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Archived Message:

How many activ variables can one have?

kthomas Hi Forum Friends,

My ebook did not compile and I have about 118 links (activ variables) in the ebook. I suspect it has something to do with the total allowable variables one can have per ebook?

Have any idea?


Posted on: 1:06 pm on December 27, 2003
EBookCompiler I'm not aware of a limit, although to be fair you may be using more than anybody else has

Do you get an error message? What does it say?

If you make an ebook without so many Activ variables does that work?

Posted on: 5:52 pm on December 28, 2003
kthomas Dear Sunil:

I am happy there is no limit. when I clicked on customize button -- it did not do anything.  I checked everything and everything seems to look legit.

So I am not sure why it did not let me customized after it compiled successfully.

The compillation for the ebook and the rebrander worked just fine .. but when you test out the rebrander that when it's stucked.

By the way the problem I had with file size zero still did not get fixed.   After compiled an ebook with this machine, it returns a file size of zero and nothing was compiled.

I had to recompile the ebook from another machine.

Posted on: 7:31 pm on December 28, 2003
EBookCompiler What do you mean by the rebrander "stucked". Do you get an error message? Does it just freeze? What do you see?

Other issue. Not sure. Can you check you have the latest compiler version (4.22) on both machines?

In 4.01 there was a "bug" that caused ebooks to cause a long time to shut down under some circumstances (more common on XP machines or ones with IE6).  When this happened, the ebook disappeared but was still running for a long while - and during this time the EXE file could not be altered (rebranded or re-built).

Also, I have once heard of a sort of similar problem (this might be with 4.01 only, not sure). We never found what it was, but I seem to remember that when the customer changed the output file names (Edit Output), this resolved it.

As always,
1. check free disk space.
2. the more detailed specifics you can provide, the more likely that we can tell you the problem (operating system, IE, compiler versions, any error messages, etc)

Posted on: 8:00 pm on December 30, 2003
kthomas Dear Sunil:

Problem 1 with ativ compiler:

1- When I compiled it -- both brander and exe executed.
however, when I open the brander.exe and try to test the links (after clicking on customize), it does not do anything -- nada -- zippo -- the system is not freeze though.  Normally it would present another screen with activ variables for you to make changes.

2- They both have 4.22 -- plenty of disk space.  However My computer was being upgraded. The new drive is where the 4.22 is installed.  The slave drive (drive G - was an Old drive C before), this slave drive also had another version ebook compiler on them.

I uninstall both and reinstall only on the new drive, it still did not give me the executable file.

Very very STrange but since there is not a solution for this problem, I am force to use another machine to create my ebook in the mean time.


Posted on: 8:12 pm on December 30, 2003
kthomas Add to my last reply:

When you compile the rebrander with less variables (like 10) it works fine.  

The same settings -- The same links (disable the brander options for the rest of the 115 links).



Posted on: 8:17 pm on December 30, 2003
kthomas Hi Sunil:

I found the limitation the number of activ links I can have with each book.  

I found that you only allow me 99 links...

I am just wondering if you are willing to upgrade the book to allow us more than 99 links?


Posted on: 8:24 pm on January 1, 2004
EBookCompiler > I found the limitation the number of activ links I can have with each book.  

Do you mean links or variables

I definitely hae more than 99 activ links in some books?

Yes, we might be willing to look at limitations of this sort, but I need to know precisely what it is

Can you give me an idea, what you are using the links/variables for?  

Posted on: 4:13 pm on February 16, 2004
kthomas Sunil,

I mean variables --

I compiled articles from my siste every 6 months. In it, I have many articles with affiliate links that can be very valuable viral tools to sell more affliate programs.

I have all 125 varialbes but I had to cut them off by 99 to compile with the compiler.

While most people will not need more than 99 variables but why not make it in the 3 digits?  If it is not too much troubles.


Posted on: 4:17 pm on February 16, 2004
EBookCompiler Okay I'll have to do some testing and get back to you in due course

Posted on: 5:31 pm on February 16, 2004

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