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Archived Message:

Can't seem to get past "sandbox"

AC Peter Back again. A quick update. Registered both Active eBook Compiler and CoverFactory. Nice. They both appear to work well. So why am I here?

Created a simple little 3 page 'test' book. Tried to e-mail it to a couple of associates for some comments, but that was a mess. So, I created a special download page off the site. First, I had one person who got a corrupt file message, so I uploaded to another site and made another link for a second "download site", figuring that maybe there was a problem out in cyberspace.

At this time, I am getting people telling me that they can download, but my graphics are not showing up. I built the book according to the instructions using an HTML editor. ALL FILES, including graphics were in ONE DIRECTORY.

When I created the book, I could open it easily on my computer. Also checked it on OTHER COMPUTERS in the office, and they opened it up no problem. All graphics in place, everything just the way I wanted it to.

Now for the questions:
Is there any 'special' html link that should be used for graphics?
Is there any special instructions to upload to the site? (ie binary?)
Am I missing anything?

I am going to go out on the limb here, because I am trying to get this up and going, (working 'til 4:00am and still not getting anywhere), here is the link to our sample page for downloads.


If you want to give it a shot and let me know how it works, I would really appreciate it.

Any comments on the questions are always welcome! Thanks in advance for your support and help folks, I am truly impressed (and more so if I can get this thing running!)


Posted on: 6:34 pm on December 12, 2004
Alaska Peter -

 Your ebook works on my Win200 box with IE 5.5, and on my XP box (with SP2) and IE 6 .  No missing images, three pages, all the links work.

 NIce zoom buttons, too!

 best -

Posted on: 7:11 pm on December 12, 2004
AC Peter Thanks! After checking it on a couple of unconnected computers, I thought there should be no problem.

ZOOM? You like those? You should! I did see your script on the board (see, I really do read this stuff trying to find answers before I post). I do use the buttons and I like it alot. I also use it with all credits in place. Thank you.

By the way, even though this one works, is there any general problems that I can overcome now with respect to upload/download? Do telephone dial ups have problems (in general) with large e-Books? (I estimate that ours will be in the range of 3 or 4 megs for the larger ones...)
Does zipping help? Auto unzip? Any suggestions?

Thanks again!

Posted on: 7:20 pm on December 12, 2004
Alaska  Sunil's compression is pretty good; you won't get much but another 5% smaller with WinZip.

 As far as improving the download time, be sure to optomize your graphics as much as possible; images under 256 colors should ususally be saved as compressed .gifs,  but with larger images, you should build both .gifs and .jpgs, to compare, and use the smallest.

 Not much can be done about large files for dial-up users, except to offer alternative methods to try it;  that's why AOL spreads their colorful free CDs around like coffee cup coasters.

 Look at it this way; at least you don't have to face the same issues as MacroMedia, whose trial downloads are over 80 Mbs and more...

best -

Posted on: 8:03 pm on December 12, 2004
AC Peter Thanks again! (and again!) Gonna have to put a link
to your site in all my books if this keeps up!

I didn't want to start another thread, so I thought I would ask here, hoping that you would get back to this message.

Regarding security, I was under the impression that Active only let a book run on certain computers. By that I mean, once it opened on one computer, then a person e-mails the book to somebody else, it would not open on the second computer? Am I correct, or am I mixing up different compilers features? (Have read too much this week)

Or, does Active rely on the password mix? (being that it will generate 999 unique passwords)

Clarifying this would be a great help. Just before I start to launch, I want to be sure of what I am getting into.


Posted on: 11:14 pm on December 12, 2004
Alaska If your friend opens the ebook on his computer, it determines a different User ID, and asks for a different password.

The chances of another user being able to use your friend's password is one in a thousand (with 1000 passwords).   Hopefully, this keeps folks from passing around passwords along with the ebook.

best -

Posted on: 12:23 am on December 13, 2004
AC Peter OK, that's fine. Now, here's what's happening.
I am using 1AutomationWiz for digital delivery.
I create a bunch of new passwords. I upload the pass words and the digital file. Everything is fine.

I go to purchase and download, the shopping cart sends one email with a password, the book wants to enter a specific password; I created 5 passwords, the text box opens and says "enter password No. XX". That password DOES not correspond with the password that the e-mail sent. Now I am up **** creek without a paddle... if you know what I mean.
(I have uploaded, downloads, rerun, rebuilt and still running into this low bridge)

Posted on: 12:36 am on December 13, 2004
Alaska  Your user needs to open the ebook first; it determines which password number is required (say, #4).

 Ideally, it requests password #4 along with the payment, and your autoresponder provides the password to the user when the payment clears.

