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Archived Message:

Trying to contact Sunil

Mummu Sunil, I hope you get this message...

I've emailed you for support several times over the last three weeks to all of the email addresses I have for you...

webmaster@ans2000.com Sunil@answers2000.freeserve.co.uk

I still have not heard from you.

I had to reinstall Windows and I need a new password for ebook compiler.

I'm surprised I have not heard from you as you have always provided wonderful support with a fast turn around.

Can you please contact me?


Posted on: 5:06 am on March 4, 2005
Storyman Mummu,

I can't speak for Sunil, but your problem about having to reinstall Windows has come up before. From what I recall (you can do a search of the forum to verify) the same numbers that you were given before should still work. The number that Activ gives you (the key code) is based on the serial number (of the hard drive) which means you could reinstall Windows a dozen times and it would still have the same key code.

Since it is the same key code the same registeration number will work.  I can personally verify this because I too had to reinstall Windows and it worked out fine.

(Edited by Storyman at 10:16 pm on Mar. 3, 2005)

Posted on: 6:15 am on March 4, 2005
Mummu Thanks for the suggestion, but I *just* now tried it and it doesn't work.

My User ID is different than it was when I last got a password.

Additionally, I'm disappointed that my emails have gone unanswered when other emails over the past three years have been answered so quickly.

I did read in the forums that Sunil might be ill.  I really, really hope he is well and actually find myself a bit worried about him.  In my previous email exchanges with him, he seemed like a very nice guy.  If he is ill, I wish him the best and my thoughts are with him.  However, as a customer, I also hope he is putting someone in charge of tech support.  

Sooooo......what to do?

Thanks again for your suggestion regarding the password.

Posted on: 4:52 am on March 5, 2005
Storyman Mummu,

A different ID? By any chance do you have more than two drives? If so, make sure that it is installed onto the original drive.

My understanding is that the ID is generated from the hard drive SN.  

Posted on: 6:04 am on March 5, 2005
Mummu I dunno --

I had to ship my laptop off to HP because of a problem -- and when they returned it, they erased my harddrive, reinstalled Windows, and gave me a new motherboard (angered me that they needlessly wiped my harddrive).

Almost a year ago, my ID was 28411 and now it is 49934.  Therefore, I kinda need a new password because the old one doesn't work.  I do not believe they replaced my harddrive.  Even if they had, I would still need a password.

I do hope I am able to contact Sunil.

(Edited by Mummu at 3:04 pm on Mar. 5, 2005)

Posted on: 8:56 am on March 5, 2005
JohnDodson To be honest with you, the user ID doen't have anything to do with it.  I had to do the same thing so I clicked on "Options" and then "register" put in my old user ID and it connected to Sunil's database.  I can't remember if I had to put other info in or not but it gave me a new user ID and unlocked the compiler.

I believe it all went something like that.  It's been some time ago since I did it but it worked after tinkering around with it none the less.

Good Luck,

Posted on: 10:20 pm on March 6, 2005
Mummu I did all of the above and still no luck -- and many weeks later, I have had no response from Sunil or any representative.

I admit I'm somewhat disappointed and can only throw my hands up in the air and say I'm outta luck.  I would consider just paying for the software again, but I'd be afraid to as it seems I might not recieve any support for it should I have any immediate problems.  dunno what to do but wait...

Posted on: 4:12 am on March 13, 2005
weblord when i downloaded the ebookcompiler i saw on one of it's menu on start program a activ key recovery, it says: this tool is designed for REGISTERED users who need to re-enter their registration key after a hard-disk crash or re-installation of the software...

have you tried using it?

Posted on: 2:28 am on March 18, 2005
Mummu Weblord -- thank you, thank you, thank you...oh, and thank you

That works!

Posted on: 6:04 am on March 18, 2005
weblord Mummu, you're welcome glad to be of service.

Posted on: 10:39 am on March 18, 2005
EBookCompiler I am glad the problem is solved.

I've answered all emails until 1 week ago (and have done on a continuing basis, typically 2-3 times per week each week). Since then, I've had my sister and 4.5 year old nephew visiting, so haven't had time to answer all emails (but have answered some), I intend to catch up in the beginning of the coming week.

I do get an awful lot of spam, which I do my best to filter.  Before finally emptying my spam folder (which I typically do every month or so), I always check the folder as much as possible, and my thought is that your emails must somehow have repeatedly triggered the spam folder (hence I haven't seen them and they are sitting in the spam folder).  This is rare, but could happen.

Yes the answer is to use Activ Key Recovery, and glad it's solved for you.

By the way, if you do send me emails, try to put an obvious title (like the name of our product or EBOOKCOMPILER), as I always start by scanning my incoming emails for these (so these emails get answered fastest).

Posted on: 3:35 am on April 2, 2005

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