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Archived Message:

Help! Build Builds--but there ain't no book!

Neenah13 I've been trying to build one of my books for over an hour. When I ask to build the book, it seems to go through the motions, but nothing runs in the end. When I search out the finished .exe file, it doesn't have the icon I fixed for it. Just the generic boxy .exe icon. I get the error saying the file isn't a valid Windows file when I try to run it.

What went wrong? Or was it me?


Posted on: 2:58 am on November 13, 2003
dreuby Hi, and welcome.

Does the compiler produce an error message during the build? and which version of Windows are you using?

Posted on: 1:45 pm on November 13, 2003
Neenah13 Hi! Thanks for the welcome.

No, there isn't any error that comes up during the build. It does its thing---I watch the progress bar go--but no box pops up that says you can run the book now. Except that it builds **something**, nothing else happens.

When I went looking for the book in the folder I saved it in, there was the little blue and white .exe icon sitting where my arrow pierced heart icon should be. Click on that and then I get the error message.  That this .exe file is not a valid Win program, or something like that.

I run '98SE. Thought about going to XP as my son's computer seems to be running much smoother with it. But---I don't know about this activation thing.

Generally never have too many problems, but when I do, they seem to be ones that have never happened to anyone else!

I even downloaded a new copy and installed it. Didn't make any difference.

Never fails, just when I think I have everything all set to go, something happens!!

If you can help, I'd so much appreciate it!



Posted on: 3:25 am on November 15, 2003
Alaska Neenah13  -

 It's difficult to say from afar, but you can Sherlock it yourself, probably.  

 Does your book run from the uncompiled pages alone?  Web page scripting could be the problem. . . .  

 Perhaps not, if you have any Activ components.

 If you have any Activ variables or scripts, try compiling your book with the bare minimum files - does the index.htm page even compile?

 If so, add in your other files until it chokes, and examine that file.  Chances are you'll see the problem in that pages' code easily enough.

 If the index page doesn't compile, try compiling a simple 'Hello World" index page instead.

 If THAT doesn't compile, then something in your environment must have changed since it has worked in the past.  

 There so many things that could be causing a failure at this point -

 You could try checking for viruses, making sure you have enough disk space, running Ad-aware, cleaning up your temp folder, and waving a dead chicken over the monitor while chanting...

 Sorry, I'm really guessing here now.  Could you tell?

 best -


Posted on: 8:23 am on November 22, 2003
Neenah13 Huh! A dead chicken  . . . why didn't I think of that? Course, I don't know any offical chants . . . Maybe if I hum a a few bars . . . of . . . . something . . .

It all runs fine in my HTML editor if that's what you mean by uncompiled pages.  And it all builds and runs just fine in other compilers.

I have no scripts running . . . I'm not that intelligent, yet, to know how to make one up, never mind how to use it. I'm the simple sort. Wrap my words in HTML, park my pages in the source folder with a few necessary graphics and build a book.

Someday when I grow up, I want to learn all that good stuff. Not sure where I'd use it in a novel, but maybe a kid's book?

Anyway, it's just as I say--all I get in the end is an .exe file represented by a generic icon which laughs in my face as it taunts that this--my precious novel-- isn't a valid Win32 application.  

I've uninstalled the program again and reinstalled. It's all set to go, and I don't even have to re-register it. Is that supposed to happen. I'd feel better, I think, if I had to do that. Maybe it'd work.

No viruses. Ad and Spyware ferreted out and gotten rid of. Or so my sons, who did the ferreting, assure me.  

Sigh . . . I get all the fun ones!!!


Posted on: 5:20 am on November 25, 2003
IAmTom Well im having the same problem here, I run on windows ME, Ive worked for a long time on a project, and now just to come to find out it doesn't work. I've tryed using the bare minimum, just an 'index.htm' file with just the word 'home' inside. I click on build, it shows the quick progress bar, then it says click 'ok' or 'run', Ive tryed run, and ive tryed fishing out the .exe and opening it, same result, the splash comes up and the progrss bar moves, then nothing happens, no error message, just nothingness... Mabe we need to fill something in, or check or uncheck a box, but at this point I kinda feel cheated out of my money, if I ever was to want to resell an ebook, Id be to afraid to because what if they have the same problem with it, and arent satisfied, I dunno, if anyone can help thanks.


Posted on: 9:29 am on November 25, 2003
IAmTom K I tryed the chicken waving, but i thought mabe i could apease the holiday gods with a live turkey, bhoy he made a mess, hehe actualy i reinstalled, mabe i should redownload, would it be posible to get a corupted download that still functions except for the publishing part, I dunno, anyone out there 'Hello-lo-lo-lo' *echo* *echo* *echo* 'Anyone there-ere-ere' . K thx,


Posted on: 2:28 pm on November 26, 2003
dreuby I've been searching for an answer, but no joy. A similar question in August, Sunil suggested:

1. Uninstall the compiler
2. Delete ANS2000.INI
3. Reinstall

He also suggested checking system for spyware, etc. Let me know if this works.

Posted on: 4:11 pm on November 26, 2003
Neenah13 Okay . . . uninstalled again, got rid of ans2000.ini and reinstalled.

No difference. Same thing happens. It goes through the motions, but there's no book.

I'm off in search of another spyware remover program. Been using trial versions.

I sure hope it works. I know I can use the other compilers, but . . . man, when this one doesn't work, I feel like my best friend moved to Antarctica.

Tom--a redownload probably won't help. But-- maybe your trouble is different, somehow, from mine.  Who knows? Try it if you have the inclination. At least you can say you did everything you could think of to do.

I redownloaded, but it's still happening. I noticed too, that, my projects show up when I click on File, which they've never done before. If I got a new install, nothing showed up there, I had to go look for whatever project I wanted to work with.

Be nice if I could have this running again before the weekend ends. The guys ate the chicken.


Posted on: 6:23 am on November 27, 2003
EBookCompiler Sorry I missed this thread earlier

All email that we have received until the time of this post, upto and including today's, either has already been answered or will be answered in the next hour.

I am about to go on vacation, so may be slow with email for 2 weeks starting now. Sorry.

The most common cause of the compiler refusing to work at all is corruption in the installation, ANS2000.INI file etc. Nine times out of ten, this will fix it:

1. Uninstall the compiler
2. Delete ANS2000.INI
3. Reinstall

While I am not accusing anybody of anything, the most common cause for these types of corruption is using a crackz/warez/illegal-key generator, etc. All of which are illegal and a violation of our (Answers 2000 Limited) copyrights.

If you purchased the compiler and are getting these types of problems, email us with:-

1. Your full name (or name on credit card used to purchase)
2. The date of purchase, approximate if not known exactly
3. ClickBank receipt number for your purchase
4. If you are missing 2 or 3, include country, and if USA, state.

Because of my note about vacations, we may be slow in the short-term to responding to legitimate users who encounter problems of this type. For these folks, we'll try and find a way to make it up to them when I get back.

Posted on: 10:27 pm on November 27, 2003

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