 6:57 pm on April 5, 2006[br]Have you tried putting the AEC coding within a Class?

I don't understand. What do you mean?

What is AEC coding?

What I'm referring to is the odrinary compiling of an eBook , using AEC4.22a,  from a source of HTML pages.

When preparing the compilation I use the "Quick Project application" which asks for Copyright input, name of book and some optionals.

This data is printed in the header/footer on every page, along with the current date and page number when I print out pages from within the compiled executable file.
The printed footer/header  comes out in what looks like Arial 12/13.

The copyright info is truncated after 18 characters when having 20mm margins set in IE, likewise the booktitle field is truncated after 24 characters.

Interestingly, in IE I can choose what to include in the header/footer (under Page setup), but this does not carry over to which fields are printed from within the executable eBook.

It seems this is all outside of my control using CSS/html/Java.

Enter AEC coding ? Please clarify!

And a question just to clarify:
when you print out a page from an eBook you have created with AEC4.22a do you also get the page number/date/copyright/booktitle printed on every page?

Best regards,

Posted on: 9:18 am on April 6, 2006
EBookCompiler I haven't tried all the stuff you guys are discussing,


It seems that AEC automatically does this from data supplied into the Quick project application (Book title, Copyright info) and adds page numbers in the format "Page # of Total" (&p of &P), along with the current date.

If you want to change what is in the header/footer, you can do this by making a Customized language file before compiling.

Go to Edit user interface.

Do Edit next to the language, and type in a new language name, e.g. EnglishCustom instead of English

then scroll down to items 140 and 141 and change them.  You can use the Internet Explore codes such as &p and &P, or Activ variables such as {copyright}, etc.

Posted on: 12:31 am on April 14, 2006
jaxz Thanks!

Question though:

Is there a way I can select or modify the font/fontsize that is printed in the Header/Footer?

Also, how would you suggest I go about having the Chapter name printed?
The Activ variable {title} seems to be the name of the book.

I have not used Activ script before, but understand that it should be straightforward to create an Activ variable with the name of the current chapter (such as page title), and use that in the box 140 or 141 (under edit language) to have it printed out.

But how do I assign a variable like {chapter} to a useful string (such as the page name)? Please advice!

Thanks and Im VERY grateful for all your time and efforts!


Posted on: 10:34 am on April 18, 2006
EBookCompiler I don't know how to do the fonts, or if it's even possible

You could make a variable called {chapter} or something

In every page, you could use JavaScript and window.external.ActivSet to set the variable to current page's value.

You might also set the variable's initial value in OnStart in Edit Add-Ins

One limitation is any system generated pages would have the wrong title

Posted on: 3:23 pm on April 19, 2006

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