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Archived Message:

Version 5 suggestions - was Some more wish list items:

Alaska I recently submitted some 'Feature Requests' to Sunil, but I thought I might post them online as well.  Give it a vote if you think it's worthwhile.

My (updated) Wish List:

1. A logo (an animated gif especially) in the upper right corner.  This would give the package a finished browser look.

2. A skins option.

3. A switch to turn off the users' Windows Browser color settings in the toolbar, custom or not.

4. A way to feed the returning password directly into the ebook, without the user cutting and pasting.  Accessing it from within the ebook would make the password ID and number transparent.

This next request regards the Activ password system. This system requires users to download the ebook first, and order a password based on the PC ID.

There is a different business model, however, that can also be very profitable.

Currently, every Activ ebook generates a unique user and password ID.   Multiple ebooks generate multiple IDs.

This system discourages buying multiple books in a shopping cart style, and impulse buying.  Each ebook must be downloaded first, and paid for individually.

5. I am proposing a compiler checkbox option that would instruct the generated ebooks to assign one unique user and password ID per machine, no matter what ebook is run. The ebooks themselves would use different passwords, but we would always know what password number to give them, because we know their ID.

This way, one user might be #345, and any book they download will need password #345.  They can order several books and pay for them from catalog pages, pay in advance, and get the password for each book with the book itself.

There's no need to test each book before buying, and it would allow more spontaneous purchasing.  That's important: visitors can select and purchase more books in one order.  Catalogs become possible, and impulse buying because of specials, discounts and buy-3-get-1-free type sales can be encouraged.

Making it easy to select several ebooks and pay for them all at once when the urge strikes the shopper would almost certainly increase sales.  It would also increase the standing of Activ as a world-class compiler of ebooks, and entire ebook libraries.

besides, I really need it!

best -

Posted on: 6:53 am on January 15, 2003
dreuby 1. Logo - nice idea, for you graphically-talented people!

2. Skins - is this for the compiler, or for the ebook? I always like programs with skins, but I never use any of the skins because I can't decide which one I like best! Would an ebook skin over-ride the users Win colour scheme when the book was maximized? Or have I got completely the wrong end of the stick?

3. Wouldn't ebook readers object to us fiddling with their colour settings?

4 and 5. I'm not this advanced yet, but from a readers point of view, 5 sounds good.

Posted on: 10:38 am on January 15, 2003
Alaska Hi Dianne -

Re: #2: That would be skins for each ebook.

Re: #3: I don't want to fiddle with the browser color settings as much as bar those settings from influencing the ebook.  But you're right; it's bad form to mess with a user's settings without permission.

As far as # 5 goes, it means the difference between selling books one at a time, or several in one purchase.  If we are to be viable online bookstores, we need this capability.

Dianne -  thanks for the opportunity to clarify.  I shall be more succinct in the future.

best -

Posted on: 5:07 pm on January 15, 2003
EBookCompiler Thank you taking the time to start this thread Roger.

I hope you don't mind - I changed the title

Anybody with additional suggestions/ideas/variations (or Roger if you have some more) please feel welcome, nay encouraged, to post.

I am not going to make a commitment on any particular item yet, as what might be included depends on a whole variety of factors including (but not limited to), time to implement, practicality, impact on the ebook run time, our commercial decisions.... but I would like to hear what everybody thinks

Posted on: 3:18 am on January 16, 2003
dreuby Skins - I think many authors and readers would like this option, but I imagine it would add to the size of the ebook. We'd probably have to think about producing two versions of a book, skinnable and non-skinnable, so that people with slower systems or who pay for access by the minute could download a smaller, non-skinnable version if they preferred.

Posted on: 12:12 pm on January 16, 2003
Kathy Here's my 'wish list':

Not that I'm complaining, but I could use a clearer, more concise, maybe a list of all the operators, etc. for the Activ script stuff -- or maybe a search... I seem to 'get lost' looking for script info pretty easily

An 'expire this ebook'  option for refunds, or 'unauthorized' users.

