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Archived Message:


Simon Are there any good examples of ebook website that sell a CD but also have facility to come back and get a password. The user would not know which password they needed until they loaded the CD on to their machine. Is there a secure way of allowing a user to visit a website on a one off basis to view the password they require.

Currently we sell through suppliers some have internet sales but all follow up the sale by offering the password by telephone or email. It would be nice to automate this process so if say I got my CD on Saturday I did not have to wait until Monday to get my password. I also feel that although we sell through suppliers we should host an automated service ourselves to manage the issue of passwords.



Posted on: 6:22 pm on June 18, 2003
rlemire Hi Simon;

I don't know of any websites that sell a CD but the system you require isn't very difficult to arrange. If your product can be bundled into an Activ E-Book then you can have the eBook autoload when the CD is loaded into a machine. This can then initiate an automatic application for a password (or you can have your customer click a password link). Activ E-Book provides for 1000 passwords and I've had great success using the Automated Password System from MircoCreations for PayPal, ClickBank and WorldPay. Using such a system your customer could pay for and receive a password almost instantly.

Posted on: 6:24 am on June 21, 2003
Simon rlemire

Thanks for the reply, I guess we do things slightly different by getting a full payment up front before dispatching the CD. Perhaps if we split the payments in two (i) pay a fee for the CD and (ii) pay a fee for the password.
I have had a look at the MicroCreations and this may work.

Thanks again


Posted on: 8:39 am on June 21, 2003
pjango I have deleted this post.

(Edited by pjango at 5:08 pm on Feb. 13, 2005)

Posted on: 3:58 pm on November 2, 2004
pjango This post deleted.

(Edited by pjango at 5:07 pm on Feb. 13, 2005)

Posted on: 4:26 pm on November 2, 2004
Storyman pjango,

It has been awhile since I set up a PayPal payment. It sounds like PayPal is not configured correctly. After payment PayPal (or failure to make payment) redirects the user to whatever page you have instructed PP to direct them to.

If you think it is the payment program that you purchased it would probably be best to contact their customer support.

Posted on: 1:45 am on November 3, 2004
pjango This post deleted.

(Edited by pjango at 5:06 pm on Feb. 13, 2005)

Posted on: 1:21 pm on November 3, 2004
Storyman pjango,

Not sure if that is the correct code or not. If this problem was in my lap, I'd take a step back and remove the APS program, then make sure you've got PayPal working the way it should.

In other words make sure the basics are working. Once you verify everything is working, then create the ebook with APS.

It could be something goofy with XP2 so that is why it is important you get the PayPal setup working first.

I don't have APS myself (but do plan to purchase it in the near future). Looking over the material it looks like it is written with PHP which means that your web site must be PHP enabled.

The error code also makes me suspect that one of the links is not set correctly--hence, could not find page. Again, you'll find the source of the problem by making sure you've got the PayPal setup correct.

Posted on: 6:50 am on November 6, 2004
Storyman Just looked over your code again.

Question: You have a page get_password.htm. From the file name it sounds like a dynamic page. Wouldn't it be a PHP page--get_password.php?

Posted on: 6:54 am on November 6, 2004
pjango Hi Storyman,

It turned out to be a redirect problem that has been fixed.  

Thanks for all your help.

Posted on: 12:41 pm on November 10, 2004
JohnDodson I hate to seem a little upset by you putting parts of my APS system in a forum, but it doesn't belong in Sunil's forums and it is a violation of the EULA that you agreed to when you purchased the system from me.

I have addressed the problems that a couple of customers were having and fixed them as I guarantee in my manuals.

I hate to see years of good service, hard work, honesty, and you telling people how my system works in a forum.

Again, you need to read the End Users License Agreement.  And you also need to remove any references that you have made about it from this forum.

If you want to put that you don't like it or you do like it that is fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but to those that are explaining it in this forum are illegal and you also know that I spent countless hours working with you to fix something that wasn't even a problem with the APS.

I greatly appreciate your buisness, and your good comments that have been posted. I also understand the negative ones also, but please do not post anything that will subject your work, mine, and other APS customers to possible hacking.

Thank you for understanding,

Posted on: 2:33 am on November 26, 2004

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