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Archived Message:

Really E-book directories available?

Wiplinger I would like to let the world know about my e-books, but so far I come only to sites, where either you are searching hours around, reading their effort and what soever, but no entry for my e-book, or it is a pay service or a dead link!!!!

Is there not a simple directory for e-books? If none available, I will start one. - FREE!

Posted on: 3:29 am on October 24, 2002
dreuby Here are some of my favourite directories:
http://ebooksnbytes.comhas links to others, I think. There are quite a few more - I'll try and look them out, as I lost my favourites list recently and I'm still rebuilding it.

Posted on: 12:32 pm on October 24, 2002
dreuby Forgot these two!
http://www.authorsden.com- great site, you get your own homepage to list your books, articles, etc, with a direct link to it.

Anybody got any others? I need to rebuild my favourites list!

Posted on: 5:07 pm on October 24, 2002
ebookpro I maintain an article on ebook promotion at:
In it there is a list of ebook directories that you
can submit to.

Hope this helps!

Eva :-)

Posted on: 7:58 pm on October 28, 2002
auctioneer http://www.bizwits.com/


Posted on: 4:48 am on November 2, 2002
auctioneer If you put together a press release, try these as well:




Posted on: 4:54 am on November 2, 2002
auctioneer If you really want to promote your book HARD, try a software (FREE) product named Softsubmit athttp://www.analogx.com.This FREE product allows you to your info once and will submit your e-book to 50+ freeware and software download sites on the Internet. I just tried it today. Maybe in a week or two my access logs will record a ton of extra traffic! Then again, maybe not.

I never knew that it was so hard to give a good product away for free <g>.

Posted on: 5:00 am on November 2, 2002
auctioneer Here are a few more places to submit your listing to get "ink."


Who knew that giving away a good book for free was so hard?

Posted on: 10:46 pm on November 2, 2002
auctioneer Here's another place to sub your ebook listing:

Who knew that giving away a FREE e-book would be so hard?

Posted on: 3:18 pm on November 9, 2002
auctioneer I found another one!


Posted on: 4:34 pm on November 9, 2002
dreuby Auctioneer,

Have you had amazing results from the Softsubmit program yet?

Posted on: 10:39 am on November 11, 2002
auctioneer Hi Drueby!

I downloaded and used it for the first time the day before I posted info on this board about it. The program appears to take of advantage of pre-existing agreements with the software site operators to take submission info by email.

Most of the ebook promo sites tell you to submit to software sites. I figure that this program allows me to get a big jump on the process.

Most of the important freeware/shareware sites are listed in this program. So, I then individually set which category my program (e-book) should listed in and pushed the button to mass mail them via the program!

I check my server logs nightly and as of yet, I don't have a single hit...yet. From my experience, it takes a while for site owners to update their sites. (Hint: Sunil - see my submission at ebook jungle) to list accepted submissions.

I remain confident that once I get my book listed, my viral ebook campaign will get a big boost!


PS Who knew that giving away a FREE quality ebook would be so hard?

PSS I am going to be using a freeware PAD generator to facilitate sending even more subs to software sites in the next few days. I'll keep you posted on my results.

Posted on: 11:25 pm on November 11, 2002
auctioneer Oh... I found a few more sites on Yahoo! the other day. Try these on for size:



Who knew that giving away a FREE quality e-book would be so hard?

Posted on: 11:33 pm on November 11, 2002
auctioneer Hello all! I found another free site:


Who knew that giving away a good FREE ebook would be so hard?

Posted on: 3:21 am on November 13, 2002
auctioneer I posted my e-book to a few more new (to me) FREE directories. Here are "my" latest discoveries:


Hopefully, these will be of use to someone!

Posted on: 3:20 am on November 16, 2002
auctioneer Here is another free place to list your e-books!


I just posted there myself!


Posted on: 6:48 am on November 17, 2002
avatoria2000 Just wait a moment friends. I prepare an engine which (I hope ) will amaze all of you and it will be free.
I am a real passionate of ebooks...
You can be first welcome:D

PS- site below is my private site. I am ventriloquist from Poland.
So before you clik- I try to let you know what you will see.
Wojie from Poland

Posted on: 1:39 am on November 19, 2002
avatoria2000 Thelinkhttp://www.brzuchomowca.comdoes not work untill will be repaired.
The company where I have bought my domain does not work for three days and I forgot about that.

Here is another link to my private only site


Posted on: 2:00 am on November 19, 2002
auctioneer I am looking forward to your "engine!" I dropped by site and it looks nicely done! Too bad, I can't read Polish. I will try to find a Internet translator.

Have a good Day!

Posted on: 2:30 am on November 19, 2002
dreuby I like the site - great cartoon! My town has a large Polish community, so I've got quite a few friends who can translate it for me.

I'm looking forward to your engine, too - I was thinking that I might have to pay Auctioneer to write an ebook with all those directories in!

Posted on: 11:59 am on November 19, 2002
avatoria2000 Thank you for nice words about my page. It was created by one of my young fans in my country. I am not co capable in web designing by myself.
By the way- I got the idea to prepare English version too.
This web is related to fun-magazine (the only in Poland)http://www.dobryhumor.pl  I write comedy teksts for them and I am a co-editor (I ma not sure this word is correct).

Thank you friends.
My dream is to gather all ebooks links in one place:D
I love books. Standard books are very expensive in Poland, so mayba this is solution for future (ebooks). I hope so.

Wojie from Poland

Posted on: 4:16 pm on November 19, 2002
auctioneer Diane,

Thanks for the kind words! Actually, there is someone on the Internet selling an e-book with reportedly 200 or so "good" and free places to advertise an e-book online.

I cruised by the site and didn't bother to bookmark it. In retrospect, I should've checked to see if he had an affiliate program !  

Besides, at this time in my business' development, I have more time than money. Why pay for what you can do yourself? That's my motto!


PS What do you think it would be worth, as far as price, for such an ebook? I'm thinking...

Posted on: 5:29 am on November 21, 2002
avatoria2000 cite:
<Besides, at this time in my business' development, I have more time than money. Why pay for what you can do yourself? That's my motto! >>

Exactly friend.
I do not want to depend on others only. I would like to create tool which will help people to do promotion for free.
I really understand what is to start promotion with 'zero' in pocket.
I believe it is possible to do good promotion of ebook for free. The portal I am co-editor after one year of working has over 10000 subscribers.
The owner has spent maybe few hundred $ for it, and this machine grows and grows.
I was witness of internet success without spending money. The main secret of it was - our ideas.
This portal does not bring money for now because of legal-economy- no credit cards option etc in my country. But we do not care for it for now. We believe it works for future. People are happy- we are happy. Sometimes cash is not all in life. Of course- I love to earn cash like others too
You have right.
If you can do something yourself- do it yourself- do not pay for it untill you are really rich
I love internet, cause many things in this virtual world depend on your efforts.
There are many people who succeed doing things alone in their own home.
And next thing. If you believe in something- you will always find a little time for it and will work for it.

I am inspired of history of mr Edison who over 3000 times failed during his work on bulb discovery.
Very patient guy
He just had idea...and worked...worked on it.
What is the difference between you and Bill Gates (when he was not so rich of course)?
Is he better than you? No.
I believe everyone can succeed if have enough faith and patience.
ok... let us talk about e-books not about philosophy.

Posted on: 9:11 pm on November 22, 2002


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