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Archived Message:

Help with Activ Script please

Colin Hi
Sunil suggested I should ask for help on the forum. I have a password protected Ebook and would like to have an Activ Script that expires the ebook 30 days after it is first opened with the password.
I know some html and php, etc, but unfortunately I have no experience at all of Activ Scripts, either how to write them or implement them.
Is there anybody who could give me some advice please?
Thanks a lot

Posted on: 6:19 pm on March 31, 2004
Colin I've been hoping some kind person would reply... :-)
Can't anybody give me a hand, please? I'd be really grateful.


Posted on: 6:54 pm on April 13, 2004
JRSnottingham Isn't this already a feature in Activ?  I haven't the software help files to hand, but as I recall one may set a time period for an e-book to expire.  Or is this only for non-password protected books? If so, apologise.

hope this helps.

Posted on: 7:14 pm on April 13, 2004
Colin Yes, it's only for non-password protected ebooks. I know that it's possible with an Activ script to set an expiry time also for password-protected books but I don't know how to do Activ scripts. I'm still hoping someone can help. Thanks anyway for replying.

Posted on: 11:29 pm on April 13, 2004
EBookCompiler Colin, with all due respect, I think part of the problem, is that nobody other than you, including me, is entirely sure (in detail) what you want to happen, i.e. what the user sees or what the process is.  A simple clear restate

I'm thinking you a password protected ebook which runs for a limited time, then exits (?) after a set number of days (?) - is that right ?

My basic suggestion if this is correct would be

(a) To use the built-in password feature

(b) To NOT use the built-in expiry feature, instead do this using a script

- In detail

When the ebook is first run on a new PC you record the tme.

Whenever the ebook is run after that you compare the current time to the recorded time.  If the expiry period is up, you display a  message, exit or whatever

Is this basically what you want?

Posted on: 1:25 am on April 14, 2004
Colin Hi Sunil. Sorry for all the confusion!
Yes, what you suggested is exactly what I need.
Could you help me with the script please?
Thanks a lot


Posted on: 9:19 am on April 14, 2004
EBookCompiler There's some points  I'm not clear about - like does it expire on a specific date, or after a time period.  Here is a crude version of the latter...

This may not be exactly right, but is close, hopefully you can refine it either on your PC, and/or by discussing it here

1. Create a text file called expire.as (if using Notepad be careful not to accidentally name it expire.as.txt or similar)

2. In Edit Add-Ins, On Start put


3. Step 1 creates the script.  Step tells the ebook to run it whenever it is start

4. In expire.as put something *like* - I haven't tested this so it may contain errors

REM check year is > 2000
MESSAGEBOX('Your clock is wrong')

REM calculate number of days since Jan 1 2000, * 10000
REM this will break in either 2038, or the 2580s, not sure which


REM julian date * 10000
SET('jd10000', ({yy}*3652500)+({mm}*306001)+({dd}*10000) )

REM julian date
SET('jd',{jd10000} / 10000 )

REM get time installed

REM not installed before - save current time for next time
INIWRITE('{jd}', '{esbn}.ini','Install','Date' )

REM calculate how many days, if > 30, or they installed in the the future (by fiddling their clock) then exit

MESSAGEBOX('Your clock is wrong')

MESSAGEBOX('Sorry, your time is up')


Posted on: 2:59 pm on April 14, 2004
Colin Thanks very much Sunil. The script works fine (there was just one extra quote mark in line 11).
If I could just ask you one more thing: is it possible to refine the script so that a countdown window appears each time the ebook is opened saying "This ebook will expire in 30 days" (29 days, 28 days, etc)?
Thanks again

Posted on: 10:10 am on April 15, 2004
EBookCompiler Something like, Change

MESSAGEBOX('Sorry, your time is up')


MESSAGEBOX('Sorry, your time is up')
MESSAGEBOX('You have {timeleft} day(s) remaining')

Posted on: 5:19 pm on April 15, 2004
Colin That's brilliant Sunil. It works perfectly and is exactly what I needed. Thanks again for all your help. I really do appreciate it.


Posted on: 5:51 pm on April 15, 2004
jmiguy How hard would it be to modify this script so you could lock the book if someone buys a password and then asks for a refund?

This way they can't get a free book out of the deal.



Posted on: 3:24 am on July 21, 2006
Storyman Hi Jmiguy,

Check out HYPrLock.

Among its other features it is also an Automatic Payment System for PayPal and ClickBank.

Posted on: 4:22 am on July 21, 2006


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