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Archived Message:

EBook in pdf format

firstep I am completely new at building a ebook but I want to do it in PDF and I'm not sure where to start any & all help will be appreciated, Lynne

Posted on: 10:58 pm on October 2, 2003
Alaska Lynne -

 There are some watered-down free tools out there, but the best bang for the buck at the moment is eHelp's RoboPDF, a killer app for $49.  It's on sale for a few more days:http://www.ehelp.com/products/robopdf/.

 It's a great tool, at an excellent price.

 Creating a Table of Contents with RoboPDF, for instance, is drag-and-drop, but with Adobe's Distiller, it's just a drag.  

 best -

 roger ( not a paid rep of eHelp, just a fan ).


Posted on: 12:36 am on October 3, 2003
firstep Thanks Alaska, I should have given much more detail. I already have all my files in PDF, the problem I'm having is : putting these through active e-book compiler as all it seems to accept is HTML files. As you can see I'm REALLY new at this and totally confused. Lynne

Posted on: 12:46 am on October 3, 2003
Alaska A lot of folks sell their ebooks in PDF format; just combine all your pages into one PDF, with a list of links or table of contents on the front.

Now, if you're intent on using an ebook compiler, you could create an html page that calls the various PDFs, but that's not really necessary to distribute them.

 It depends on what you want to do - each tool has it's benefits and drawbacks.  PDFs, for instance,  can be password protected, but Activ ebook compiler provides individualized passwords based on the user's machine id.   Active ebooks only run under Windows, while you can open a PDF on a Mac.

 What did you want to do, and who do you want to target with your ebook(s)?

best -


Posted on: 1:43 am on October 3, 2003
firstep Roger, I have developed what I would call, an e-manual. It is a manual to lead people thru the processes of Career Development.  
There is a MAIN document (which is already in .pdf) and then there are the exercise and information documents (which are presently in .doc and .rtf) that accompany the MAIN document.
What I want to do is put them onto the Web site so that users can download them onto their own desktops to work the exercises and collect the information.
We have considered using ClickBank to process them.
What I really need to know is:
1. Is there any way these two format be combined to do what I want them to (the user MUST answer exercise and information questions)
2. Is there a program that will allow a user to download more that one file at a time? (they can certainly be in the same folder)
Any HELP would be most appreciated.


Posted on: 2:07 am on October 3, 2003
Alaska Lynne -

 First, unless you have a compelling reason to use these three different file formats in one project, I suggest you make them more uniform.

Probably the best route is to build your project using forms in web pages, and compiling those pages with Activ compiler.  This will create a single .exe file, like any other application.  The user can fill out the forms, and be taken to the appropriate page.

Second, there are some free and inexpensive tools that compress files into single, smaller files that most people can decompress after downloading.  

I did a search on "free zip compression" and found this link, among many others:


best -


Posted on: 10:17 am on October 3, 2003
firstep Roger, again, thanks so much for your help. I must say, my partner started this thread (on my behalf) and I am charged with continuing it. I think my BIG HANGUPS are
1. I want to sustain the format of the "Book"
2. I want the files to be printable
3. I want some sense of security for the material.
Actually, the only reason I did the .rtf format was for people who may not have MS Word so that they could use the material - so - I don't know if I need both .doc and .rtf
If you will give me permission, I will email you a sample of one of the books so you have a better idea of what I'm talking about.

There is an introductory piece on the website
Click on Human Resource Services
Then on Manoeuvring the Career Lattice - Introduction in the RED BOX.
I'm really torn between wanting to keep things the way I have them and keeping is simple enough to be useful!!
Thanks, again.



Posted on: 3:41 pm on October 3, 2003
Alaska Lynne -

 You could use mixed formats for the whole thing.  But, you wouldn't have 1000 unique passwords based on the user's machines, and what a hassle to build and manage...

 Using html forms in Activ will meet your three criteria far better than those other formats.  Docs and rtfs are not secure, and while docs and pdfs can be password protected, Activ books are protected with passwords that can not be passed around to friends, or scoundrels.

 Activ ebook has a consistent appearance, is printable, and is one of the most secure options available.  Instead of dealing with three formats, you have only three html pages, all easily combined into one .exe file.

 Still, I'd be happy to look at a sample project.

 If you like, you can send it to: rnilsson@copperfieldpub.com , or viahttp://www.copperfieldpub.com.

 best -


Posted on: 8:44 pm on October 3, 2003
ebookprofit Answer: The most popular way to create ebook format is PDF. Try adobe acrobat but it's very expensive. If you're on a tight budget, try primopdf.com. Free software to create PDF files.

* I have a video showing you step by step how to do it, check out my signature below. PM me if you experience any difficulties.

Posted on: 9:30 am on December 27, 2008

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