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Archived Message:

Creating Cd's

sdcowboy I have created my book. Now I would like to know how to put it on a cd so that it opens when a customer inserts it into their pc.
When it comes to scripting or java thats all over my head, so I need someone that can explain it in simple terms to an illiterate.
I have read there is software available that will do it but not sure about that. Can anyone help me?

Posted on: 12:28 am on February 22, 2005
Storyman Here's a link that should help:

Posted on: 4:48 am on February 22, 2005
sdcowboy Now to prove my illiteracy.
Where or how do you find the "root" folder?

Then do you create this text file with notepad or something else?
Surfing for information I came across this link with a different twist.

Posted on: 5:13 am on February 22, 2005
Storyman Use notepad to create the files. Be aware that sometimes when you save a file (i.e. auto.bat) that notepad will really save it as auto.bat.txt. You'll need to use explorer to locate the file and rename it so the '.txt' at the end is removed.

The root folder the folder at the top of the hiearchy. In the case of your hard drive it is c:\. Basically, it means that the root folder can hold folders and files and there are no folders above it.

I don't know why you'd need the program you've linked to. Activ e-Book creates an EXE file so you don't need to worry about running HTML files.

Posted on: 5:33 am on February 22, 2005
sdcowboy Thank you. I created a text file in notepad and had to use search to find  it. It was in C drive listed as a text file but not named with txt at the end of it.

I just named it testautorun as an experiment and thats what it is called. with no extension on the end of it.
Might have to play around to figure it out. At least now I know what the root  folder is.
Might need to get my dictionary out to find out what a hiearchy is though. I'm not an Englishman, I'm a South Dakota cowboy.
Thank You for your help. I might get it figured out now


Posted on: 6:04 am on February 22, 2005
Storyman The wide open spaces are nice, but give me the beaches of So. Calif.

If you right click on the file and select rename is one way to rename it. Another is to left click on the file once, then press F2 to rename it.

Good luck

(Edited by Storyman at 10:47 pm on Feb. 21, 2005)

Posted on: 6:42 am on February 22, 2005
sdcowboy Beaches? I'll settle for the beaches along the Missouri River. Not too much worry about tusuni waves or major eathquakes, mudslides or over population and smog. Just an occasional rattlesnake.
Thanks again, might be looking for other help another night

Posted on: 3:16 pm on February 22, 2005
sdcowboy Not having very good luck.
I cant seem to get the thing burned to a cd. Used a CDR First I got some kind of error but it said it burned it, so I placed it in another computer nothing comes up. Then went and tried a cd-rw.
Have a file that comes up saying ISO--open with? What do I open that with.
Wish I had the money to put this book into a hardcover.

Posted on: 3:47 am on February 23, 2005
Storyman Don't know what CD burning software you, but if you search in the help files (use F1 to open help) for "close" or "end" and look for something to do about closing/ending CD burning session.

When burning there should be an option to make the CD so it can't be written to again--answering YES is what closes the session.

The problem you're having is due to the CD burning software and not Activ. You will likely also find more about the problem by going to the web site for the CD burning software and looking at the FAQ.

Posted on: 3:37 pm on February 23, 2005
sdcowboy I'm using Nero. I guess I should work on this stuff in the morning instead of late at night. My brain might function better.
Thank You.

Posted on: 3:58 pm on February 23, 2005
Storyman SD Cowboy,

With Nero, you're in like Flynn. When it ask if you want to add to the CD later answer no--that will close the CD and should allow it to play.

Also, be sure that you have selected Create a Data CD.

You'll be there soon.

Posted on: 9:38 pm on February 23, 2005
sdcowboy Well I now have my book on a CD. The burner wouldnt work on the one computer so I had to transfer it by cuteftp to my other computer and burned it from there.
But it does not autorun. I have to open it through windows explorer.
I know there is software a person can buy to make it run but it should without having to spend anymore money I would think. So i will tax your brain farther if you have time.

Posted on: 6:34 am on February 24, 2005
Storyman The auto.bat file should do the trick.

What is your operating system? Do you have auto run turned on for the CD player? In other words when you put a CD (like one with a program to install) does it auto start?

If auto run is turned on and it still doesn't start you might want to go over the steps again.

You certainly shouldn't need to buy another program. The one that you linked to just puts the HTML files into an executable file, which is exactly what Activ does--but only better because it also provides copy protection among scores of other features.

Anyway the problem isn't with Activ, but getting the auto.bat to run.

Posted on: 8:09 am on February 24, 2005
sdcowboy Are you interested in doing this direct email.
Mine is kk007@midstatesd.net
I put the Nero software Cd in and it runs. All software Cd's I buy and put in my computer open on their own and run.
The file on my C drive is named AUTORUN.INF
Inside the file it says [autorun]
open=.\Cow Sense\Cowsensecd.exe

Does that look right?