I love this compiler, and am just scratching the surface of what I can do with it....


Posted on: 12:12 am on January 24, 2003
Alaska Kathy, Sunil, et al. -

 I'm a help author by trade.  Naturally, I think every application needs more help.

 1) Yes, I think Activ could use more documentation.  It has a good start, but it needs all of the variable syntax spelled out, with examples for each.  But then, I'm biased that way.

 2) A 'shutdown' option for expired or unauthorized users is a good idea.  But, what would this function really entail?  It wouldn't have as much to do with the ebook, as much as software to keep a database of discontinued users, right?  All you would need in the ebook is a query to a server database to determine if the user is authorized.  If the value says 'no', don't open thereafter, until told otherwise.

 The task would be building the database, and having the book 'check in' to be sure it's a valid user (or at least, not an invalid one).  Unless you wanted to pay for a service to keep track of your discontinued users, if would make sense to build a database or recruit some help to write it.

You can do this already.  Perhaps including a tutorial on how to do it would be a solution.  But, that falls under documentation, doesn't it?

Ok, I've got two more small enhancements that would polish this jewel:

1) beefing up the icon to 256 colors.  16 colors looks awful tame on the modern desktops.

2) toolbar buttons that can evoke user-defined scripts and functions, html, or .js files.  

It's difficult to say which is more important to me, but I've given it a shot:

Version 5 suggestions from My Selfish Point of View:

1. A compiler option to assign one unique user and password ID per machine.

2. A way to feed the returning password directly into the ebook, without the user cutting and pasting.

3. A logo (an animated gif especially) in the upper right corner, for a finished browser look.

4. The ability handle frames with the Back and Forward buttons.

5. Toolbar buttons that can evoke user-defined scripts and functions, html, .js or activ script files.

6. A skins option, where the author can wrap their choice of graphic frames around the ebook.

7. Stepping up the icon palette to 256 colors.

8. Improved documentation.

9. A switch to disable the Windows/browser color settings from affecting the ebook colors.

There.  I know Sunil already has a list of TO-DOs, but I thought I'd do my part to supplement it....

 That's me... such a helpful guy.

best -


Posted on: 10:11 am on January 25, 2003
Carlos Here's my list...

A - Activ Script Files Statements

1. FILEOPENPROMPT(sv1,sv2,s3,s4,s5,s6,s7)
Displays the dialog prompting to Open a file.
sv1 is set 1 if a file was selected, 0 if not.
sv2 is set to contain the path to the file that was selected.
s3 is the title to use for the Open dialog box.
s4 is the folder that the Open dialog should initially display. If not exists display folder where eBook is running.
s5 specifies the File Type description to be used in the Open dialog.
s6 specifies the extension of the file to open, for example, txt.
s7 specifies if user can open other file types (0-no, 1-yes).

2. CREATEFOLDER(sv1,sv2,s3)
sv1 is set to 1 if the operation was successful, or 0 if not
sv2 is set to contain the path to create the folder. If omited, path is set to the eBook folder.
s3 is the folder name to be created.

3. FOLDEREAD(sv1,sv2,sv3,s4)
Get the contents of a folder (list of files).
sv1 is set to 1 if the operation was successful and files were found, or 0 if not
sv2 is set to contain the path of the folder. If omited, path is set to the eBook folder.
sv3 is set to the contents of the folder (the list of files).
s4 specifies the extension of the files to get info, for example, txt.
The list of files could be: {filename}{extension}{return}{linefeed}.

4. FOLDEREADPROMPT(sv1,sv2,sv3,s4)
Displays the dialog prompting to chose a folder to get its contents (list of files).
sv1 is set to 1 if the operation was successful and files were found, or 0 if not
sv2 is set to contain the path of the folder the user selected to get a list. Default path is set to the eBook folder.
sv3 is set to the contents of the folder (the list of files).
s4 specifies the extension of the files to get info, for example, txt.
The list of files could be: {filename}{extension}{return}{linefeed}.

