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Archived Message:

Technical help needed...please

Mandella HouseBand Hi, I have downloaded a registered version of the compiler and I have been using it for a couple of days now.  It is far more than I expected, simply great with all it's features.
I have one problem I can not seem to fix.  I can't get my pic's to show in the book when I 'run' it, everything else is fine.

They are saved in the'source' file in a 'index folder'. I am saving my book in HTML (1 page) and that is also saved in the 'source' folder but outside the 'index' folder.

I have tried several things but can not get the pic's to show in the ebook.

The pic's are embedded into the page of HTML but still no joy.  I am using 'frontpage' to write the HTML.
It is, as if, some security setting or something is stopping the pic's being shown.
Any advice would be most appreciated.

Posted on: 10:34 am on November 3, 2005
Storyman Mandella,

>They are saved in the'source' file in a 'index folder'.

ALL files must be in the SOURCE FOLDER. No exceptions.

This means the index.htm(l) and all of the .jpg files MUST be in the same folder.

You might try moving all of the files into the appropriate folder from inside FP. I know Dreamweaver and GoLive's current version automatically update the html code when you do this.

Posted on: 2:16 pm on November 3, 2005
Mandella HouseBand Cheers, but all my files are INSIDE the 'source' folder but they still don't show.
I'm at a loss, everyhrting appears to be Ok and in the right place but it has me beat at the moment.

Posted on: 4:43 pm on November 3, 2005
Storyman You might want to take a look at links to the images. It should look like this: < img src="image_title.jpg" >

When you built it in FP where all of the files in one folder?

Posted on: 4:51 pm on November 3, 2005
Mandella HouseBand Yes, checked the links, they are all there.
The pics and the index.html file are all in the same folder in FP

Posted on: 5:35 pm on November 3, 2005
Storyman Am I understanding you correctly that all of the images and html files are in the same folder within FP? And everything works?

You then copy the files and images to the source folder, right? If this is the case open the html file that is inside the SOURCE folder that Activ created and verify that those links are correct.

I know with GoLive that I'd run into the same problem you are having if I move the files rather than publish the site to Activ's SOURCE folder. The reason is that GoLive rewrites the links when it is published and converts them to relative. The same type of thing might be happening to you.

Posted on: 6:42 pm on November 3, 2005
Mandella HouseBand Hi Storyman,
Yes, checked all the links in the 'index' page inside the 'source' folder, everything OK.
The jpeg's are in the 'index files' folder and this is were the code points to.
Ran the build again and still it comes out with the squares and the little red X in the corner...it won't show the jpeg's...this has certainlt got me beat now.
I can build websites so I know exactly what yopu are talking about when you say about the links etc but I just don't understand WHY it doesn't run the book OK.

even more......

Posted on: 9:20 pm on November 3, 2005
Storyman Could you copy and post one of the jpeg's links.

Posted on: 11:36 pm on November 3, 2005
Mandella HouseBand This is one of the links:
<img width=45
height=84 src="index_files/image001.gif" v:shapes="_x0000_s1156">
It appears to be OK...
It is from the 'index pageINSIDE the 'source' folder.
Hope this helps

Posted on: 1:11 am on November 4, 2005
Storyman Ah Ha! Problem solved!

Change: <img width=45
height=84 src="index_files/image001.gif" v:shapes="_x0000_s1156">

To: <img width=45
height=84 src="image001.gif" >

What is happening is that you have a folder called "index_files". ALL FILES must be in the SOURCE folder. No sub folders are permitted.

Posted on: 1:31 am on November 4, 2005
Mandella HouseBand right...I will try this and let you know...I thought I was starting to go crazy!!!
Thanks a million...I hope this works..Cheers

Posted on: 1:38 am on November 4, 2005
Mandella HouseBand Hi Storyman...change the name to genius!
I did what you said and it has worked.
The only drawback is that after altering EACH link, I had to shut down notepad and re-open it to change the next link.
If I didn't, I kept getting a warning come up that read:

The Exception Breakpoint
A breakpoint has been reached.
Then it told me to either de-bug or cancel the operation.

I succeeded to 'run a book that showed ALL the pic's but it seems an awful time consuming way of having to do it.
Have you any idea what this 'Breakpoint is?  I've never heard of it.
Cheers and thanks again

Posted on: 1:05 pm on November 4, 2005
Storyman You mentioned that you are using Front Page. Is that still true? If it is look to see if there is a way to flatten the site when published.

Every web design program works a little different and may or may not have the ability to flatten files. The way it works is that you can build the ebook like you would a web site with folders for images and another for a CSS stylesheet (if you have one). When publishing the site there is an option to flatten the site, which means that everything in the sub folders (in your case the index_html folder) is moved to the root directory--meaning that all html and image files are in the same folder.

Other than that you can open Front Page and using its site management move the images from index_html to the same directory that contains the index.html file. Most of the better programs will automatically change the code to reflect the change. Other than that you'll have to reconnect the image file to the code that calls the image.

I had been using Dreamweaver to do all of this, but recently started using GoLive CS2 because it makes everything much easier for building ebooks. (DW is still better if you are working with dynamic sites using PHP.)

When you start experimenting do yourself a favor and work with a copy of the site so if things go wrong you still have a working copy.

BTW are you copying the files that you create in FP or are you using FP to publish them to the Source folder?

Glad you got it working. As far as the Notepad warnings I have no idea what would cause that and have never seen it generate any warnings.

Which OS are you running?

Posted on: 3:28 pm on November 4, 2005
Mandella HouseBand Hi,
I'm using XP as the OS.
Still using FP but I do have DW on my computer, so could use that to generate the pages.
I'm using the 'save as' facility to get the index page and the index folder over to the 'source' file.  I don't know anything about 'flattening' the site.
I do have experience of building sites, so the only thing I know about 'flattening' sites is by using a bulldozer!

You mention working with a copy ...I am learning very fast my friend, believe me about that....

The compiler seems to be a real bit of kit...I think once I have played about with it and got a bit more experience , it's going to serve my purposes better than I originally thought.

Thanks for ALL the advice
More power to you.

Posted on: 4:28 pm on November 4, 2005
Mandella HouseBand AS a follow on Storyman:

I have taken your advice, 'PUBLISHED' to the 'source' folder and then 'RUN' the book...everything fine.  No problems with links etc.

Thanks again...It is a little complicated but with a bit of thought and a few trials and PLENTY of help from you got there in the end.
Will now start publishing and earning my fortune.

Posted on: 6:12 pm on November 4, 2005
Storyman BTW are you using Microcreation for payment through PayPal and/or ClickBank? Do a search here and you'll find a few postings regarding the program.

Posted on: 6:27 pm on November 4, 2005

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