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Archived Message:

Beggin' for help!! (2)

lwalper So, I put the following code into my HTML file -- and it doesn't play. When I click the link I get a "Page cannot be displayed" error in the browser.

<A HREF="##AMM.CDTRACK(2)##AMM.CDPLAY()"01-filename.mp3">filename</a>

The book compiles fine, plays well, plays the background mp3 referred to in the page background sound reference. The background music is not compiled in the book and is in the same root folder with the rest of the mp3 files on the CD. All files are in the CD root.

Do I need to include the AMM.CDPLAYER command somewhere? I don't know anything AT ALL about inserting these commands. I'm familiar with HTML, but this is totally foreign to me. How do I get the link to work and play the intended file?

Posted on: 7:34 am on August 31, 2004
Alaska lw -

 I confess: I have no clue what AMM.CDTRACK() or AMM.CDPLAY() is, but that won't stop me from conjecture....

 I would wonder if your quotes are not correctly nested.  You have three quote marks, while the filename should have single quote marks nested inside the doublequoted command.

 But, I still don't see how it would work.  Could you elaborate on how you evoked the onLoad MP3?  That would be a good place to start.

best -

rnilsson@gmail.com (if the one above fails, as it's getting feeble...)


Posted on: 12:06 am on September 1, 2004
lwalper Thanks for responding so quickly!

What do you mean "evoked the onload MP3"? I have read all sections of the "Help" file associated with Advanced Multimedia 5.0 from beginning to end and see no such command mentioned.

The commands I listed are found in the "CD Audio" section of the same Help file as follows:



Starts playback of the currently selected track.

<A HREF="##AMM.CDTRACK(2)##AMM.CDPLAY()">Click here to play track 2</A>

This was copied/pasted directly from the Help file into my HTML code -- and it doesn't work.

Again, is there something missing from the Help file (like instruction as to how to evoke the "onload MP3" command) if I need to do such a thing?

Posted on: 8:33 pm on September 1, 2004
lwalper OK, so in the main program (under the Add-Ins tab) there is a box for Extensions -> Load. This contains the AMM extension which I added as described in the Help/Installation file. In the "Edit" fields there is a rather large box which I assume can hold other "stuff" than the existing reference to AMM.

The Add/Remove/Info boxes are greyed out. Is this where the onload MP3 command is evoked? If so, how so?--with the Add box being grey.

Posted on: 8:58 pm on September 1, 2004
lwalper And when I click the Active Variables tab there is a nice big empty box. Should something be in there? If so, how so? There's not even an option to "add" anything in this window.

Posted on: 9:02 pm on September 1, 2004
Alaska Ahh, the multimedia extension.   No wonder.

But I'm sorry Lw, as I haven't used that package.  I just embed the sound when needed, and with web pages, the MP3s have always required that an MP3 player be installed.

  By "evoked the onload MP3" I was referring to the method you used to play the MP3 upon startup, when you said "The book... plays the background mp3 referred to in the page background sound reference. "

 Besides the incorrectly nested quote marks, I'm not sure what else to do unless I tried it myself.  Perhaps there are some MM Extension users online?

 Anyway, I don't think the Activ variables come into play here.

 Perhaps Sunil can shed some light on the MM Extensions when he gets healthier, and returns to the forum community.

best -

Posted on: 12:10 am on September 2, 2004
lwalper So, if you are using ebook compiler how do you play MP3 files that are not compiled in the book. Anything compiled with the book will play OK, but I have 600Mb of MP3s to index in the book with a link to each of about 35 files.

Do you have a bit of HTML code that can be used to reference files outside the compilation and evoke the MP3 player?

Posted on: 10:24 am on September 2, 2004
Alaska Lw -

 MP3s do need a 3rd-party player - I did a quick look online, and info on launching one from a web page doesn't seem readily available.  Seems I swear I've seen it done, but I may be mistaken.  Perhaps it was a .wav file.

 Here's an interesting page:


I'll look about and see if anything else looks interesting.

best -

Posted on: 11:43 pm on September 2, 2004
lwalper Thanks Roger,

Maybe Sunil can provide support for his product before too much longer. I really would like to get this working.

Posted on: 11:14 am on September 3, 2004


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