Also when I make the book, for a cd how can I password protect it, or is that possible .

According to that other software they claim I can.

Posted on: 4:51 pm on February 24, 2005
sdcowboy another question
The Instructions say this
The way this works is you create a text file called AUTORUN.INF and place it in the root (main)
folder of the CD-ROM

So why am I putting it on C drive.
Shouldn't I be placing this in D drive..that runs the cd?
or E drive wthat runs the burner?

Posted on: 5:02 pm on February 24, 2005
Alaska SD -

You need to copy the AUTORUN.INF to the cd along with your ebook file(s) when burning the cd.

Your users' cd rom player will look for this file first, and launch it upon loading.

 As for the file itself, you need to specify the filename, as it appears on the disk.  The root slash as well as the starting dot (meaning 'current directory') is not necessary.  Try:

open=Cow Sense\Cowsensecd.exe

PS.  Is the SD for South Dakota?

(Edited by Alaska at 10:01 am on Feb. 24, 2005)

Posted on: 6:58 pm on February 24, 2005
sdcowboy SD yes South Dakota.
Okay I understand this as when I burn my CD to add my Cow Sense/cowsensecd.exe  plus add the file thats says AUTORUN.INF  also and that should do it.

Sounds good I will try that.

I also reworded the file as you suggested.
Can I password protect my cd's also?

Posted on: 9:22 pm on February 24, 2005
sdcowboy Didn't work.
I got an error message saying Windows cannot access the specified path or file, You may not have appropriate permissions to acces the item.
I noticed when I copied the inf file to the burner it listed it as AUTORUN.INF.INF
So I took the last .inf off
Anyone got another idea. Glad I bought extra CD-r disks.
Thank You.


Posted on: 9:44 pm on February 24, 2005
Storyman You are so very close, SDCowboy.

I went to the Nero site and searched for "autorun," which led to a description about creating autorun CDs.

The Nero site suggest that you use Autorun Wizard. It's a shareware program with a $20 price. Here is the link to download the program:

Let us know what you feel about Autorun Wizard.

Posted on: 10:10 pm on February 24, 2005
Alaska Kenny -

 At this point, it should work, unless you have an error in your autorun file.   Is your exe in that directory?  If so, you might remove the space from the directory name.  Is the directory and .exe spelled correctly?

If it makes things simpler, is the directory necessary?  Could you keep the .exe at the root (not in a folder) of the disk?

 If you still can't resolve it, you'll need to provide more details, or post the files for someone to look at.

best -

Posted on: 10:20 pm on February 24, 2005
sdcowboy Roger youve got me a little confused.
 "Is your exe in that directory?"

This is where my book is C:\Cow Sense\Cowsensecd
In the output folder.

Are you saying change it to C:\Cowsencesd
Should I put the autorun.inf in the output folder with the exe file
Could you keep the .exe at the root (not in a folder) of the disk? EXPLAIN WHAT OR WHERE THE ROOT IS
C:\ Cow Sense and the compiler created Cowsensecd and three subfolders called input source and output
Out put is where the exe book is at.
which one of these folders should I put the autorun.inf in
When I get this all figured out I'm going to write a set of instructions for the next person that is as illterate as I am.
Back to  another attempt

best -

Posted on: 11:29 pm on February 24, 2005
Storyman Kenny,

You'd be best off to place all of the files in the root. ;~)

Okay, so what is the root? The root directory on the CD-Rom is when you put the CD-Rom into the drive and go to explorer to list the contents. What you are looking at is the root directory. If there are folders you can open them up, but when you do you are no longer in the root directory. Instead you are in a sub directory.

The root directory is sort of like having a view of the land. There can be files and folders. From the root directory you can't see what is in those folders.

In other words don't have any folders on your CD-Rom.

The three folders that you mention (source, output, and includes) that Activ created are not needed for your ebook.  The file you need for your ebook ends in .exe.

Posted on: 11:55 pm on February 24, 2005
sdcowboy This is what I did.
I renamed the folder and placed it directly under C so I got C:\cowsensecd
In that folder are only two things.
1.an icon which is my exe book

2 a text file named AUTORUN.INF
that reads [autorun]
It doesnt run  the book until I click on D drive, open the folder cowsensecd  and clcik on the icon.
I went backwards instead of gaining.

I'm going to try changing the  test back inside the inf file and try it again

Keep giving me feedback, I have to leave in a half hr but will be back on it by 10:30 pm CST

Posted on: 12:00 am on February 25, 2005
Storyman When you create the CD-Rom do NOT have any folders. That way you are absolutely in the root directory.

Try downloading the Wizard (linked to earlier) and create an autorun CD. See if that works.

Posted on: 1:17 am on February 25, 2005

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