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Archived Message:

Passwords for individual pages

Hanna I have an e-book I will be selling to my clients. The book has 50 pages. I don't want them to have access to the whole book at once.
I want to be able to send them a password each week, which gives them access to the next section of the book.
Does anybody know how to give each page its own unique password?

Posted on: 7:32 am on September 2, 2005
Storyman The activ script for the password is a binary, meaning that it is Yes or No. This means passwords are an all or nothing proposition.

You might be able to write a javascript program that will look at the date and display pages up to a certain point. For example, if the html pages were page_1.html, page_2.html...page_30.html javascript would look at the date, then display up do a cetain page number. I haven't done it, but this is where I'd start.

The alternative is to break it down into separate ebooks using the same password(s). That way when the ebook is installed it will automatically recognize the registration code and open. This approach should also work even if you are using a 1,000 passwords--just export the password list as a text file and import that password list into each ebook.

Posted on: 6:04 pm on September 2, 2005
Zebulon Humm...

To follow Storyman's solutions, why not send your client a password so he can stick it in the page where he as been stopped to continu with the page you want him to buy whit the rest of a new part (let's say page 15 to 30)...  With an ASP or PHP code the client enters your Web sites page and the new version is delevered right to his email or downloaded from the page...

Well something like that...

Hope it helps!


Posted on: 10:19 pm on September 5, 2005
EBookCompiler I think that I have a variation, that might work, but it requires some programming

It also would require you turn off the Table Of Contents and Search functions (otherwise they could bypass it)

First you make a form in the eBook, that is processed locally.  This form ask's them for this week's password

This is like a normal HTML form:-

1. Have one INPUT field TYPE="PASSWORD" in the page NAME="mypassword"


3. Set ACTION=#!password.as

Now password.as is the magic bit, it's a script you write

It says something like





MESSAGEBOX('Sorry that is not a valid password)

Now what you do is
firstweek.htm could be a page that contains the first's week's lesson

secondweek.htm could be a page that contains the second seek's lesson

And so on

If you want the second week to be able to access the previous lessons (and 3rd to be able to access 1st and 2d), you could either make each of the firstweek.htm secondweek.htm etc., pages framesets with navigation only to previous week's lessons OR link between the pages, OR something like that.

Posted on: 3:48 am on September 6, 2005
Zebulon Yup Sunil, just something like your variation would work ;o).  With the help of few Flash codes, maybe as I can imagine it.  Would be a nice challenge.

And Hanna, if you need help with the programming stuf I'd be glad to «troque» with you (troc is a french word to exchange services or products between 2 parties).



Posted on: 1:51 pm on September 6, 2005

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