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Archived Message:

Lost registration key - message for Sunil

mabglyndwr Hi Sunil,

I didn't get a reply to email I sent you so thought I might get some success posting here.

I suffered a hard drive crash on my old pc and have loaded ebookcompiler on to a new one.  Unfortunately, I've lost the registration key and was hoping you could send me a new one.

My old # was 37432 and the new one is 14000.  Hope this is all the info you need.

I'd appreciate your help.

Many thanks,


Posted on: 2:01 pm on July 3, 2005
EBookCompiler I'm pretty sure (from memory) I've already replied to your email.  Maybe it's in your spam folder?

I will email you again Monday

Posted on: 7:10 pm on July 3, 2005
mabglyndwr Hi Sunil, thanks for your prompt reply.

Just checked my inbox and spam folder and don't appear to have received a reply from you.

I'd appreciate it if you could send again.

Many thanks,


Posted on: 8:53 pm on July 3, 2005
mabglyndwr Sorry for pestering you Sunil, but I still don't appear to have received an email from you.

Would appreciate your help as I'm not able to unlock until I get the reg key.

Many thanks,


Posted on: 5:10 pm on July 4, 2005
EBookCompiler I'm sorry you'll have to be a little patient

I haven't forgotten you.

Our hosting is physically moving their servers between different data centers (like pick up the server put it in a truck moe to new location).

As a result, I haven't yet, at the times I've tried, been able to connect to the server with the key generator.  As soon as I do, I'll send you your email with a new key.

Posted on: 4:16 am on July 5, 2005
mabglyndwr Got your email and the new registration key.  Many thanks Sunil for your cooperation and apologies for my impatience.

Thanks again for a great product.

Best regards,


Posted on: 7:19 pm on July 5, 2005
pbrennick Sunil,
I also have been waiting to here from you about a lost key.  I have heard nothing from you.  It would not hurt, if you are having server problems, to just send a note to people in need.  We have properly supported you.


Posted on: 11:31 am on July 7, 2005
EBookCompiler Hey Paul

I've replied to both your emails earlier today.

As explained in my email, I can't always reply immediately... but I do reply.

Posted on: 10:55 pm on July 8, 2005
pbrennick Sunil, I apologize if I sounded gruff.  I still am not quite recovered.  Anyway, you have always been a big help.  What a dumb thing for me to say!  By the way, I have not received either email.  What is wrong?  Sunil, I don't know if Verizon blocks what it thinks are spam or not.  Would you please send the key to my old email address - pbrennick@cyburban.com

Posted on: 12:41 am on July 12, 2005
EBookCompiler I've now forwarded both emails to your 2nd address

Posted on: 2:21 am on July 12, 2005
pbrennick Sunil,
My cyburban mailbox is still empty.  Maybe it hasn't arrived yet?


Posted on: 6:59 am on July 12, 2005
Storyman Check the span folder. Sometimes it happens.

Posted on: 7:27 am on July 12, 2005
pbrennick Thank you for the help but I do not have a spam folder and I am checking my mail on the server without downloading it.


Posted on: 7:57 am on July 12, 2005
Storyman Is it possible that your email provider uses a spam filter to prevent anything that might resemble spam from getting through?

I had one email account that used the program Spycop that was very aggressive. It was so aggressive that I had to ask them to turn it off for my account. Just a thought.

Posted on: 10:20 am on July 12, 2005
pbrennick Storyman,
There is always that type of possibility and that is the reason why I asked Sunil to send it to my older email address as I used to maintain those mail servers and I know the owner, personally.

Anyway, I am at the mercy of the system.  Sunil, is there any other way for me to get a key?

Posted on: 12:25 pm on July 12, 2005
pbrennick Sunil,
After climbing all over the Verizon site, I have found and turned off the spam list protection.  Please send me the key to pbrennick@verizon.net

I will not turn on the spam protection until after you send me the key.

Thank you for your patience.

Posted on: 4:54 pm on July 12, 2005
EBookCompiler I forwarded both emails to your other address (posted on this forum), last night.  

I'll forward the emails again to all your addresses (later today). If you still don't get them, or just can't wait, call me now on the mobile number onhttp://www.ebookcompiler.com/contact.html

Posted on: 5:17 pm on July 12, 2005
pbrennick Sunil,
Later today will be fine.  The problem is mine and you have been very patient.  I thank you for that.


Posted on: 5:53 pm on July 12, 2005
pbrennick Hi Sunil,
Is it later today, yet?


Posted on: 9:36 am on July 13, 2005
EBookCompiler I forwarded both emails to both of your addresses late last night.

The emails are from shalnigulati at hg10 dot btinternet dot com with reply address webmaster at ebookcompiler dot com

The subject line's included EBOOKCOMPILER

I know that the problem is not at my end*, as I am sending/receiving/exchanging email with other people okay

*=one known exception... one person using cox as their ISP had trouble receiving my emails a couple of weeks ago.

Anyway I suspect, you are either looking for the wrong email, or you've filtered it out somehow.

I don't know what else to do, except suggestion call me on the mobile number. I can give you the code on the phone if you call now.

Posted on: 4:27 pm on July 13, 2005
pbrennick Sunil,
Thank you ever so much for being patient with my spam filter problem.  Your solution worked like a charm and now... back to work.


Posted on: 4:49 pm on July 13, 2005


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