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Archived Message:

Printing trouble

Edwood Hi,

I've just received a message from a reader who says that she's trying to print off some pages in one of my ebooks, but they're coming out blank. In fact, they're not even fully blank. In her own words, "When I've tried to print, I get everything on the page except the text!"

This is actually the second time I've come across this problem. Last time was a different book.

One thing worth noting is that the page background is left at 'default' (i.e. it's not set to white or any other color) and the text is black.

I'm really stumped on this one. Anyone got any ideas?



Posted on: 11:58 pm on November 5, 2002
tettettester How I discovered Activ was being one of similiar customers -- turns out my requests to the seller also led to the discovery they didnt know how to turn printing on, either. Hence my desire to test out the software. Have you figured it out yet? The person I bought my ebook from was so confused she felt it was just the way the software (Activ) comes. Is this true?
Enquiring minds would like to know.

Posted on: 1:06 pm on December 24, 2002
EBookCompiler Try starting Internet Explorer, View or Tools then Options or Internet Options and fiddle with the printer settings in there

Posted on: 3:06 am on December 27, 2002
tettettester Sunil -- Hard to believe you're a tech on this product. "Fiddle with printer options"?? The program does not print multiple pages, PERIOD. You Know That.  Nor does it allow blocking and copying to the clipboard.  What confuses me is why your company is trying to turn a product which is basically good for a two-page marketting ad, into something it is not, like e-book software. And then make all the usual Techie "see-no evil, hear no evil, its the other guy's fault" excuses. Grow up people. stop ripping people new to the industry off.

Posted on: 1:18 pm on January 4, 2003
EBookCompiler Edwood, I stand by my original comment, unless you have more info to share - you might also want to read the bit below beginning "This suggests..."


tettettester, I think you need to calm down. There are also some misunderstandings that I feel compelled to correct:

> Sunil -- Hard to believe you're a tech on this product.

I am the author of Activ E-Book Compiler software.
My company, Answers 2000 Limited also owns this web site.

> "Fiddle with printer options"?? The program does not print multiple pages, PERIOD. You Know That.

Yes, and we have never hidden that. It prints the current HTML page just like a web browser.

This is explained in the Help - and can also be seen by printing from our Help e-book or e-books created with the free trial version.

However, this does not seem to be the problem that Edwood is asking about: "When I've tried to print, I get everything on the page except the text!"

This suggests a problem with the printer settings, lack of memory in the printer, something wrong with the printer driver, Windows printer settings etc. I also have heard that some versions of IE do sometimes seem to struggle on certain printers with certain pages. With no detailed information about all these variables, I am simply guessing - but changing the print options in IE (for example not printing the background etc.) might help.

> Nor does it allow blocking and copying to the clipboard.

It does allow copying to the clipboard. Select the text, then do copy.

In the registered version copy can be disabled from the Edit Security dialog box.

> What confuses me is why your company is trying to turn a product which is basically good for a two-page marketting ad, into something it is not, like e-book software.

Our own Help e-book is considerably larger than two pages (over 100 pages)

Many users' ebooks are larger than "two-page marketting ad". I have seen many ebooks by users - some are large, some small, some absolutely massive... and some users' ebooks are absolutely SUPERB in content and/or presentation and/or interactive facilities.  Of course, not all are superb, it depends on the skill of the author.

The ebooks produced with Activ E-Book Compiler are Windows programs - if you are looking for "digital paper", for example for printing the whole thing out in one go, as you seem to be, then maybe use PDF.

Again we have never hidden this - see for example
(and you'll notice that is our company's site too)

> And then make all the usual Techie "see-no evil, hear no evil, its the other guy's fault" excuses. Grow up people. stop ripping people new to the industry off.

Nobody is being ripped off

Our software has FREE version, which can be used to produce usable e-books, and no time limits

If you want the option of the additional features, you have the option to register for $29.95. Other HTML to EXE compilers charge more (often with no free trial) - for example, one competitor charges $197 for their compiler, plus a fee per e-book that you distribute after you reach a certain number of copies.

We also explicitly ask people NOT to register until they have tried the free version and made an e-book using it, it clearly tells people this in the ordering process.

