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Archived Message:

Not even newbie - yet...

Lissu I'm looking for a solution for a specific problem - yesterday I found Active E-book Creator, which I downloaded. There are many good utilities! :-)

I posted an e-mail to the webmaster and got very friendly answers from Sunnil, but unfortunately this didn't solve my problem.

This is what I want to do:

1. I have a database containing lots of information.

2. Today I have published this data on a web and the visitor can see the info from an .asp-page, where they also via an combobox can choose what info to see.

3. I want to distribute CD:s with the same info but still keeping the possibility for the user to choose what items to see.

I now know that .asp-pages can't be used in an e-book, but is therer ANY other way to do this?

For the moment I have no knowledge in JavaScript - but if this could be the solution I would learn it.

All info would be highly appreciated.


Posted on: 9:32 am on March 16, 2003
KC *

(Edited by KC at 3:18 am on June 8, 2003)

Posted on: 11:45 am on March 16, 2003
Lissu Thanks for your reply!

The number om items could be quite many - maybe 100 000 - and the number of fields is about 10, searchable 3 or 4.... Do you think it would be possible?


Posted on: 11:54 am on March 16, 2003
KC *

(Edited by KC at 3:18 am on June 8, 2003)

Posted on: 12:01 pm on March 16, 2003
Lissu Unfortunately not, most of the users are connected via modem - and that's the reason why I've started to think about CD as a possibility.


Posted on: 12:08 pm on March 16, 2003
KC *

(Edited by KC at 3:19 am on June 8, 2003)

Posted on: 12:52 pm on March 16, 2003
Lissu This is a file used by genealogists, to search for ancestors born in a special area. I don't know the proper English name for it - in Swedish it's called "church books".

I could divide it in smaller parts, but then I have another question - can I in an ebook make a sort of menu page with comboboxes to choose page in the first step? This should really be a neater solution...

KC - you have been most helpful in this matter and I really appreciate it.


Posted on: 3:13 pm on March 16, 2003
EBookCompiler Some ideas

1. Using JS and/or the Activ Scirpt feature you could make a search form.  Generating the search results could be very slow unless you have some way to just pick out the matching records rather than examne every item

However if you know the possible searches before hand, and there ain't too manycombinations, or at least part of them, you could cheat. e.g. say if field 1, 2, 3  only have a relatively few combinations then you could make pre-made search results pages with all matches with all possible matches for these types of searches.  If field 4 is tougher, like a text wildcard search, say, you could make this result by fitlering out matches from your pre-made pages.  More complicated to code but this would solve the speed issue, probably.

2. Using the API you could write a DLL to search thi info. If the records are not too big (or the searchable fields at least) are not too big, this could be super fast as 100,000 records might fit into memory.  BUT the downside is you need C/C++ skills to do this

3. Put ASP/CGI/PHP pages on your site with this functionality.  Frame them into the ebook.  This would work - also if you already have them - no additional coding required - but requires user connects to Internet to use these functions. Don't forget to turn off automatically open Internet links in a new window.

4. Maybe some kind of Java applet ?  Downside is need java coding skills, plus you have the issue of different Java virtual machines, IE5.5 SP2 and later lacking Java compatibility, unless additional software is installed etc.  So you need to sort out exactly what users need to install, example, might be the Java run time from some time.

5. I am not sure, but I guess it might possible to do this in Flash.

Posted on: 4:07 pm on March 16, 2003
Lissu Thank you all for your information and I'm sorry that I haven't been able to post this reply for a while due to illness.

I have found that an e-book is not the solution for my problem, but this has made me interested to use e-book compiler for other issues.

So now I only have to learn how to create a book of my wishes. I have already started trying to create a Swedish.lng :-)

Posted on: 12:26 pm on April 13, 2003

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