5. FOLDEREXIST(sv1,s2)  
Tests if a folder exists.
sv1 is set to 1 if the folder exists, 0 if not.
s2 contains the folder name.  

6. FILEWRITE with an option to append the text at the end of file.

B - Other

1. Option to change the tool tips text.
Example: The About button displays "Display information about this E-Book".
What if I want to use the compiler to distribute an HTML application only and not an E-Book?
The Activ E-Book Compiler can be used for other things than just E-Books!

2. Display minimize icon window when using an initial custom window size and non resizable.

3. More security options for copy and print. Allow copy and print only after users entering a password.

... and more to come


Posted on: 8:14 am on January 26, 2003
EBookCompiler You can already do B1

Edit the menu description in Edit Language

Posted on: 10:34 pm on January 27, 2003

Quote: from EBookCompiler on 10:34 pm on Jan. 27, 2003[br]You can already do B1

Edit the menu description in Edit Language

Thanks for the tip...
I missed that on the eBook help, although I've read it all

BTW, the dialog window to change the language "Edit Language File" could have an option to maximize it, as it has small area to check "Purpose" and "Values". Just another for the "wish list"

I discovered also a way to open text files with a prompt, by using the "input type=file". I'm doing some tests and then I'll post it here. Anyway the FILEOPENPROMPT would be a great feature.


Posted on: 9:19 am on January 28, 2003
Carlos This is more to give some credibility/protection to the Activ E-Book Compiler:

A malicious user can create an eBook to corrupt systems files as INIWRITE and FILEWRITE currently allows you to save files with any extension.

I think these statements could limit the file types to save in the future release to avoid system file corruption:
- INIWRITE: Alow to save only .INI, .AS and .TXT
- FILEWRITE: Allow to save only .TXT, .HTM/L, .AS, .CSV


Posted on: 9:20 pm on January 29, 2003
Carlos More Activ Script Statements for the wish list:

Gets all key names from an application name in an INI file.
sv1 is the value retrieved from the INI file (a key name per line or in a csv format)
s2 is the name of the INI file.
s3 is the application name in the INI file to retrieve the key names.
s4 is the value to retrieve if the application name is not present. If omitted and the application is not present, then sv1 will be set to an empty string.

Gets all key names and values from an application name in an INI file.
sv1 is the value retrieved from the INI file (an array of key names + values)
s2 is the name of the INI file.
s3 is the application name in the INI file to retrieve the key names.
s4 is the value to retrieve if the application name is not present. If omitted and the application is not present, then sv1 will be set to an empty string.

Test if an application name exists in an INI file.
sv1 is set to 1 if the application exists, 0 if not
s2 is the name of the INI file.
s3 is the application name in the INI file.

Test if a key exists in an INI file.
sv1 is set to 1 if the key exists, 0 if not
s2 is the name of the INI file.
s3 is the application name in the INI file.
s4 is the key name of the application name in the INI file to test if exists.

Deletes a key from an application name in a INI file.
sv1 is set to 1 if the operation is successful, or 0 if not
s2 is the name of the INI file.
s3 is the application name in the INI file.
s4 is the key name of the application name in the INI file to be deleted.

Deletes an application name and all its keys in a INI file.
sv1 is set to 1 if the operation is successful, or 0 if not.
s2 is the name of the INI file.
s3 is the application name in the INI file.


Posted on: 9:24 pm on January 29, 2003

A malicious user can ... *etc*

I agree the scenario is possible, but I think my view point is somewhat different.  A malicious author could potentially do lots of things - because the author of the ebook is essentially distributing Windows programs (EXE files).  There are probably other malicious things an author could do, and if they used the API or RUNing an external program they could basically do anything they were able to program in C++


A malicious author could also do nasty things using Visual Basic, or Delphi or C++, etc. to create an EXE which did some malicious action then distributing that. Infact you could probably even do some malicious action using an install program generator (so no programming would even be required by the evil person)

My view is when an author distributes a program (including ebooks), he or she is responsible for what it does, explaining it properly, and acting responsibility.  He or she is also responsible for the actions he/she takes, and owes at least a moral duty of trust, that to his users/readers.

