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Archived Message:

Uploading .exe files to Frontpage

Bookmaster Hi,

I've built my e-book, now I can't upload it to the web.  I use FrontPage 2002 and I already know how to upload my web pages, but I don't know how to get the e-book files from my "C" drive to my web site.  I cannot use FTP with FrontPage it seems.  Did anyone else have this problem?


Posted on: 4:24 am on September 19, 2002
EBookCompiler I am no expert on FrontPage, but can't you simply FTP up the EXE file to a separate folder on your site, and make a link from one of your Frontpage-created pages

FTP instructions:

One thing to check... maybe this is confusing the issue

If your web host uses NT or 2000, make sure you put the EXE file in a folder which does NOT have execute permission.  If not sure about this, ask your web host

Posted on: 4:53 am on September 19, 2002
websystemz Although you are using FrontPage, your ISP/Hosting provider should also have granted you FTP access. See, FrontPage is not a "true" FTP process. The only way that you can upload, is using an FTP program like cuteFTP or WS-FTP. You should also be able to use your web browser too!

If you open your web browser and type in this, replacing the real information:


This should open your ftp window. The reason that hosting providers don't LIKE telling people that they can ftp OUTside of FrontPage is because it can screw up the FP server extensions for your account!!

So after you do this, all you have to do is, open up windows explorer, route to your folder on your local drive and drag and drop it to the open FTP connection window in your browser.

Hopefully this will help you out!

Let me know if it worked out for you?!

Posted on: 10:13 am on September 20, 2002
Bookmaster Hi Matt,

I'll try it - I think.  You're correct.  My ISP is trying to discourage me from trying to use FTP to upload to Front Page 2002.  If I mess up, then I'll have no support and they'll say "I told you so."  Truth is, some of the procedures you spoke of are unfamiliar to me so I hesitate.  Tell me, will it make a difference if I bought Dreamweaver?  And if so, where could I get a good price?  I really need to get my e-Book business going.


Posted on: 12:01 am on September 21, 2002
eBookMarketing4U Hi,
I use FrontPage all the time.
What you might want to try is opening your web site that you want your ebook on.
Make a new folder and name it something like"myebbok".
Then go to "File -Import" and browse to when you have your ebook exe and import it to this folder. Make a link to the exe on your download page. Then publish your web site.

Posted on: 7:02 pm on September 23, 2002
Bookmaster Hi Deborah,

Thanks for your input.  I imported the .exe file to my folder and linked to it from my sales page.  When I click on the link, it says "That Action Is Not Allowed."  I guess its back to the drawing board.  But my question now is, how is everyone else getting their ebooks on to their websites?


Posted on: 12:52 am on September 26, 2002
EBookCompiler Did you try the FTP idea?

I think you need to five us some specifics or URLs etc if you want us to take a look, as we are kind of guessing what the problem might be without the details

Where is the message coming from
- Before or after you upload to your site
- From FrontPage or your browser
- Is in in text in the browser or a message box

Posted on: 4:04 am on September 26, 2002
Bookmaster Hi Guys,

Thanks for all the input and ideas.  I got the problem solved today.   Seems that back in February, my ISP had a problem with someone hacking into the server so they shut down everything having to do with .EXE extensions.  I called them today and the technician explained everything to me and he made some modifications allowing me to be able to upload to the server and allowing my book to be available for download.  I feel great!!  I really appreciate all the care and concern.  

Thanks much,

Posted on: 12:33 am on October 1, 2002
JohnDodson I am hoping that your technician explained to you how to ftp through frontpage.  I do it for my site and doing it through frontpage reduces the risk of you accidently overwriting a file that you uploaded from outside frontpage.

By doing it through frontpage, your disk-based web and web site stay synchronized.


Posted on: 2:57 pm on October 3, 2002
Bookmaster Hi John,

Hopefully all is well.  My technician said that Frontpage is Frontpage and FTP is FTP.  It's one or the other.  So I uploaded using Frontpage. I'm still tweaking the book and hope to be done by this week.  But, hopefully, everything seems to be OK for now.  I'll keep you posted.


Posted on: 11:54 pm on October 3, 2002
JohnDodson Yes, he is correct.  However, if they give you the ftp address when you go to publish your site, you type in the ftp address and frontpage uploads through it keep all your site files insync.

Otherwise, if you use an external ftp program your files in frontpage web will be out of sync.  However, you can just never import the ebook into the frontpage web, upload it to your site seperately and just maintain all your frontpage files seperately with a link on one page to your download and then you will not run the risk of overwriting anything.  I think this is probably your best option.


Posted on: 3:41 am on October 4, 2002
Cheryl Opening this old file, because I have been thinking about this very thing.  Are there problems with just providing a link to the ebook on your hard drive on a Front Page web site?  I did it the other day...just made a link and all went well.  The only thing I didn't like was that the download box for the ebook describes exactly where it is coming from on my computer.  

I guess I could try and "insert file" on one of the web pages and isn't that the same as ftp-ing it ???

No?  Advantages and disadvantages please?

Thanks in advance.  You are all so very helpful.

Posted on: 8:30 am on November 12, 2002

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