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Archived Message:

For 5.0

Boris Clair My understanding is that the "Expiry" feature now has only 3 choices. Never, a number of days or a number of times.

At the end of choices 2 and 3, if the reader has not bought a password he/she is sent to the sales page to be urged to buy one.

I would like a fourth choice: Free access to a few first free pages that "sell" him/her on the rest of the book like Amazon.

There might be a way to do it with versions prior to 5.0 but I have not found it.

Posted on: 4:36 pm on May 29, 2003
rlemire Although I'm somewhat of a novice myself, I believe you are confusing two different features of Activ eBook. The "Expiry" system allows complete access to your eBook for specified periods of time. If you set expiry to "Never" you can password protect specific pages. This  allows you to define FREE sections and a password protected sections.  Also I believe the current version of Activ eBook is 4.22

Posted on: 6:40 pm on June 1, 2003
Boris Clair Thanks for your input.

I am using the "never" feature with pages that are readable without password and I find it great. What I try to achieve is this, which is a marketing test:

I offer free access to all pages of the ebook for a few days. That's where I need the expiry feature. The problem is that at the end of this period I can no longer give access to the free pages.

The only choice for the reader is to order and pay for the password or only have access to the sales/order page. Or maybe I missed something...

I would like to give the reader a second chance to order, past the test period, with free access to the non protected pages which are both an introduction to the book and of course sales letters to other eBooks and software that I wrote.

Reading my first post however I realize that my request was not very clear.

Hope this is better :-)

In any event I would love to get as much input as possible from forum members on both the book itself and the marketing concept. The book is about Mind Building, the equivalent of body building for the mind, with tips on mood control, motivation and other things.

So feel free to download this eBook and test it free for up to 10 days at:




Posted on: 4:52 am on June 3, 2003
rlemire Hi Boris;

You missed the point of my last post. You are trying to use two different protection methods and they can't both be used at the same time.

1) The first protection method allows you to set the complete eBook to expire after a certain period of time or after being opened a set number of times.

2) The second protection method allows you to set some pages for FREE use and to password protect other pages.

I understand what you're trying to do and there is a solution.

ONE: You could compile your production into 2 eBooks.
AcalBookMindMasteringONE.exe and AcalBookMindMasteringTWO.exe
The first eBook could be set to never expire and the second eBook set to expire after i.e. 10 days. That way both eBooks would be free for 10 days. After 10 days only the first eBook would be free
The first eBook would link to the second eBook and your customer would never notice the switch. But it would require packaging both eBooks together in a zip file for distribution.

TWO: The second solution is a little more complicated. You could use Activ Script to store a file that keeps track of how many days the book has been in use.
By testing this file (with Activ Script) you could branch between a FREE section and a password protected section. This solution has the advantage of keeping your whole eBook in one file.

Of course the easiest solution is to only allow a portion of your eBook as FREE and password protect the rest.

Posted on: 5:06 am on June 5, 2003
Boris Clair Thanks a lot Rlemire,

I was just suggesting that version 5.0 add a third option: Give the reader the possibility to still have access to the free pages after the expiration date. Hope Sunil can make this miracle as he usually does :-)

I don't like option ONE you offer. zipping makes it unfriendly for most user and that's exactly what I want to avoid. Besides my books are about 1 MB and that's already a limit for dialup connection users, still the majority. Besides the exe files are already compacted so the gain of zipping would be minimum.

Opion TWO is more like it. Just that I have no idea how to make 2 sections that behave differently.

I already have some free and most password protected pages. All I would like is the option to give access to the free pages after the expiration date.

You can have a lookat:

Thanks again for your help.


Posted on: 5:39 am on June 5, 2003
rlemire Now I'm really embarrassed. I totally missed the fact that you were making a suggestion for a future upgrade. I get so involved in finding solutions to problems I sometimes miss the obvious.

Posted on: 3:53 pm on June 9, 2003
Boris Clair No problem! We all goof from time to time :-)

I believe this new feature would add flexibility in the marketing of eBooks. Hope it comes one day.

Thanks for your help.

Posted on: 9:58 pm on June 10, 2003
snowdog Might I recommend these changes:
1) Expires on a DATE
2) Expiration cripples the exe to some extent.  I have been able to roll back the date on my computer and continue using my ebook after the 'expiration'

Posted on: 3:07 am on September 12, 2003

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