(to be fair, I also think that users have responsibility in reviewing products details, licenses etc. before they download).

Frankly, I am of the opinion, that it is not our job (the ebook compiler's job) to attempt to police this relationship between authors and their users.  Any more than it is the job of a C++. Visual Basic, Delphi, etc. compiler to check the programming is only doing "nice things" (and who decides what is "nice"?)

I believe this is somewhat different from the security considerations built into web browsers. Malicious HTML, JavaScripts on web pages,  and Java Applets are not supposed to mess up or crash your computer [although some can thanks to bugs in web browsers].

The reason I believe this is different, is when surfing the web you pass thru many pages just do see what's on them, some you don't really positively choose to view, and some even come up automatically (popups etc.).  Therefore when surfing anything you encounter is probably by default "untrusted"  (although you may later take a decision to allow "trusted" sites to do more such as run ActiveX controls etc - i.e. you made a positive decision to trust the content)

In the case of an EXE file (an ebook or some other program), the user is making a positive decision to put it on their system (by downloading or installing from CD-ROM etc).  In this case the relationship is between the author of the EXE and the user of it.  Our compiler is a tool (one of many possible) tools for making EXE programs, not for policing authors.

Posted on: 12:54 am on January 30, 2003
Carlos Sunil,

You're right... forget my suggestion about limiting file types for INIWRITE and FILEWRITE.


Posted on: 1:31 am on January 30, 2003
Carlos If it's not difficult to implement, give option to select wich files to use HTML high security and HTML low security.

The main advantage I see is the possibility to have High and Low security HTML files in same book.
Low security would allow to use modal and pop-ups windows to display HTML low security files. This allow for example to:
1. Pop-up a window to subscribe a newsletter;
2. Pop-up a help
3. Pop-up an About window

I know that is possible to do this now with the trick you told me in other post, but it's an idea for those users that have low knowledge about Activ script.


Posted on: 5:53 pm on February 8, 2003
Steven Smith My two cents:

I would like to see a change in the Rebrander. I would like to be able to have to different setting for the variables one that anyone could change and one that would require a password to change.


I would like to offer a free ebook that has several links that anyone could brand with the Rebrander. In this same ebook I would like to have other links that could only be branded after the user paid a small fee.

Posted on: 7:03 pm on February 16, 2003
KC *

(Edited by KC at 3:43 am on June 8, 2003)

Posted on: 11:09 am on February 17, 2003
EBookCompiler fredn's wish list (copied from another thread)

Wish List:

1. I am not sure I have the most current version and would like a place somewhere on the website showing what most current compiler version.  

2.   I would like to see the ability to build the compiled exe from html files in subdirectories - instead of the one directory structure of version 4.22.

3. Smaller compiled exe (After creating a exe I then zipped it and it was much smaller - so just hoping to have a smaller executable without having to zip it).

4. Ability to read the contents of an external text file that can be included with the compiled exe - of which this text file is encrypted.  (Reason - I want to create a ebook Test where I could store the answers in a encrypted text file that is readable from within the compiled ebook to fetch the answers.

5. Ability to use a gif or jpg file for the splash logo.  Currently - or at least in version 4.22 I am only able to use bmp files.

6. Ability to use other graphics for the Menu Icons i.e.(Home, Stop, Refresh, etc).

7.  Possibly making the compiler independent of the necessatiy of having a browser installed on the computer.



Posted on: 12:50 am on February 24, 2003
EBookCompiler To fredn:

1. You already have this

Version on your computer - go to Help/About in the compiler

Latest version to download (shown on our download pagewww.ebookcompiler.com)

6. See

Posted on: 12:54 am on February 24, 2003
taura It would suit me if I could compile a java application as an .exe file like a jave.exe file in Active eBook format.

