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Archived Message:

Activ Script

rlemire Active Script
A few observations by Ron Lemire; GoldPanner Software.

While I think highly of Activ E-Book, the only truly remarkable benefit, unique to every other similar product, is Activ Script. The number of people using Activ Script might be fairly small but I belive that number will increase significantly.

Few people are willing to invest the time to learn high level programing languages so there is a growing interest in HTML, HTA, and Javascript programing. It's now possible to produce almost any program in a runtime format. An example is my program called "StoryMaker". Not many people would realize that it's based on web browser technologies or that it was compiled using Activ E-Book.

I've also just completed an update to "HYPrLock" a Refund Disabling program for Activ E-Book and it required a significant use of Activ Script. Designed using Activ E-Book v4.2 Activ Script, I downloaded beta v5.05 to test operations. I had little difficulty moving HYPrLock into the new version but I was very disappointed in the way Activ Script has been depreciated in the new version.

I know it's unlikely to change anyones mind but I believe restricting Activ Script is a mistake. I understand the concern for security but I'd like to offer something for consideration.

First, If these Activ Script restrictions were added in the hope it would protect eBook users; It won't. As an author I'm going to disable every restriction and open all the doors and allow everything. As a result my customer has no protection what so ever. He doesn't even know there were any options. He just downloads the eBook and opens it up. So who benefits from these security restrictions? Not me and not my customer. I'm just frustrated trying to get my script to work.

Secondly, the fear about outside web presence being able to interfere or control an eBook is highly unlikely. Someone wanting to write malicious code goes after operating systems or browsers not a potential eBook that might visit their web site.

One way I'm promoting Activ E-Book on my site is targeting software programmers, (as compared to eBook authors).  Activ E-Book has a huge potential in attracting shareware developers. Increasing this potential depends on expanding Activ Script not restricting it.

Ron Lemire, GoldPanner Software

HYPrLock -- check out the new version  http://hyprlock.com

Posted on: 4:18 pm on February 27, 2006
Storyman Hi Ron,

Great update.

As I read your posting the first thing that came to mind is if there is a charge for updates. Found the answer on your site:

Q) Do I have to pay for new upgrades?
A) NO! HYPrLock upgrades are always free of charge.

Posted on: 4:33 pm on February 27, 2006
rlemire Not only that but the new upgrade should accept your existing password and open right up.

Ron Lemire

Posted on: 7:10 pm on February 27, 2006
Storyman It works as advertised. Thanks

Posted on: 10:06 pm on February 27, 2006
mythos I agree with you about Activ Script restrictions.

Webmasters and ebook authors should definitely not have to build firewalls into their documents!

Anyone who needs a good antivirus program or trojan horse blocker should know where to get one. The rest is paranoia, fueled by marketing hype.

Posted on: 6:09 pm on April 25, 2006
I also agree that Activ Script is a "truly remarkable benefit."  

It makes Activ Ebook Compiler one of the best solutions because it can produce EXE applications rather than just brochure ebooks.

What's really needed is not another firewall, but an Activ Script Editor - something along the lines of NeoBook Pro. With an easy-to-use script editor the number of people using Activ Ebook will increase significantly.

Posted on: 6:23 pm on April 25, 2006
rlemire I've received a number of questions regarding my concerns with Activ E-Book Compiler.

For the record, I want to state that I think the Activ E-Book Compiler is the best eBook generator available PERIOD. I've beta tested the new v5.05 and find it stable with a host of new and improved features. In fact, my security suite for Activ Ebook Compiler "HYPrLock" was designed using v5.05 -- then I made it backward compatible to v4.22. This was to ensure "HYPrLock" would function with both versions.

My complaints about the new v5.x have to do with new security restrictions for advanced "Activ Script" programing and my comments were targeted to computer geeks who like building computer programs. (Activ E-Book is the only eBook Compiler with a built in programing language).

I want to assure eBook authors that Activ E-Book Compiler is an outstanding product. After spending a great deal of time testing similar products, It's the only product I use or would recommend.

Posted on: 5:06 pm on June 1, 2006


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