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Archived Message:

Batch Password Generation

Librum We have a collection of ebooks, and can supply them on cds or dvd.  But of late we have received requests for batches of our works, with a common password.  

Is there a script or batch process to do this?

Posted on: 4:04 pm on August 24, 2005
Storyman (It's assumed that you are using Activ's multiple password security feature.)

Since you are delivering them on CD/DVD why not duplicate the original files and use the same set of passwords for the complete set? When the user installs the first ebook and supplies the Key Code you'll be able to supply a Registration code that will also work on all of the subsequent ebooks installed.

The advantage to this approach is that you can group ebooks into one package and all of the ebooks in that package will share the same Key Code and Registration number.

Posted on: 8:29 pm on August 24, 2005
Librum The trouble with that is that I would have to enter each ebook, load the password, and recompile each manually after that.  That works out to over an hour on each dvd.  

I was also thinking of using the password as a serial number, and vice versa.  That way, for example, I could have serial numbers 300-320 already on the shelf and ready to ship.  User would not need to go through a password request to me, he/she would use a serial number.

Thanks for replying!


Posted on: 4:38 pm on August 26, 2005
Storyman Your approach should work, but it still means you still need to recompile the ebooks in order to use a single SN that matches all ebooks contained on the DVD. Of course regardless of which approach you choose you only need to do it once and there after copy the master disk.

Clearly the advantage of using a 1000 registration codes adds a lot of benefits to your work flow. For example, people could then request a demo disk, which would be nothing more than the locked version of your ebook. At any time they would be able to purchase the CD online  and receive the registration code immediately (assuming you use something like Microcreation's program.) Another benefit is that they can pass the disk on to a friend and the friend will have a '0.1%' chance of having the same key-code/registration-number. With your approach say bye-bye to subsequent sales. But hey, its your money.

BTW how are people paying for the CD/DVD? Do you already have a payment center processing the credit cards? If not this would be one more reason to consider the suggested approach because it allows you to have automatic payment through PayPal and ClickBank.

Posted on: 9:16 pm on August 26, 2005
Librum All the 1000 pw ebooks are online, about forty, all with a 25 count opening grace period.  That is not the problem.  I still get those requests for 'the whole package'.  That is what I am trying to build.

These 'whole package' customers, rightly do not want to request and get a batch of forty+ different passwords to key in.  

As to your other question, payment via manual paypal or money order.  Not the automated systems as we have had problems with them at the paypal end, and we also have a lot of trouble with people not understanding shareware.  

But most do the moneyorder.  Less than, oh, twenty percent use paypal.

To repeat the question.  Is there a command line option to set a password in a batch process, or is there a script?



Posted on: 3:56 pm on August 28, 2005
Storyman Let's approach the problem from a different angle because I get the feeling the wires keep getting crossed.

What I understand is that you want to use a batch process or command line script to assign a common password list to a large number of ebooks. The short answer is that it isn't possible.  If you are unable to spend the couple of minutes per ebook that it takes to convert each ebook you should be able to hire a neighbor kid to do it for you since the steps are simple enough.

You are probably already aware of the procedure and I provide it only for those reading this thread looking for a solution like yours.

Start by copying all of the folders containing the ebook files, etc. Open one of the copied ebook project files and create a list of 1,000 new passwords for that book by clicking on Generate.

As you already know a list of key-codes/registration-codes appear. Now click on the Save button and name the list MASTER PW LIST. This saves the passsword list as a text file that can be read by all of the other ebooks.

Now open each ebook project file and click on the icon of the yellow key, then select LOAD and navigate to the folder with the MASTER PW LIST and click okay. Save the project file and recompile the ebook.

Now that you have a duplicate set of ebooks with a common password list they can be added to the CD/DVD. You also have the added protection of a 1000 passwords (or whatever security option you have choosen).

Moving on to the payment method. Have you considered Microcreation? It allows you to use either PayPal or ClickBank or both. So far I haven't heard of any complaints regarding the program. The program is reasonably priced.


In the case of a M.O. the customer will need to contact and provide the Key-Code. There are options with this in regards to setting up a database were the end user provides their email address and the key code and the program emails them the Registration-Code. This is a fairly secure system and only requires you to input their email address before they access the database.

Posted on: 7:49 pm on August 28, 2005
Librum At present, the paypal also requires the customer sending the key number.

I learned before that sharing a common password list will require different passwords, even if sharing the same esbn.  BTDT.  

At first glance, this Microconnections thing may help resolve some of the issues.  I will look into this further.  Thanks for the link.


Posted on: 8:40 pm on August 28, 2005
Storyman You wrote: "...sharing a common password list will require different passwords, even if sharing the same esbn."

I'm confused, please clarify.

Microcreation's APS could well be the answer for you since you are required to provide the password list as a text file (which is created using the method outlined in my previous post.)

Posted on: 9:01 pm on August 28, 2005
Librum Purchased and examining.


It is based on protected pages, rather than number of openings.  

But I think I see a way out.  Under 'edit system pages', I use the same file for both the 'about file' and 'password file'.  If I put a link on that to a protected page, then I think I will start the process.

I sent an email to the author to see if anyone else doing it this way.

I wrote: "...sharing a common password list will require different passwords, even if sharing the same esbn."
You wrote: "I'm confused, please clarify."

Even with shared esbn and shared passwords, two different ebooks sometimes have requested different passwords.