That would help me.  I have not idea though whether I am asking for an icebox-or a furnace-for an icecream!

Posted on: 10:07 pm on February 24, 2003
bizzydays Hi,

Just one or two things I'd like to see in the next release of Activ Ebook Compiler...nothing of MAJOR importance (apart from the security leak), but a few things that would be handy...

- The ability to list the files contained in the ebook (under the 'Files' tab) by name, file type, and so on (by clicking the field header, for example).

- The ability to 'exclude ALL', 'password protect ALL', 'pre processor ALL' etc. In some cases I have more pages to exclude than include. An option to exclude them all and then re-include those I want would save time.

- The ability to refresh the page titles as per the updated HTML file (at the moment if I change the page title in Front Page, I have to change it again inside Activ).

- The option to switch off the extra security measure that blocks copy/paste in other programs while an Activ-made ebook is open.

- A fix to the known security bug in Activ Ebook. I won't explain the security leak here (no point in telling everyone about it), but it's very simple to copy the text from an Activ-compiled ebook when you know how. I know that the developers are aware of the bug, so I'm sure that it will be a priority for the next release.

- Greater personalization of the search results page to allow integration into the look and feel of the rest of the ebook.

- The ability to have the print or copy function disactivated in demo and activated (if you wish) once the user enters a password.


Michael Hopkins

Posted on: 9:48 pm on March 1, 2003
harv Wish list feature:

When a rebrandible ebook is updated then our current
customers (rebranders) need to run the branding
process all over again, which can be time consuming
(and prone to error) if you have a lot of fields.

You need to run the old brander, and copy out the
fields somewhere, then re-input them.

A method to do this would be an import/export feature
i.e to export the branding fields to a file from the
old version and import them to the new.

Harvey Segal

Posted on: 10:09 am on March 18, 2003
KC *

(Edited by KC at 3:42 am on June 8, 2003)

Posted on: 5:10 pm on April 8, 2003
EBookCompiler Lots of good ideas, keep em coming

> 'password protect ALL', 'pre processor ALL'

are available already. Look under All Files on Edit menu.

Posted on: 4:33 pm on April 10, 2003
KC *

(Edited by KC at 3:44 am on June 8, 2003)

Posted on: 7:31 pm on April 10, 2003
EBookCompiler The 2nd one can already be changed using the Language Editor (see Advanced Features in the Help)

Posted on: 1:44 am on April 11, 2003
KC *

(Edited by KC at 3:44 am on June 8, 2003)

Posted on: 10:01 am on April 11, 2003
Carlos Hi,

1. getURL function similar to the one used on Flash that allows you to send data to a server by using GET or POST and retrieve the results into a variable.

2. The ability to check if user is connected to internet.


(Edited by Carlos at 3:41 am on July 8, 2003)

Posted on: 3:33 am on July 8, 2003
Alaska Here's another feature that would enhance Activ - the ability to thoroughly customize the Search Results page.  For instance, WebCompiler provides three html files that you can customize, to create a unique search results page.  The header file, the body, which repeats with each record, and the footer file.

 You can place the URL, the Title, index number, and a 256-char description in the page, for each found topic.

 I built some gorgeous tables with the output, until I found that the dynamically generated output was constrained to the one frame.  I couldn't pass the search list out of the proprietary window.  And, you can't write a file with WebCompiler, and the cookies it creates are limited to the single page that wrote it.

 I couldn't use Activ, as the project depended heavily on a multiple folder structure for the xml and search routines  (I have my own).  Also, I needed my Forward and Back buttons in this frame-heavy project.