For those people who do register, we also clearly publish, on more than one page of our site, plus an e-mail that goes to EVERY customer, that if you register and not satisified, or simply change your mind, contact us within 30 days, and we'll give your money back.  If you want this, tettettester, e-mail us at webmaster@ebookcompiler.com including name/receipt number/etc.

If you do register, we have NEVER charged for upgrades to new versions - and we have released 4 major upgrades (2.0x, 3.0x, 4.0x, 4.2x) and some additional minor upgrades, since we started selling the software.

We also have several FREE web sites to help people including this one,www.ebookapprentice.comwww.ebookinterviews.comwww.ebookcode.com

Basically to summarize to you, tettettester:

1. If you are using the free version of our software and don't like it, I'm sorry you don't like it - but nobody is forcing you to use it. There are alternatives. Different people like different programs, for different reasons. This is why we offer a FREE version to try out before you buy anything. I see from other posts that you are using/trying PDF - if you prefer that for your particular project(s), fine.  Every different software product has (different) limitations and features, choose the one that suits your goals best.

2. If you are using the registered version, and are not satisified, we will refund you. Email: webmaster@ebookcompiler.com with your name, date of purchase (if known), and receipt/ticket number. I don't know who you, and whether you've paid, so I can't do anything without this information.

3. I do NOT like your tone in your last post, or the level of aggression ("Grow up people.", "stop ripping people ... off" ) that I feel is present, and I do NOT consider it appropriate for this board.

4. Just so you know, I have looked over ALL your posts on this board. If your sole purpose on this board is to rant about how much you don't like our software, you are welcome to your opinion, but it ain't the purpose of this board
- if using the free version: see point 1
- if you paid to register: see point 2

On-topic posts which help others, or are comments, suggestions, discussion, debate, even criticisms are welcome on this board.  If you can live within this, then I encourage you to continue to participate in this board, whether or not you use our company's software. Thank you in advance for your understanding and anticipated cooperation.

Posted on: 4:16 am on January 5, 2003
KC *

(Edited by KC at 3:59 am on June 8, 2003)

Posted on: 6:17 pm on January 10, 2003
EBookCompiler I haven't tried it... and don't know if it will make a difference

I suspect it may not in this case, if the original problem is related to a printer driver or memory

A good tip

I am not a JavaScript expert, but I think what you see here is a button which hides itself, invokes print, then shows itself

When entering this code, replace the < and > sequence with less-than and greater-than symbols respectively

Posted on: 12:33 am on January 13, 2003
dreuby Could this simply be lack of printer memory? Our HP4L can't cope with printing pages that have lots of graphics - it prints parts of the page, and leaves others blank. Our Kyocera has much more memory, and no trouble printing the same pages from the same PC.

Author: Searching the Web (more than 2 pages)
Author: Make Your Site Sticky (lots more than 2 pages)
Co-author: First Website Builder (4 e-book package)
No complaints with how Activ coped with producing these ebooks - thanks Sunil!

(Edited by dreuby at 10:44 am on Jan. 13, 2003)

Posted on: 10:43 am on January 13, 2003
KC *

(Edited by KC at 3:59 am on June 8, 2003)

Posted on: 6:08 pm on January 13, 2003
Alaska Hi.  I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I'd speak up:  

First, Mr. Tettettester, truly Enquiring Minds would find that the printing functionality for the generated ebook can be turned on and off in Activ.  Your ebook author may have unknowingly turned it off.

If the ebook page uses frames or iframes, or uses the body.overflow property, or any number of other things, it may not print as expected. It may not print correctly from a regular browser either, in which case one would check the Printer settings.

Printing multiple pages can be handled in Activ the same as you would on a web site.  Create a JavaScript function that prints the pages you want, and add a print button to the page or navigation frame.

Second, Activ can indeed allow or disallow copying and pasting of content.  It's the "Allow users to copy" checkbox.  I know - Sunil already mentioned this.

Third, as far as viability is concerned: Activ has handled everything I've thrown at it, with style...  Activ has successfully compiled over 1,880 html files (some huge) into a single ebook, with frames, images, JavaScript, DHTML, Flash, XML, you name it, all without choking.

I often find that those who complain loudest are those who know the least about the subject.  I suspect that Mr. Tettettester is one of these, or someone with an unstated and unhelpful agenda.

best -

Posted on: 6:46 am on January 15, 2003

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