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Archived Message:

XP Service Pack 2

edwood1 Hi,

I just received this message from a customer:

Total Resale isn't working for users of XP SP2. They get the errorres://shdoclc/syntax.htm#e-book://.

Has anyone else experienced problems with SP2?
Does anyone know of a  fix to the problem my
customer has described?

Many thanks,



Posted on: 2:48 pm on October 28, 2004
EBookCompiler Michael

This doesn't look like a URL that would be used internally in any version of our software.  We don't use the res:// protocol at all (and never have), and we don't register our own pluggable protocol (which is what the bit beginning with e-book:// ) looks like it might be.

(Side note, I believe in Internet Explorer's terminology, protocols are the things which begin URLs, e.g. http:// https:// ftp:// news:// file:// - and pluggable protocols are similar things, supported by additional software, which provide content via different delivery methods).

My understanding of your Total Resale package is you have a master ebook, made using our software, which then allows the customer to download various "other-additional" ebooks and programs.  These "other-additional" ebooks and programs include PDFs, ebook EXEs (some made using our compiler, some made using other compilers, etc.), and various other downloads and things too.

My *guess* is that the error you have reported must relate to one of the various "other-additional"  ebooks and/or things.  

My *guess* based on the information that you have already provided in terms of the error message, is that this message is not coming from our software.

My suggestion for you, to find out if this is the case, is:

1. To get your customer to explain the exact steps that he/she is doing before they get the error,

and 2. To also get them to send screenshots of what the customer is doing (by hitting PrintScreen and then pasting it an email).

Regarding the general issue of XP SP2:

I have received a number of emails asking if there are any known problems with our compiler and XP SP2.  One thing that some of these emails have cited, is that they say they have had and/or suspect, problems with whatever non-Answers 2000 software (i.e. not our compiler) they are using.  

The answer is: I am NOT currently aware of any problems with our software, specific to XP SP2.  If you discover any, please let me know.

Posted on: 12:19 am on October 29, 2004
team4success Hi Michael,

you can find a solution to your problem at






Posted on: 12:08 pm on November 10, 2004
RichardProsser Has this problem been fixed yet? Apparently there is a patch for EbookCreator (seehttp://www.ebookupdater.com)but I would prefer to use the Activ version.

Thanks ...

Richard Prosser

Posted on: 7:22 pm on May 18, 2005
team4success Hi Richard,

I also have created a tool which solves the
res://shdoclc/syntax.htm#e-book://problem with
one click.
You can read about the details atwww.imopartners.com/ebookfix



Posted on: 7:50 pm on May 18, 2005

Quote: from RichardProsser on 11:22 am on May 18, 2005[br]Has this problem been fixed yet? Apparently there is a patch for EbookCreator (seehttp://www.ebookupdater.com)but I would prefer to use the Activ version.

Thanks ...

Richard Prosser


You indicate that Activ has compatibility issues with XP service pack 2. Sunil's posting suggest that the source of the conflict is caused by other software.

Have you established that Activ is the source of the problem? Have you created an ebook independent of any other plug-ins/add-ons to establish that Activ is the problem?

If you have established it as a problem the rest of us appreciate knowing what you've found.

(Edited by Storyman at 1:32 pm on May 18, 2005)

Posted on: 9:27 pm on May 18, 2005
EBookCompiler I'm pretty sure he's resolved it, and it's ebooks created with other programs that is the problem.

I have the latest version of Michael's package (well done Michael, nice work BTW), and the main ebook is in Activ, the various other subsiduary ebooks it links to are made using various compilers, and included in the main ebook are how to address the problem with some of these subsiduary ebooks using ebookfix.

Posted on: 9:04 pm on May 26, 2005
EBookCompiler Richard, no fix is necessary for Activ. It works already.

Michael's problem is I'm 99.99% certain with other ebooks that he links to from his main ebook.  The main ebook is made with Activ and is okay.  The other eBooks that he links to are made using various other compilers.  I'm am so certain (a) because of what I already know about this problem [it's with other compilers and not Activ], and (b) because I have the latest version of Michael's package.

Posted on: 9:07 pm on May 26, 2005
edwood1 Hi Everyone,

This is Michael Hopkins here -- the one who started this thread when the problem first began to raise it's ugly head

I just want to confirm Sunil's last post.

It later transpired that the problem was indeed with an ebook within the Total Resale package and not the package itself. All my ebooks created with Activ have continued to work fine since the introduction of SP2.

For what it's worth, I've started giving away this little application to any users who experience a problem with their ebooks:

It just needs to run in the background while the user is reading the ebook that's causing the problem. You can re-brand it with your own details and pass it on to others if you wish.

All the best,


Posted on: 9:31 pm on May 26, 2005
waedwards Hi There

When I upgraded my own Machine to XP SP2 a number of my eBooks did not run propery. Eventually I found a piece of software that solves the problem & it's free too - you can get a copy here ...


Best Wishes

Posted on: 2:50 pm on July 29, 2005
Storyman Waedwards,

Just so that everyone is clear on this--those ebooks that choked on XP SP2 were created by a compiler other than Activ eBook, right? My understanding is that Activ hasn't had a problem with SP2.

Posted on: 5:55 pm on July 29, 2005
EBookCompiler There is no problem with Activ E-Book Compiler and XP SP2.

The problem is with eBooks created by certain other (i.e. competitors') compilers.

Posted on: 11:55 pm on July 29, 2005

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