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Archived Message:

security of ebook

Cheryl I posted to another thread, but it was either edited out or I didn't complete the post...at any rate, I wanted to know if anyone can help me with the security factor, besides passwords and besides copyrighting, which we know copyright infringement is one of the most abused issues, both on the net and everywhere else...

I see a lot of talk about encryption and just would like to know if I am okay to put a link on my site to my password protected ebook or if I should be thinking encryption as well?  

If I encrypt, then will a reader need 2 passwords?  One for encryption and one issued at the compiling level?  Or do I really need to encrypt?

Also, WHY should I upload the entire book to the site, that is what I am reading should be done?  Just a link does show the file of origin on my computer, is that the reason?  And just because it does that, does that mean anything?  

I keep having to apologize for being green, and I'm sorry again,


Posted on: 9:53 pm on November 14, 2002
auctioneer Hello! I guess you really bring to light what many of us e-authors dread - theft of our work!

I would caution you against making your e-book and/or delivery system too secure for your legitimate buyers.

I think copyright registration is a must. This is so that if you ever catch someone pilfering your work, you can sue for relief, if you have the time, energy, and upfront cash for legal expenses.

As far as passwords for the actual work (e-book) itself, I think the setup Sunil has incorporated into the program is sufficient on the distribution side. When used in conjunction with a provider like Clickbank, I think you're doing pretty good! If you are using, say 1,000 different passwords for the book, you significantly reduce the chance of password sharing.

Alternatively, there is a free CGI Perl script atwww.cgi-toolboxthat generates passwords to a protected folder on the fly and mails them to your buyer. The buyer/downloader is the only one who can get the file. This handles the distribution, but not the work itself. Also, you have to work a payment scheme. Possibly Clickbank?

In your suggestion, I think it would be major drag for a buyer to need two passwords. For example, what if he loses it? Are you going to keep track of them? Are you going to individually create different 2nd passwords for everyone? After all buyer A can give it (his password) to Freeloader B if you don't.

I think that if you design a simplistic system that you feel comfortable with and is totally automated, you are way ahead of the game.

For the sake of completeness, there is another ebookcompiler (I won't mention it here out of respect to Sunil) that verifies the ebook belongs to the user. If not, it can be deactivated on the spot. However, it costs a whole lot more money than Activ Ebook Compiler!!!

Hopefully, this has been of help to you!

Posted on: 3:04 am on November 16, 2002
auctioneer I totally forgot to respond to your other question! I'm not sure if I totally understood your question, but I'll try anyway.

Whenever you are making a file, say a ebook, available for download it must be located on a server (your ISP). It is just like a web page - you are making the page available for download ... to a browser.

Any resource that is hyperlinked, whether it is your e-book or a web page, needs to have a link specified. Obviously, if everyone knew where your link to your e-book was located, they could download it without paying for it. Thus, you need a way to secretly and securely redirect your buyers to it after they pay.

There are many, many, many ways to do this. If you are new to this whole redirect topic, I would suggest using Clickbank and their setup for your distribution.

Hopefully, this answered your question, if not please clarify the topic so I can restate my answer.

Posted on: 3:13 am on November 16, 2002
Cheryl Hello,

Thank you very much for your response.  I understand a few more things now.  Especially the uploading of the ebook to my site.  That's important, and I'll forget about considering encryption.  I agree that it would be a major "drag."  Some e-authors on a yahoo site were talking about encryption a lot for a few days and it began to make me a little nervous.

I did sign up with ClickBank.  Annnnnnd I found a really great techie who is coming to help me go live next week.  Then I can ask lots of questions of him that I'm not sure how to ask here.

I'm very excited about this.  Now that I have some live help coming I feel a little less anxious about what I may do wrong in going live.  Or is it getting published?  

I think what I will do, as soon as I am sure I am all done and before I go live, is get copyrighted or get started on it, anyway.

(PS-I tried to learn Perl once...it was required on a professional chat board I was on years ago....I tried hard but never got a word in...LOL) Either did many others I'm afraid... they closed it down after a few months...Perl is probably user friendly now...I'm not real compatible with HTML either.  I'm VERY good at cut and paste, however...   )

Thank you for your kindness...I appreciate your help very much.

Posted on: 4:41 am on November 16, 2002
auctioneer You are welcome!

Good Luck with your e-book?

Posted on: 6:42 pm on November 16, 2002

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