Posted on: 9:23 pm on August 28, 2005
Storyman Hmmm....

From what I understand a different ESPN number should not require a different Registration Number. It might appear that way if the ebook was installed on two different machines. The Key-Code (the sequential number list in the left column of the password list) selection is based on the hard drive's serial number. The Registration-Code (the corresponding number in the column right of the Key-Code) is always based on the Key-Code.

It is possible that the ISBN number is used as a seed number for generating the password list--this I wouldn't know. This is something only Sunil could definitively answer.

Posted on: 10:53 pm on August 28, 2005
Librum Well, the MicroCreations system works.  We had to do some modifications in the ebooks, but done.

All ebooks are being recompiled to include it.  But instead of the standard password protected page system, we linked off the 'about' page to the protected page.  We use the number of openings option.  It works, we walked a 'still-in-trial-period-link-off-about page-to-protected page' registration all the way through paypal, and we walked a expired-openings registration all the way through paypal.

BUT!  If the customer does an echeck, he gets the password, and then can cancel the payment.  

BUT! We don't get the address of the customer in PayPal.  So no records.

So not perfect.

As for the 'everything' unlocked special dvds, we will still have to do a full recompile of all ebooks, with a single key, and then save to DVD.  So really, I am no better off on my origional problem.


Posted on: 12:18 am on September 6, 2005
Storyman Is there a way to keep a customer from using an echeck in PayPal?

There is program you can use to relock the ebook if a customer ask for a refund and like Microcreations it is self contained.

The program is HYPrLock.


Posted on: 3:34 am on September 6, 2005
EBookCompiler I've been trying to follow this thread but am completely lost.

Can one of you guys explain to me in simple terms what the problem and goal is.

Posted on: 3:38 am on September 6, 2005
Librum Storyman,

I am told that there is a way, in the button scripts to block e-checks.  I am researching now.  Thus far only found it in their 'encrypted' ones.  These will not go into MicroCreations APS.  

Posted on: 9:05 pm on September 6, 2005
Storyman Librum,

I'm not sure what you mean by, "These will not go into MicroCreations APS." Contact Microcreations and see what he thinks. If, what you say about echecks is the current state of things, then it is a concern for anyone accepting PayPal. It might be something that can simply a radio button to turn on/off the willingness to accept echecks.

Posted on: 9:16 pm on September 6, 2005
Librum Sunil,

The MicroCreations thing was a sideline that solved a related but different issue.  It stands to save me some time.

A little more background.  Our ebooks are restorations.  And our customers that want one or two are very happy to download the individual books, and then register the desired ones.

And as some are VERY large, we offer cd's and a dvd of everything, a smorgasbord of shareware works.  This has become popular, I send out one every two to three days.

But, we keep having requests for 'groups', specific groupings, keyed to a single key.  Well we tried using a single ESBN, with multiple passwords, but customers reported back that different ebooks gave different password numbers.  Drats.  And a single ESBN with single password was too insecure.

I was thinking of making such groupings, but immediately realized that such compilation was very time consuming, with having to step though each ebook, make the changes, and compile.  Over four hours on the DVD.  That would be four hours per customer!

And the customer certainly does not want to step through the whole process of individually registering each one, even with the MicroCreations APS.  We are talking over 40 ebooks.

A 'serial' number type password would allow me to track the customers, and which 'pirate'.

So I was asking if there was a way to batch or script this.  

A script to call Active E-book Compilor, pass it the aeb, pass it the desired serial number type password (overriding the aeb's password list), and tell it to compile.  Then chain these together, and voila!

Would save me much time, and my customers much frustration.

A related question.  Do/will you let me have the data structure of the aeb?  And what programming language?  That information may be my answer to most of my problems.  I could script the changes in the aebs, but would still need some way to script the Activ E-Book Compiler to compile with 'this' aeb.



Posted on: 9:23 pm on September 6, 2005
Storyman Librum,

You wrote: "I was thinking of making such groupings, but immediately realized that such compilation was very time consuming, with having to step though each ebook, make the changes, and compile.  Over four hours on the DVD.  That would be four hours per customer!"

I think your time estimation is a bit off. Let me explain. You have thirty ebooks. First, copy all of the folders that you used to make the ebooks to a different directory. That is you would have directory COMPILATION and within that directory you would have all of the separate ebook folders used for compiling.

Using Activ open the first ebook folder under the COMPILATION folder and create a new password list as detailed in a previous post. Export that list so it is a file in the COMPILATION folder.

Now recompile each of the thirty ebooks so it uses the same password list (details on how to do this are outlined previously in this thread).

The result is that you have thirty ebooks all with the identical 1000 possible passwords. When any ebook from this list is opened it will have the same Key-Code/Registration-Number combination.

What this means is that you can now pick and choose which ebooks to include on a CD/DVD. After any one of the ebooks have been purchased and the user has been given the registration code in the worst case scenario they will only have to enter the identical registration number they used for the first ebook.

I think at most to create an unique compilation CD/DVD will only take a few minutes. Of course it will take you maybe a full half-hour to duplicate the ebook files, create a new password list, save the password list, then recompile all thrity of the current ebooks using the same password list.

If you find that a particular compilation is popular you can create a master CD/DVD of those files, then simply burn a copy.

Now that you have Microcreation's APS things are that much more simplified.

(Edited by Storyman at 4:00 pm on Sep. 6, 2005)

Posted on: 11:54 pm on September 6, 2005


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