 So, throughout my various projects, I use several different compilers.  But, not one has all the features I need, although some, like Activ, comes pretty darned close.

 best -



Posted on: 12:05 am on July 16, 2003
HalinaGold Hi

To me, these are important:

1. The reader should be able to print the entire ebook with one click

2. Possibility of specifying how you want your files sorted.
I know almost nothing about HTML or Active Script, so I can't say how this could be done... but I am thinking of a new optional tag/variable of a kind.
Let's say I have 3 files, file 1 has title "ccc", file 2 has title "aaa", file 3 has title "bbb".
If there was an optional tag, let's call it ActiveSort, I could specify
  ActiveSort="0001" in file 1
  ActiveSort="0002" in file 2
  ActiveSort="0003" in file 3
and the files would then be sorted by ActiveSort and not by title.
Which of course isn't necessary if you only have 3 files, but if you have 100+ (I do) then you really might need it.

Thank you


Posted on: 10:33 pm on July 21, 2003
Alaska   Halina -

  Being able to sort the files in Activ's interface is a nice idea.  I usually try to name my files with prefixes to indicate groups, to help sort them out.  Sometimes, I'm not that organized.

 But, the ability to 'Print All' is a function you can add yourself - JavaScript can do it, and it can be evoked from a link or button on the ebook page itself.  The only disadvantage is that the author can't add the function to the toolbar.

One of my early 'wish list' posted items #2, was "toolbar buttons that can evoke user-defined scripts and functions, html, or .js files"...

 So, I suspect that having a customizable button that called the script is what you need... and I'm looking forward to Sunil's next release (pressure, pressure!).

 best -


Posted on: 9:44 pm on July 25, 2003
HalinaGold Hi Roger

Thanks for the feedback.
I (and, consequently, my readers too :-)) would be greatful if you could show me the exact script that can print all pages -
Thanks a lot!

Posted on: 7:33 am on July 28, 2003
Alaska Hi Halina -

 It's on it's way.  I've sent it to your (e)mail@ address.

best -


Posted on: 9:14 am on July 28, 2003
HalinaGold Although it is very kind of Roger to share the script with me, I still hope Sunil will include the Print All with One Click feature in version 5...
It will make things much easier for us all...

Thank you!


Posted on: 9:35 pm on July 29, 2003
Neenah13 I've just a small request for more and different icons to use when compiling the book. There seems to be so many I would never want to use as they don't fit the tone of my books.  Seems a petty request, but when it's the first thing one views to start the book, I think it should fit it somehow.

I suppose one could make one's own . . . but does that take talent, an expensive program and how would one add them in? Just drag and drop to the icon folder? Or are we limited to just what's there?

I also like the suggestion for 256 colors The colors of the icons would be better for it, certainly. The logo wish is good too.


Posted on: 7:38 am on September 12, 2003
snowdog Sorry for the cross post, but I wanted to get this in here...

Might I recommend these changes:
1) Expires on a DATE
2) Expiration cripples the exe to some extent.  I have been able to roll back the date on my computer and continue using my ebook after the 'expiration'

Posted on: 3:06 pm on September 12, 2003
EBookCompiler Thanks for comments, noted/appreciated

Regarding icons Neenah.  You can also make your own additional icons up in an icon editor. Check previous icon discussions for links to free software for making icons. Put the icons in any subfolder under the ICONS directory, we recommend My Icons.

Posted on: 6:46 pm on September 12, 2003
Carlos Hi,

More wish features:

1. Ability to have predefined functions or variables to let us know:
a) How many times the book was opened
b) How many days the book is being used
c) How many days/uses to a trial expire
d) Did trial expired? Like the {iscorrectpassword}

2. Ecrypt .as (Activ Script) files to avoid "code stolen".
I'm currently using most of my Activ Script code inside HTML but some code cannot be used in HTML files like the "While".

More to come...


Posted on: 7:24 pm on September 12, 2003
Neenah13 Thanks for your response, Sunil. Where would I find those posts? I did a search, but, obviously, I haven't the faintest idea of what to use for keywords. Icons and Icon creators didn't do it.  


Posted on: 4:01 am on September 19, 2003
EBookCompiler http://www.ebookfriends.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard/topic.cgi?forum=1&topic=374

Posted on: 5:38 am on September 22, 2003
GuidingLight I would like to see more security options, such as not creating a temp file, but rather loading from memory for smaller ebooks anyway, I know this can be done as I've seen in other ebook creation software.

