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Archived Message:

RunTime Error

LaneW Hello,

I have been using Activ E-Book Compiler for awhile now and am very happy with it.  I have run into my first and only real problem with one of the E-Books I have made.

This E-Book has been running great for everyone, except now I have gotten 2 complaints just recently.  These 2 complaints are getting a runtime error shortly after the E-Book Splash Opens and the first page is displayed.  

The error is a "runtime error" that does not give any number just a "C" error and then the drive and path to where the E-Book file is located.  Clicking the only option in the runtime message popup shuts down the message and the whole E-Book.

These are both on Windows XP Home with SP2 installed.  Everything looks normal on these systems the only 2 things that do stand out on these are they both are running Office 97 and use PeoplePC for there internet.  

Any Ideas?  

This E-Book is running fine on other systems (ME, XP Home & Pro, and 2k).  Just these 2 have the problem so far?

Thanks for any help.


Posted on: 7:49 pm on April 11, 2005
EBookCompiler Please find out the exact text on the error message.

BTW C doesn't usually give "run time errors" (if it faults, it just GPFs with a bunch of hex type stuff), which makes it doubly important to know what the message is.

It is possible that these people's ISP's install may have altered the standard Internet Explorer setup in some interesting way, which might be the cause of this problem.

You might also ask these people to try asking these folks to try a different ebook made using the same compiler/version, and see if they still get the error. For example, try it with a minimal ebook containing just 1 page with a few lines of text.

Posted on: 6:24 am on April 12, 2005
LaneW Thanks Sunil for the quick response back.

Here is the exact error message as best as I can reproduce here in the forum without graphics.

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library                   X
          Runtime Error!

          Program: C:\TheEBook\TheEBook.exe

          abnormal program termination

                        |       OK       |

Thanks again for any help.


Posted on: 5:23 pm on April 12, 2005
EBookCompiler That is very strange.  

Question #1: This happens as soon as you start the eBook?

Question #2. BTW does the Help ebook that came with the compiler work on your system?

Try each of

1. downloading the compiler again, and recompiling the eBook (maybe one of the compiler's files is corrupted)

2. Removing any scripts from OnStart/OnExit in Edd Add-Ins

3. If you changed the language file in Edit User Interface, go back to select English (that came with the compiler), perhaps if you made an edit to the language file, this might cause it (?)

I'll think of some more ideas, if none of these work.

Posted on: 3:31 pm on April 13, 2005
LaneW Sunil,

Answer #1: This happens after the Splash screen finishes and the first page of the book is displayed.

Answer #2. This version and release of this EBook that I am referencing has been installed on over 100 customer systems without any problems, this problem is only occuring on 2 of my customers computers.

I am thinking this problem has more to do with these 2 computers and something else installed on them or corrupted rather than the EBook itself.

I have sent them both a basic 2 page test Ebook I put together for them to see if they get the same error.  I will let you know what happens.

Thanks again for all of your help.

Posted on: 3:47 pm on April 13, 2005
EBookCompiler It could be that some Microsoft DLL in Windows has been overwritten on these folks systems, and this causes the problem. (I'm guessing now)

For example: (this is hypothetical but illustrates the type of thing that might be the cause)

Microsoft DLL version 1 and later - say has some bug/feature, which when in combination with the ebook, Internet Explorer, etc., etc., causes this error

Microsoft DLL version 2 and later - okay


Now if (for example) the default install for IE4 or later or whatever, always used version 2 or later, nobody would ever know about this bug....  except if somehow some people had managed to get version 1 of this DLL installed on their PC.

How could that happen?  Answer: Some install programs (e.g. some other application they may have on their system) put their own versions of DLLs, even older versions (i.e. downgrades) on top of whatever is there.

As I said, this is all speculation, but it's plausible that it could be something a bit like this.

I do hope some detail is tracked down, and it gets nailed. And will do my best to help.

But at the end of the day, if it doesn't get solved, if it's only a couple of people with a relatively obscure ISP who have the problem, it may be simpler for you to simple refund these two customers and put it down to experience.

Posted on: 8:24 pm on April 13, 2005


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