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Archived Message:

view like a real book

horserancher I want to build an e-book that views like a real book(open a book and you see page 1 on the left side and page 2 on the right, turn the page and it's page 3 on left and page 4 on right, etc...). Can this compiler do this?

Posted on: 6:08 am on October 13, 2003
Alaska That would be a function of the web page itself: you could use an image of an open book for the background, and superimpose a two-column table over it, with one column for the left page, and one for the right.  If you wanted to get fancy, you could use IE's page transitions to sweep from the right to the left and back, to add to the illusion.

Or, since Sunil isn't jumping in to promote it, I shall: you could grab Sunil's Ebook Starter - it has several book layouts you might use.

**Correction: upon further reading, I see that the Ebook Starter is the brainchild of Shelley Lowery  -http://www.web-source.net/ebookstarter/ebooktemplates.htm, and that it has 70 (!) ebook templates.

 The initial page for this forum has a screenshot, and a link:http://www.ebookfriends.com/.

 best -


(Edited by Alaska at 9:36 pm on Oct. 14, 2003)

Posted on: 2:22 am on October 14, 2003
EBookCompiler As usual, roger's comments are great.

His correction is also correct, EBookStarter is Shelley's product not an Answers 2000 product.

I did look at a version sometime ago (not sure if it product has been updated since then) -- and gave it a general thumbs up.

URL to review is

Posted on: 4:38 am on October 18, 2003
compuwrite Thanks for the heads-up, but it seems that the link is

I just tried it.  The best way to describe the state of things
is to say that the site has moved on.  It's all about home-
based and internet businesses now.

Any chance that someone can post a link that will bring up
the templates or, since they were public domain, set up a
mirror or repository?

Posted on: 12:25 am on August 9, 2005
EBookCompiler compuwrite

I'm not sure whether the ebookstarter templates are public domain. I do know, that I don't have them.

I sent you an email a couple of days ago with some suggestions, did any of those help?

Posted on: 8:57 pm on August 11, 2005
compuwrite No.

Please forgive me for repeating the contents of the reply that
I sent to your email, but I feel it's worth repeating in the
form, for the sake of getting out the word, that I sent an
email to the website asking about the templates.

As I anticipated, I have received no reply.

Although I'm listed as a Newbie, I have a college degree
and experience as a C programmer and as a web
designer.  I've also been using the Activ Ebook compiler
for several years now.  If someone could explain to me
the basic techniques that are used to build these
templates, I could probably come up with one or two of
my own, and these WOULD become public domain.

Right now, I don't know where to start--otherwise, I would
already have made one or two of these.  Lord know, I've

Any help here?

Posted on: 10:52 pm on August 14, 2005
Zebulon compuwrite,

The Ebook Compiler compiles.  Design and effects are not part of it.  I have created a template in Flash that does exactly what you want... a virtual real book with pages on the left and right, animated turning pages like a real book with the mouse or keboard arrow keys and so on.  It is my most popular templates to my clients since I am a humble Flash Guru and can provide to theyr books some infinite possibilities...

And everything snaps right into the compiler like a tail back into a Grenade (the fruit).


Posted on: 9:50 pm on September 5, 2005
EBookCompiler Zebulon, it would be great if you'd consider putting up a demo of your Flash template. I think lots of people would be interested to see it.

Posted on: 3:50 am on September 6, 2005
Zebulon Hi Sunil.

I would love to put a demo of my Flash/Compiler on...  Is there a place onhttp://www.ebookfriends.com/or elsewhere where I would be able to upload a copy?

It would be a 1003 meg zipped file ...



Posted on: 1:30 pm on September 6, 2005
Zebulon ...oups |

It would be a flat one meg file ;o) (1003 kb)

Posted on: 1:33 pm on September 6, 2005
EBookCompiler 1 Megabyte, not 1000 megabytes, right?

Assuming the former, I'll host the file for you if you want.

Email me it as an attachment

Posted on: 3:21 pm on September 6, 2005
Zebulon ...just send it.



Posted on: 10:35 pm on September 8, 2005
compuv Did this ever become available? I can't find it anywhere on the ebookcompiler site.

Posted on: 11:54 pm on December 30, 2005
EBookCompiler I haven't got it yet

I think Zebulon is still working on his demo

Posted on: 10:39 am on December 31, 2005
compuv Our company is currently in the throes of re-publishing a Victorian-age tome.  We're currently wondering whether to use an ebook as an ad for a hard copy (we've already had quite a bit of interest from our target market in purchasing hard copies) or whether to try and sell it as a digital product as well, an option that I'm very keen on.  What we're definitely in agreement about is that it MUST look like a real book on a reader's monitor.  The problem we have is in obtaining software to do this.  There's one called Desktop Author which looks perfect but in order to sell the ebook they lock you into some payment programme called esellerate with a partner company.  We wouldn't need this as we already have our own merchant facility for taking online payments so it seems wasteful to pay for another one.

The big question: is it possible to create a .exe file that would give us the page-turning effect and then insert this .exe file into a template on a compiler such as ebookcompiler, just in the same way as you'd insert a video clip or sound file?  Would the program run within the compiler?  Any advice greatly appreciated as it's doing my nut in searching the web to try and get what we need!

Posted on: 1:43 pm on January 1, 2006
Zebulon Thanks Sunill, and again sorry for being late with the English version...  it is almost completed but I still need more time (a client respect case ;o)

Compuv : I do have what you'r looking for, completed and working nicely.  The system works with Sunil compiler and can be adapted to any e-books or should I say Multimedia Books (wiithin E-Compiler).  I have completed a version 2 of my system but it is in the French language.  If you wish to see this French version send me an email to this address : daniel.victor@laposte.net


PS I wish all a very succesfull year 2006 to everyone here in this Forum...

Posted on: 5:15 pm on January 1, 2006


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