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Archived Message:

External Popups

TonyM I compiled an eBook on 4.22 on Win XP (IE 6). It works fine and my javascripted popups, pop up outside the ebook and are populated with the html pages I created for them.

I then moved the eBook to my laptop which has Win 98 (IE5) and it all works except although my external popups do pop up, there is not sign of the contents, just "cannot find server" and "page could not be displayed".

Based on comments on another thread I have tried dropping the security settings to low on my Internet Explorer options, but no improvement, even after a reboot.

I have copied the .html files into the same directory as the ebook.exe file, as well as to the root directory ( C: ), and my C:/Downloads directory. Still No improvement.

Any ideas please?

Posted on: 8:14 am on November 5, 2002
JohnDodson The .html file that is to be displayed inside the popup must be in the same location as it was on the other computer.

If you change the location of the .html file, then you have to change the info in the javascript.

When doing an address in javascript, it can't have the Forward Slash /  It has to be a Back Slash \ .  

IE.  C:\downloads  not C:/downloads

If you put the file in the same folder as the ebook.exe, then the address in the popup script has to be pointing to that file in that folder.

Don't know if you have tried all of this but it is some place to start.  There really shouldn't be a problem as far as changing computers, just file location and addressing to the file.

Hope this helps,

Posted on: 5:40 pm on November 5, 2002
TonyM Hi John.

Thanks for you suggestions. Unfortunately I still have the issue.

I have ceated an ebook directory structure on my Win98 machine, which is identical to the one on my WinXP machine and have put the popup html files in the same directory on both machines. However I still get a blank popup with a 'Cannot find server' message.

My javascript reads as follows:-

function popUp(URL) {
day = new Date();
id = day.getTime();
eval("page" + id + " = window.open(URL, '" + id + "', 'toolbar=0,scrollbars=0,location=0,statusbar=0,menubar=0,resizable=0,width=280,height=120');";
// End -->

<a href="javascript:popUp('farang.html')">
       <font color="#FFFFFF">farang</font></a></font>

So although the file farang.html is in the same directory as the one where I compile my ebook, I have not specified a directory within the script itself and assume that the active ebook compiler adds the required directory to the address.

The reason I also tested putting farang.html in my root directory was in case it didn't.

Any other ideas please.



Posted on: 12:23 am on November 10, 2002
TonyM I have just right clicked the popup on my Windows XP and then selected properties.
It seems my ebook is retrieving these html files from a directory called C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Temp\e\42564-021022-200435-09.a2k\farang.html
This is not a directory that I have specified anywhere and probably not one that is common in most systems.
Can anyone tell me what is going on?

Posted on: 2:38 pm on November 10, 2002
TonyM I have done some more investigating. Here is what I have found so far:-

In Windows XP, when you click on the eBook.exe, a temporary directory gets created:-

C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Temp\e\42564-021022-200435-09.a2k\

where the numbers represent the ESBN of the eBook.

This folder contains html files and images. All html files will have a prefix added to their name, eg. a file  called '*** xx.html' will be renamed to '__enc_*** xx.html'

When I invoke the external popup the required html file named '*** xx.html' will mysteriously appear in this directory and the popup will display successfully.

The same ebook.exe opened under Windows 98 will create a temporary directory called:-


Which is different to the loation of the temp directory under Windows XP. The html files will have the same prefix attached.

Under Windows 98 when I click on the link for the popup, the '*** xx.html' file does not appear in the temporary directory and the popup appears with the message 'cannot find server'. However if I copy the '*** xx.html' file into this directory, it operates correctly.

How do I create an eBook which includes popups, which will work trouble free across different windows operating systems?

Posted on: 1:11 am on November 11, 2002
ajsaw Here's the code I use for a popup in an e-book. It's been tested under win 95 and XP and IE 5 & 6.

Put this code between the head tags...


function Start(page){OpenWin = this.open(page, "CtrlWindow","toolbar=No,menubar=No,location=No,scrollbars=No,resizable=No,status=No,width=280,height=120,left=50,top=50," );}


And the following script in the body where you want the link to appear...

<a href="javascript:void(0);"onclick="javascript:Start ('farang.html');"><b>Farang</b></a>

Hope that Helps.


(Edited by ajsaw at 3:47 pm on Nov. 11, 2002)

Posted on: 5:42 am on November 11, 2002
TonyM Hi Allan.

Using your code the popups, popup more quickly than with the code I was using. But I still do not have any content in my popups on Win 98. I still get the message 'Cannot find server'.

Posted on: 7:42 am on November 11, 2002
ajsaw Hi Tony.

Is the html page that the popup calls (farang.html) compiled in the e-book?

If not you will have problems. I think you will need an ActivScript. I'm suffering similar problems with a javascript file and hoping for help through this forum.


Posted on: 8:05 am on November 11, 2002
TonyM Hi Allan.

Yes, the popup .htmls including farang.html are included in the ebook at compile time. In addition when copying the eBook to my Win 98 machine, I have also transferred the popup htmls along with the ebook.exe, and have created an identical directory structure for them on the Win 98 machine.

Still the same result.

I feel there must be some setting in Internet Explorer 5 which is not set correctly and is not checking the local directories for the files.

Posted on: 8:29 am on November 11, 2002
TonyM As an experiment I have just tried excluding farang.html from the compile. On Windows XP the popup was also now empty, even though the farang.html file is present in the same directory as the ebook was compiled in and executed from.

Posted on: 8:41 am on November 11, 2002
ajsaw Well you got the right result by excluding the file.  The popup code is looking for a file "inside" the e-book and if you have excluded it it can't find it. I'm really not sure where your problem lies. I've run that popup code in an e-book with IE5.5 as my browser and there were no problems.


Posted on: 8:50 am on November 11, 2002
TonyM I have created a greatly reduced version of the ebook which contains just a cut down index page and 2 popups.

Again these popups are populated on my Win XP system, but are empty on my Win 98 system.

If anyone feels like experimenting, the test book can be downloaded from here:-

http://www.roaring-tigers.com/download/testbook 111102 01.exe

It is just over 500Kb.

I would appreciate any feedback.


Posted on: 9:47 am on November 11, 2002
EBookCompiler If using 4.22, try going to Edit Security / Advanced and set HTML protection to low

Posted on: 1:11 pm on November 13, 2002
TonyM Thanks Sunil, that worked great.

I think I saw you suggest this to someone else in an earlier message, but I mis-understood what you meant.

I thought you were referring to the settings in 'Internet options / Security' in Internet Explorer, when in fact it is a setting in Active eBook Compiler.

Posted on: 2:41 pm on November 13, 2002
Alaska Tony -

 Your book and the popups look great on NT 4.00!  Glad you've resolved the bugs.

 best -

(Edited by Alaska at 6:54 am on Nov. 14, 2002)

Posted on: 7:50 pm on November 13, 2002
TonyM Roger.

Thanks for the feedback. Actually it is my girlfriend's eBook (I am just the technician) and the full version is now downloadable (for a fee) from her web sitehttp://www.thai-food-recipes.com/

The style of the book is very close to that of the web site itself (which includes a few free Thai recipes).



Posted on: 12:59 am on November 14, 2002

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