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Archived Message:

Final "exe" file = 0

currymad I have used AEB compiler for some years and it has worked beautifully, no drama, no problems. However, a few months ago I tried another compile (the same way I did the others) and it did everything, but the final exe file has nothing in it! I even contacted Sunil Tanna a few times with no satisfactory fix, except to try this forum. Can ANYBODY help, please! I will be happy to forward an "arced" version of the index & graphic files. This is driving me (a) MAD and (b) never want to use any programs from this stable!!! Thanks in anticipation. Tony.

Posted on: 3:13 am on August 27, 2005
Storyman Do the ebooks that you previously compiled with Activ still compile? Have you tried downloading and reinstalling Activ?

Posted on: 3:21 am on August 27, 2005
EBookCompiler Hi there

I did send you a list of tests to perform (if you're who I think you are), but I don't remember if you got back to me with the results, I don't think you did.

1. Uninstall and reinstall
2. Browse a different output file from Edit Output
3. Then compile

Posted on: 3:36 am on August 27, 2005
currymad To Storyman: The problem started when I tried to compile a newer version of an existing file (index.html). Also have uninstalled/reinstalled - no luck!
To Sunil: Yes, I tried every test you mentioned (can't remember if I informed you-been so long), except I don't know what you mean by  "Browse a different output file from Edit Output " 2 ebooks were compiled onhttp://w3.aresume.netand currymad.net. I am now trying to compile a smaller excerpt from the currymad recipe book. I even installed a version of AEB from my old "backup" pc where the file is stored. As a last resort I may have to compile it on that pc, or try to. Thanks again. Is it my pc? I am running w98se on both pc's.

Posted on: 4:18 am on August 27, 2005
EBookCompiler It could be your PC

What I mean by reinstall: Download the program again from our site, and install as if starting from scratch

Shut down all other programs

For the output stuff, do Edit/Output, and click Browse, to select a different EXE file name for the finished ebook.  This shouldn't, but could make a difference.

Posted on: 4:37 am on August 27, 2005
Storyman Tony,

You mention that the problem manifested after updating the index.html file. Do you still have a copy of the older version? If not create a new project and then a simple index.html page. See if it compiles.

I'm wondering if it is possible if you haven't been infected with a worm or the like. Since Microsoft no longer supports Win98 it kind of leaves your system vulnerable. It might be worth checking out this site:


Posted on: 7:16 am on August 27, 2005
currymad Sunil: I will try to download and use the old u/n and p/w.
Storyman: I have gone to your suggested url and found a few "problems". Thanks for the tip. I will try BOTH of you'lls suggestions, and hope for the best. Really, I have looked at other software and their ratings, but, I keep coming back to AEB! /So, help me stay there. Thanks. Tony.

Posted on: 11:40 am on August 27, 2005
Storyman Tony,

Out of curiosity how many problems were detected?

From your original post it is possible that the problem is with the index file since it is the only thing that changed.

Posted on: 5:31 pm on August 27, 2005
currymad Thanks Storyman, the ONLY problem I have is that the compiled exe file has 0 bytes! About the index file, I might try a small test file with a few lines in it. Also, thanks for the lead to the micro site, it found some infections which have been cleaned out. Didn't do too much last night as I was "hooked on the cricket in England"! Thanks. Tony.

Posted on: 12:19 am on August 28, 2005
currymad This is what I did! Uninstalled/Reinstalled on my pc - "No Go". Uninst/Reinst on another drive on my pc, still "No Go". Installed on another pc with same index & other files-Worked "like a charm". Problem? This pc not connected to 'Net, cannot register-25 file limit and cannot use eBook for sale. Apart from connecting this pc to 'Net, anything else I can do pls??? If (by flook) I connect this pc to the 'Net, register and disconnect from the 'Net, will it be OK to compile commercial eBooks (it is still the ONE copy of the software that I am using)???Awaiting your "words of wisdom pls". Thanks. Tony.

Posted on: 9:40 am on August 28, 2005
EBookCompiler Can you try going to Edit Output, and doing Browse...

Then select a different file name, and different folder from whatever you have now.

Then try Build/Build

Posted on: 5:47 pm on September 5, 2005
EBookCompiler I unpacked your stuff with the same folder structure, and used the 10:47 AEP file.

I then tried to compile

I got two errors because your setup is different from mine:

1. The icon pointed to an icon in your install (your install is on D: mine isn't)

2. The splash screen pointed to a file in your install (on D, mine isn't

Corrected these, and the book compiled

I'm sure the problem isn't related to these changes, so I am currently at a loss.

Let me know when you try the things in my previous post

Posted on: 5:55 am on September 6, 2005


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