Also maybe have different password options such as username and password along with one user one computer as it is now.

Another suggestion would be a wizard type interface for creating custom toolbars for the ebooks created, maybe using dhtml or something along those lines.

Also the ability to set any html page as the start page in the ebook, rather than the file having to be named index.html

Avtive Ebook is a great piece of kit for a great price, keep up the good work, I use mine to create html/javascript programs rather than ebooks, there so many ways you c an use it

(Edited by GuidingLight at 4:56 am on Oct. 2, 2003)

Posted on: 4:28 pm on September 30, 2003
april thunder These are really nice suggestions!  As for the security aspect, I would think that authors would appreciate a way for automatically incrementing serial numbers that are embedded in the ebook (this is on top of the sequential "numbering" of the EXE files being churned out) when multiple ebooks are compiled). Or is there a way to do this already? I'm not so good at using the other advanced features of Active Script yet...

Posted on: 1:07 pm on October 7, 2003
ebookmaker I would like the software to compile all the files into one .exe file and run it from there not a temp file..

The ability to password protect pages with more than one password. This would be useful if people want to sell multiple access levels to their ebooks.

The ability to customise the brander with our icons and text.

.... and more active script options if possible would also be nice

Posted on: 11:56 pm on October 9, 2003
Peter East Java Console.
Although Java Applets are supported, the Java Console as in most Browsers isnt. The Java console is an important feature in normal Browsers for outputing interactive applet generated design data. Applets do not permit writing files which would also satisfy this requirement.
The work-around is to open the applets in a new window ( the pc browser). Unfortunately this then puts the applet in a temporary directory on the hard drive which then becomes openly available ( and remain) outside the ebook.
My urgent request is therefore for a Java Console or something similar so that ebook applets can be protected.

Posted on: 9:14 am on November 5, 2003
Librum I already sent two suggestions via email.  Now I have a third, and a 'dumb' question.

My first suggestion was to allow us to change the name of the file placed on the hd.  It is easy to find, and people can just delete it to reset an expiry type security.  Done it.

The second question ties into the first.  In the input box for the new file name/string, put a checkbox.  Checkbox would indicate to the compilor that the text file, if it exists, should be used, with the data appended in the end.  This way I could tuck inside a rarely used ini file I am thinking of, and it would cause no damage.

Third, a batch function.  I release my suite of ebooks on cd.  But on each revision, I have to recompile all the ebooks.  So being able to 'batch', something like:
ccwebook.exe proj1.aep
ccwebook.exe proj2.aep
ccwebook.exe proj3.aep
would be a real time saver.

Now for the dumb question.  As I release in suite form, I want to use the same esbn, and am.  This way the same password works on all.  Or so I think.  Am still testing this.  Am I way off base?

Posted on: 1:08 pm on December 1, 2003

Now for the dumb question.  As I release in suite form, I want to use the same esbn, and am.  This way the same password works on all.  Or so I think.  Am still testing this.  Am I way off base?

If they have the same ESBN, and the same set of passwords, yes that should work.

I think you better check that you don't have two different ebooks with same ESBN running at the same time (or it could cause a problem).  I think with recent versions it should be okay, as the compiler, won't allow it - but double check to be sure.

Posted on: 6:16 pm on December 28, 2003
Carlos Another one:

A function to "remove" the password from the eBook, in other words, ability to unregister a registered eBook.

This could be used in conjunction with a script routine to disable the book when a refund is requested.


(Edited by Carlos at 12:36 am on Dec. 29, 2003)

Posted on: 9:07 pm on December 28, 2003
Librum Correct, same esbn causes problems.  I am not sure what happerns, that is from field reports.  From my postmortim tests, it seems to scramble the ans2000.ini file.

Solution was to 'save as', keeping pw list, and then gave new esbn.  I also switched to the number of openings system.  The time elapse system seems to have trouble, with/without

Also means I had to resend new CDs to registered users.  Ach!