 But with only five passwords, there's a %20 chance the next guy could use the same password, if it was shared.

 best -

Posted on: 1:17 am on December 13, 2004
AC Peter OK, understood. However, that is really not the problem. What is happening is, 1AutomationWiz wants a  USER NAME and PASSWORD. In order to do that, I just create a SERIAL No, and PASSWORD. Then, they send out the 1st, then 2nd and so on. The cart provides the "digital license" right on the download page, and then sends a confirmation e-mail. So in the case that I just tested, I got Serial 1 with the corresponding password.

When I went to open the book, it wanted ANOTHER password (of the 5 I created) Now, I edited out the section in the opening page that said Enter Password No. X. I just used a line of "Right click to enter password". THEN.. the message box says Enter Password No. XX (I think it was 3 or 4)

Problem is, the download and delivered password WAS NOT the same as the one the book wanted. Therefore, the 1AutomationWiz shopping cart and Active eBook are not working in sync.

Got it? Getting frustrated, because the only way it will work is if I put in ONE password with a bunch of serial numbers, (to create the unique user names that the shopping cart wants) but that leaves it open for distribution. Now what?

Posted on: 1:26 am on December 13, 2004
Alaska Actually, that is the problem.   You can't provide just any password from your list for any ebook.

 Let's say you have 1000 passwords.  Each copy of your ebook wants a specific password number, 1 through 1000, based on your hard drive ID.

 Your user doesn't know which password number his ebook needs until the ebook runs on his or her pc.  It requests a password number #345 (WME846399), while the next pc asks for #567 (T84IR8401).  They are not interchangeable.  If it wants #345, it will only open on that machine with password #345.

 The accepted solution is to create the payment page inside the ebook, and send the required password number ( #345 ) along with the payment information.  If you need, you can also send some kind of User Name from the order form as well.

 Your 1AutomationWiz might be able to look up a password from a table or database; pass the password number (#345, or whatever) to the lookup to find it.   If not, you'll have to parse the request string, and look it up yourself, and then pass it on to 1AutomationWiz.

best -

Posted on: 2:21 am on December 13, 2004
AC Peter Ahh... this isn't going well. I was really hoping that you were going to tell me I was doing something wrong, and then (talking to me like I was a three year old) tell me how I could fix it.... even charge me to fix it. But seems that 1AutomationWiz system will not work with this e-book security.

Sorry, not shooting the messenger. Just frustrated that I created the book a few different ways, went through the upload things and all of that, only to find the system crashed.

I guess I will go back to the drawing board.
I thank you for all of your attention, help and support.

I have to sleep on this and figure out if I drop the shopping cart or what.


Posted on: 2:55 am on December 13, 2004
Alaska After looking at 1AutomationWiz.com, it doesn't look like it has that kind of functionality...  sorry.

best -

Posted on: 3:48 am on December 13, 2004
EBookCompiler Did the email I sent you a few days ago (From my addled memory, I think it might have been about Thursday AM) help at all?


I don't know anything about 1AutomationWiz - but I would assume they must allow you to redirect a visitor to a thankyou page/script on your site after the customer pays.   Assuming they do, collect the password number on your site before they pay, and issue the corresponding password from your site via a thankyou script (not using the built-in functions of 1 AutomationWiz) after they have paid


Sell password 1 as product 1, password 2 as product 2, etc.  I assume 1 AutomationWiz must allow users to select a product before paying (and don't try and make all the passwords until a single product)


If you have an ebook up and running and working and ready to go, sell version 1 without any password stuff for now.  And when you figure out the password integration stuff, version 2 can have that.


Take a look at using Virtual Vault (see Related products on ourwww.ebookcompiler.comsite) for passwords, instead of Activ E-Book Compiler's built-in password system.



Posted on: 6:08 am on December 20, 2004
AC Peter Sunil,
Thank you very much for your e-mail. Yes, I did get it. I also responded to it (I think) but that was a few days ago or last week.

I have to say that Active is working very well. Smooth. Slick. Quick. Can't say enough good about the program. Also, your support has been great.

Now, I have to admit that I have not had a chance to dig into the matters you suggested. I have several items to finish for the site before we even start selling, so I will deal with it in the new year.

After revieing everything, I know that I can generate a different 'thank you' page after the sale with 1AutomationWiz. I think I will just get rolling with one of the 'lock' services. That way the password will not be as critical.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your support. I really do appreciate it.

Have a safe and happy Holiday to all!



Posted on: 3:40 am on December 22, 2004
EBookCompiler Sorry I'm a few days behind on email (Xmas) so may not have read/replied to yours yet (I also don't always reply in the order they're received), I'll be trying to catch up within the next 24 hours.

Posted on: 6:13 am on December 22, 2004


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