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Archived Message:

Newbie help

Colochris Ok so this is my first post and hopefully more to come. I have been studying these compiliers for days and I really like this Activ E Book Compiler. The price is nice and it sounds like it does what you need it to do.

But this is my first book, and I am like the 1000 person to say that, but this software is a bit confusing. Now I have downloaded the free trial, but if I may ask a few questions, I would appreciate it.

1. This might be easy, but I could not find the answer, Do I write my ebook like I want it to look on microsoft word, and then transfer it over to the compilier? Or do I just write it on the compilier? I know that is probably elementary, but like I said I could not find it.

Also, as I get close to being done with my writings, is there people here that will help with what to do next? I have checked out the click bank place, and that really through me off. Like it states that over 100,000 affiliates are in business with them or something like that, anyways I understand they charge a fee, but it seems like they will get you traffic.

Anyways I am not jumping the gun, that all will come later, but I am just wondering if it is ok to start writing in word, then transfer over when I buy the registered copy of Activ Compilier?

I just worry about pictures and icons not transfering over with it, and also if the help menus that come with the registered copy are easy to follow.

ANyways, I hope to be an active member.

Thank you all


Posted on: 1:49 am on January 13, 2006
Storyman Welcome to the forum, Colochris.

A lot of people in fact do create their ebook in Word, then export it to HTML as a web page.

Personally, I prefer creating the ebook as a web page without using Word. The difficulty with Word is that when it exports to HTML it throws in a lot of extraneous code, which makes editing difficult.

I use both Dreamweaver and GoLive. My preference for ebooks is GoLive CS2. It really doesn't matter which program you use. Just think in terms of creating a web page and you'll have fewer problems--IMHO.

Again, these are preferences. If you are comfortable with Word and export it to HTML and everything works as you want, then by all means use Word. Just be sure the graphics, images, and all HTML files are in the same folder--in other words sub folders are not allowed.

You've got a good plan to take it in steps.

Posted on: 3:10 am on January 13, 2006
Colochris Thank you for the help. I must ask though if the html is easier, is the Golive easy to use? Also is it ok to ask where to see it or where to use it? I do not want to break any rules, so do not answer if it is wrong.

But I am excited to write this book.  Although I am very nervous about the whole web site starting thing, and I still do not understand how people download a copy of your book from a site. But again maybe someone will be a mentor to me at that point later on.

Thank you again for your help

Posted on: 3:57 am on January 13, 2006
Colochris Ok so I found the Golive program, quite a bit more than I was hoping to spend for my first time out, but I must ask, what is so special about it? Like is it just easier to transfer to a website?

I just want to get a feel for this. Does the Compilier help transfer it to html ? Like if I write my book in word then use the software, would it then be able to transfer to the web host?

I am lost I know. I need a Ebook for dummies book.

But I truely do appreciate your time


Posted on: 4:06 am on January 13, 2006
Storyman Word might be your best option at this point. It'll get you were you want to go. Why not create a couple of sample pages in Word, export them as HTML pages and create a sample ebook with Activ.

As for marketing your ebook that is something to think about after you've got your ebook together.

Posted on: 5:30 am on January 13, 2006
Colochris Exactly Storyman!. Waiting till you have a finished book is a good strategy, because I bet many people start, but never finish there book.

This might sound weird, but is there anybody or place that will take my manuscript and turn it into an HTML document?

Or is it pretty easy to do by ones self?

Thank you again for your trouble. You are very knowledgable.


Posted on: 2:18 pm on January 13, 2006
Storyman You can find someone to do just about anything. The reason you don't see ads for converting documents to HTML is because it is rather easy to do yourself. Take a Word document that you already have and export it to HTML.

Open the file. From the menu bar: File>Save As. In the drop down options for the type of file to save select Web Page HTML. Done.

Posted on: 9:57 pm on January 13, 2006
Colochris Ok now I do have a compilier question, it gives instructions for word 2000 I have word 2003, are they the same format for trying to compile? I was trying to follow the instructions under the help menu and my word had more options, so I do not want to mess anything up.

Posted on: 11:46 pm on January 13, 2006
Storyman Try each of the options that look likely. Otherwise you'll always wonder. ;~)

I'd suggest using a simple 2-page document so you can compare the results. Keep experimenting until you're comfortable with the process.

Posted on: 1:18 am on January 14, 2006

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