Posted on: 12:22 am on December 29, 2003
HalinaGold I would like to be able to add my own button(s) to the toolbar, so that I wouldn't have to create additional navigation bars inside the book.

Thank you

Posted on: 9:45 pm on January 25, 2004
EBookCompiler Same ESBN, should be problems... figured out why nobody ever sees them, I think (this is not fact but a theory)

In very old versions of the compiler, if any ebook is running -- you can't start another one at the same time.

In more recent versions of the compiler, if the *same* ebook is running, when you try to start another copy of the ebook, the previously running copy is activated instead.

Now if 2 different ebooks have the same ESBN, it stands to reason, that you won't be able to run them at the same time (as the compiler thinks they are the same ebook)... hence there is potential for a problem... but it never can occur.  Probably.

Posted on: 4:37 pm on February 16, 2004
Neenah13 I'd like to see a Move Up and Move Down function so I can arrange the files in the correct order. As it is, my index page, intro pages and such are at the end, or in the middle, of the book. Using Next-Previous doesn't make sense for me for most of my stuff.


Posted on: 6:49 am on February 26, 2004
Alaska Neenah -

 That's already there - use the Files tab, and select an html page from the list.

Your blue Move Up and Move Down buttons in the toolbar become enabled - and you can rearrange the files as you need.

Posted on: 7:35 am on February 26, 2004
Neenah13 Well . . . look at that . . . So, it is.

Can I claim old age . . . lack of sleep . . . blindness . . . stupidity . . . ?

Okay, I'm slinking off to rework my picture book . . . thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


Posted on: 11:43 pm on February 26, 2004
JohnDodson Folder Directory support

Hi Sunil and all,
Sorry I've been away so long but I've been working a lot.

Anyway, I haven't seen a suggestion for this yet so I thought you may give the new version, if possible, Folder Directory support.

It would be nice to be able to seperate files into other folders.  Even better would be to have the ability to put an "Author Permission" on them or at least one folder.

This way I could put my graphics into a folder and protect them (from the majority of users).


Really looking forward to find out what your gonna cook up for us.

Posted on: 3:20 am on March 6, 2004
Neenah13 Having been awakened to the fact the Move Up and Down feature is there . . . . and now having had the opportunity to use it on a couple of books with 100 and nearly 200 html pages respectively, the means to move a block of files up or down would be wonderful. Plus the ability to right click, hold and hurry the file up or down. I did find the Move to the top and bottom feature helpful, but still, it took quite a long time to click those pages in order.  

Not sure why they were so very out of order in the first place since I tried to name the pages so they'd end up in order.

Posted on: 11:41 pm on March 16, 2004
Storyman Please consider greater latitude in the color scale that can be used with icons. The current 16-color restriction makes things look dated.

What would even be better is to add scripting that determines the available screen color palette and loads the appropriate icon.

Posted on: 5:55 pm on July 21, 2004
rprosser The ability to invoke the compiler internally would be nice, perhaps via the command line like WebCompiler, or Activ Script. Then I would be able to create a generator likewww.MakeYourOwnSoftware,.com!

Posted on: 4:01 pm on September 15, 2004
rprosser The ability to create a pop-up window that does not rely on an external browser would be useful. Seehttp://www.ebookfriends.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard/topic.cgi?forum=1&topic=514for further details. Ideally this should be able to contain Javascript and Activ Script, like a normal page.

Posted on: 12:11 pm on September 17, 2004
Storyman I see from the Version 5 Beta page (listed in this forum) that there are plans to have a customizable search results page.

What I'd like to see is an input text box on the menu bar and the results appearing in a drop down menu. Also, the results should remain until the next search.

The difficulty with the current search page is that the user needs to constantly use the back button to see the search results. If the search results appeared in a drop down menu, then the user could quickly navigate from page to page without losing the search results.

(Edited by Storyman at 3:13 pm on Feb. 4, 2005)

Posted on: 10:44 pm on February 4, 2005


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