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Archived Message:

Creating Downloadable CD

ww06 I am in the middle of creating my first CD using Active E-book and E-book Power. I am trying to create separate directory for all voice/Audio to minimize the .EXE load time and to preserve some memory for the users (It's a large CD).

Now my questions are:

1. Creating downloadable CD::: (CD when you insert CD-ROM you can download to your computer) - My main idea is to provide FREE CD with password restriction, when people download to their computers they will have only few pages to review, the buy from me if they like the Demo [I am using 1000 password feature.]. So what do I need to create the downloadable type CD which downloads all files from the CD to same file and directory system so that every thing will work together at client computer..

2. is the any way to create water mark  for Video created by EbookPowor - by this I mean logo that shown corner of the video all the time. As I am creating separate directory for Video/audio, that directory will be outside of .EXE. That directory is not password protected by the Active Ebook, but still I want the video will carry my CD logo if people extract from their computers. If EbookPower cannot handel that any other suggestions...

I Appreciate your help in advance.

(Edited by ww06 at 7:06 am on June 18, 2005)

Posted on: 7:03 am on June 18, 2005
Storyman Regarding the watermark.

Basically you use a PNG or TARGA image file in conjunction with your video editing program. Both of those image files have an alpha channel which allow you to place your watermark where you want.

Since you seem concerned about file sizes how large are your video files? Which format? Have you done any file compression on them?

I can take a 1.2 Meg AVI file and compress it with fairly good results (depends mainly on image in frame) to around 100k. Let me know if I can be of some help in this matter.

As for downloading all of the files from the CD to the hard drive. I'm not a programmer, but would imagine a simple auto batch file would do the trick. Otherwise, Google for auto loaders.

Posted on: 4:06 pm on June 18, 2005
ww06 Thank you for reply, Storyman.

About watermark, I have virtualdub as video editor [http://www.virtualdub.org/]. But I could not understand how to do PNG alpha channel as you mentioned.

About the Video type I use are AVI, and I am thinking almost a 200 files or more of AVI, I did not create all of them so I cannot tell the final size.

Also I am thinking to create to ebooks (1.exe & 2.exe): One containing the other [I thought this may reduce the load time]. You can open first and then there will be link where appropriate.. But I could not manage to do link directely to file in 2.exe. {Say 1.exe is the HTML book, there are tutorials, say tut25 needs a video. Now in 2.exe there is a video25 and I want to link directely tut25 (HTML in 1.exe) to video25 (Video in 2.exe), how can I do it?}

As for downloading all of the files from the CD to the hard drive, I am still Googling using your suggestions and will let you know when I find something intersting.

Thanks Again.

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Posted on: 6:31 pm on June 18, 2005
Storyman Watermark & PNG:

Don't know if Virtual-dub will handle it. Not all video editors will.

AVI files:

You can check the file size with Window's Explorer. It would really be helpful to know the file size.

My guess is that they are rather large files. I use a compression that is two pass system and can adjust the keyframe. It depends on the image, but it is not unusual to reduce the file size by 90%!

Posted on: 9:58 pm on June 18, 2005
ww06 Thanks again.
About the size: so far the ebook size is 143MB, but I am planing to add more AVI.

How could you achieve reducing AVI 90% without losing the quality and also end users will not need particular codec.

I simply use Active Ebook compiler, it reduces, but I am not sure it can compress 90% of the original files.

Posted on: 2:51 am on June 19, 2005
Storyman There are two main approaches to video compression. One is a flat out optimization using a constant bit rate reduction. The other approach is called a two pass variable bit rate.

What happens in the two pass variable bit rate process is that the program goes through the entire video file frame by frame comparing one frame to the one before and after it.

The second pass is the actual optimization. In simple terms lets say the image is a static shot of a mountain range. Since the visual information doesn't change from frame to frame it knows to omit the data for all of the duplicate frames until it is told to redraw the frame regardless if there is new information. This new frame is called a key frame.

By varying the key frame rate is a second way to adjust the final file output size. Basically, what is happening with the video file you currently have is that every frame is redrawn--completely redrawn. That is a lot of added baggage digit wise which could be omited--that is unless you are shooting/editing like MTV.

The process works with the codec you are using and does not require any special treatment by you or the end user.

Since you are concerned about the codec and Activ is strictly a windows program you might consider switching the file from AVI to WMA. If windows is installed the user is more likely to have the windows media player than QT or RealPlayer. Of course you can always provide a link for the user to download the QT player codec.

(Edited by Storyman at 7:15 pm on June 18, 2005)

Posted on: 3:14 am on June 19, 2005
ww06 That is really good Information. The only question I have about the compression is what software do I need to achieve the information you mentioned, do I need third part softare or I only use Active Ebook compiler?

Thanks for your time, I really appreciate your help

Posted on: 4:02 am on June 19, 2005
Storyman If you have sticker shock my offer to help you still stands--I'm sure we can work something out.


(Edited by Storyman at 10:00 pm on June 18, 2005)

Posted on: 5:13 am on June 19, 2005
ww06 Thanks is good program, and I think now I don't have to create separate directory for video files, I hope. [In your opinion what is the Rule of Thumb for CD size].

Abot "auto loaders" still Google is not giving me good result, mybe there is a better search term to use... But I did not give up searching.

And thanks for your time.

Posted on: 3:01 pm on June 19, 2005
Storyman Here's a program that should do the trick. With $250 for the installer program and $450 for Sorenson this project of yours is getting costly.

The installer program has a 2 week fully functioning trial program, but I think Sorenson burns a watermark on their demo--just can't recall.

Here's the installer:

I'd like to see a copy when you're done.

Posted on: 5:37 pm on June 19, 2005


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