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Archived Message:


leathergirl This is the FIRST time I have used ebook compiler and I NEED help!!

I am trying to compile my ebook and I keep getting a message:  file excluded.  I changed the name of the file (by the way it is the exe. file) and saved it and it still said that it is excluded!!  

How do I fix this ....  I am on a major time crunch with this one.   I thought it would be easier to use.

PLEASE some one HELP me.

Thank you,

Posted on: 4:11 am on July 12, 2003
Alaska Bobbi -

 Click on the Files tab, and look down the list for your file.  

The second column should say 'excluded' for that one.  Right-click, and uncheck the excluded option.

 best -

(Edited by Alaska at 8:14 am on July 12, 2003)

Posted on: 5:13 am on July 12, 2003
leathergirl I have tried that repeatedly.

I then either refresh files...then it just puts the "excluded" right back on the file, or I go right to build and an error message comes up that says this file has been excluded from the ebook and put it right back on.

It is also the output ebook exe...is this wrong or ok?

Thank you sooooo much for your help!!!!

Posted on: 6:02 am on July 12, 2003
Alaska  It took me a bit, but I think I see your problem.

First, delete that exe, and set your output to save the generated ebook someplace else, like on your desktop.

 It's ok that the file is excluded, otherwise you'd be putting a previously generated ebook inside the current one.  It would keep growing larger, y'know?

 So, all is well.  Just move your output location to outside the source files.  And get rid of the previously compiled .exe file.

best -

Posted on: 6:18 am on July 12, 2003
leathergirl Thank you so much...  OK I did that and NOW it is telling me that there is no index.html.  I have my book written in ms word 2000 saved as a web page and name index.  

Should I have done some differently for the index.html file?

Thank you AGAIN for your help....   I REALLY appreciate it.


Posted on: 6:30 am on July 12, 2003
leathergirl WOW!!  I actually figured something out on my own.

I now have my FIRST ebook (or I should say emanual), but the pictures are not showing up and there is no table of contents!  

I have the whole manual written in one file...  Should I have saved the different sections in different files?  What will help the compiler give me a table of contents?

Also the pictures are showing in my save ms word, why isn't it transfering to the ebook?  What do I do now?

Thanks a BUNCH every one!!!


Posted on: 7:32 am on July 12, 2003
EBookCompiler In Word when saving make sure you save with the settings as shown in our Help. Getting started section

Sorry I am going to be slow (just got married!) for next week or so on boards and email, but will help. In the meantime, I'm sure other users will help. Also see my post to your other thread.  

Posted on: 6:29 pm on July 13, 2003
leathergirl First of all....CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR MARRIAGE!!  That's GREAT!

Second....I sure tried to following all that was said in the Getting Started on how to save.  I STILL can't figure out why my pictures aren't showing.

I'll post this, although, to the other post...

Thanks again.

Posted on: 10:04 pm on July 13, 2003
EBookCompiler There are some screenshots in our Help, Getting Started section of the procedure in Word

You need to make sure you set the options exactly like the screenshot.  If Word 2000, there is a dialog that comes up under Web Options (step 4 on the page), you probably have missed the setting on the Files tab - you probably missed this.  If you do it right, Word should put the pictures in the right folder (same as the HTML "source" folder) automatically.

Hope this helps. Sorry, I'm pushed for time right now, for obvious reasons

Posted on: 1:39 am on July 14, 2003
leathergirl Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

I finally got it!  I had to go to file, save as web page, once in save - then click on "tools" and change the settings as instructed, THEN go to General settings in "tools" and change to save as html page (web page)!!!

I just didn't know it was all in tools in the save menu....

This is for ms windows 2000.

Thanks again all and especially to:

~Ebookcompiler and Alaska~

You Both Are The GREATEST!!!

Bobbi H.

This post can be closed now....

Posted on: 4:35 am on July 14, 2003

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