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Archived Message:

Printing options. Help!!!

paulbh Following is were I'm at so far, can anyone help.

Hello Sunil

Is there any way to get ebooks made by your compiler to print miltiple pages. Maybe you have some sort of script.

For example I compiled my book into an ebook it is 160 pages long. Is there anyway I can get the ebook to print say pages 55 through to page 85. Lets say I wanted to print a chapter out of the ebook so I could read in bed.

I made the book in Publisher 98 and saved it as a html file which gave me 160 seperate pages.

Warmest regards
Paul Barratt-Hassett

…………SUNILS REPLY…………………………..


We don't currently have a built-in feature for this

I think it is possible using JavaScript. I remember a recent discussion on our message boardwww.ebookfriends.comwhere somebody said they had a solution for this, I think
Best Regards
Sunil Tanna

………..MY REPLY BACK……………

Hello Sunil

I understand if you are too busy to help. I have spent an hour searching the forum but to no avail.

Is it possible for you to write me a script that will allow uses to print a selection of multipul pages as mentioned below?

If it was less than $100 I would gladly pay you.

I have put the book into Publisher and saved files as html. In my source folder there is 166 seperate files (pages).
Hope this helps.

If you don't have the time could you still respond so I know you recieved my email.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Warmest regards

…………SUNILS REPLY…………………………..

Hi Paul

Can you post in a new question in the forum at Activ E-Book Compilerwww.ebookfriends.com

I know this question has been asked before, but on a quick scan around, I didn't spot the thread.  I know a regular forum poster did have the answer

I'm sure he'll give you his fix for free, which is likely to be a lot cheaper and quicker than me researching how he did it or coming up with another solution.

Best Regards
Sunil Tanna

Posted on: 11:49 am on October 9, 2003
Alaska Paul -

 That would be me.

 I can send you the PrintAll function, but, as it's written now, it is called from a button or link.  It prints all the files you list in an array.  I have yet to build an interface (dialog box) for it that would allow a print range.

 Now that I've used it for various tasks, a dialog box would be helpful.  For instance, in your case, do we add a page break between each new chapter, or perhaps just some white space and the title, to save paper?

 If you really need to be able to specify a range, give me a bit of time and I'll build a print-dialog-box-type interface for it.

best -


Posted on: 8:08 pm on October 9, 2003
paulbh Hello roger

It would be ideal if you could build a print-dialog-box-type interface. Having a specific range gives the reader a greater choice, there is over 160 pages not all reader would want to print all 160 pages at once I would imangine.

I am not quite sure what you mean by a page break between chapters. Each chapter has a new chapter heading and the pages in the ebook are one page at a time, it is not one long contunious page.

Anyway, when you say a little time how long are you thinking, one week or a month or so.

Also I am very ingnorant on script, so you may need to guide me as to where to put the script and how. Does it go in the book before you compile or does it go in the Activ Varibles Tab in the compiler???

Most thankful

Posted on: 12:21 am on October 10, 2003
Alaska Paul -

 The script would go wherever you wanted to see a 'Print' button or link - top of the page, in a popup, whatever.

 To preclude the user from getting a Print Dialog box for each page, I append all the pages together in a lo-o-ong string, so they are indeed continuous, at first.

 I separate them with a page break, or just some whitespace or a horizontal line if there are a lot of small files, to save trees.

 Timewise, I have no idea when I can get around to building a dialog box -  problem is, that I want to add a lot more than just one parameter in the print dialog box.

Can I get back to you on that?

I'll be at rnilsson@copperfieldpub.com  - maybe I can move it to the top of my 'to do' list soon.

best -


Posted on: 2:16 am on October 10, 2003
EBookCompiler Roger

Thanks for the help - keep going please!

I didn't want to obligate you to help in my emails, but I'm glad you are

If when you've finished helping Paul, you want to generalize your solution or make it into an add-on product (i.e. one you sell or give-away to people other than paul) email me, and I'll mention it the newsletter and a forum annoucement.

Posted on: 4:35 am on October 18, 2003
Alaska That would be great, if I could get around to finishing a marketable product.   And, if I do, you'll be the first to know... and thanks for the offer!

I have a lot of tools for ebooks, and I'll probably use Activ as the medium.

 What a great new way to deliver a program!  All the benefits of a web page AND the file reading and writing capabilities of Windows application...

best -


Posted on: 7:32 am on October 18, 2003

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