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Archived Message:

saving as .as

patricia Hello to all,

I am new here in this forum, but a happy (registered) user of the Sunil's ebook compiler.  Now I am ready to try something else and wish to create a form using the suggested code found on the site.  

I find the instructions to use notepad and save as an .as file (i.e.  writefile.as) impossible.  Notepad automatically adds a .txt extention and I have no choice of any other.  Using FrontPage results in the same.  Lots of choices for extensions to choose from, but no .as    ....there is .asp, but no .as

Who can tell me how in the world one saves in an extension that is not listed?  If I am having this problem I am certain many others are or may - as not all of us are computer whizzes.  So I am surprised this is not explained along with the instructions.

Thank you,


Posted on: 4:13 pm on August 20, 2002
EBookCompiler Here is the best way I have found for a non-techie to do it

1. Save the file in Notepad as say writefile.as

Although you may not realize it, Notepad actually names the file writefile.as.txt (it adds .txt)

2. Now go to Windows Explorer, and navigate to the folder where writefile.as is

3. Windows 98 - Click View/Folder Options, go to the View tab and remove the checkmark from "Hide extensions for known file types" and click OK

Windows 95 - Click View/Options - View tab - remove the checkmark from "HIde MS-DOS file extensions from File Types that are registered" and click OK

(other versions of Windows should be similar to the above, mainly Win 98)

4. You should see writefile.as transform it's name into writefile.as.txt

5. Single click on writefile.as.txt and then right click and then pick rename from the popup menu

6. You can now edit the name to be writefile.as without the .txt

Posted on: 4:40 pm on August 20, 2002
codesavvy Patricia,
To save the file from notepad without having it automatically add the .txt extension, put the name of the file in quotes.

For example, to save the file mystuff.as, you enter "mystuff.as"  including the double quotes in the filename area.

If you just enter mystuff.as , you will get the file mystuff.as.txt as  you have already discovered.

Ed Crandell

Posted on: 3:04 am on August 21, 2002
patricia Hello Sunil!

Thank you for replying so quickly.   There are a few points which I  didn't understand.

in #1:  You mention 'save file in Notepad as say writefile.as'
Well, this is the point of my question.  Then:  'you may not realize it but notepad actually names the file writefile.as.txt...'   again, this was the reason for my posting here... I did and do realize it because this is what has been happening and why I wrote here.

in#2:  'navigate to the folder where writefile.as is'    
What folder?  At this point I can't even save the script as an .as  Re-reading your script instructions on your code page, there is no mention of having such a file in the first place...the SOURCE file is mentioned.

in #3:  I always have the hide extensions check box off

I tried simply renaming it by removing the .txt, but a warning came up more or less suggesting that by doing so the file may be usless.  (However trying this again just now out of curiosity, I receive no such warning...but then my computer is quirky.)

This is the area where I am very 'in the dark about' - I know one can SAVE work as a .doc, html, rtf etc....but I was unsure as to whether simply renaming something in exlorer (especially an extension name that is unlisted) would render the file as unusable or corrupt it.  I did this once as an experiment and the file was useless until I changed it back.

Sorry to be so 'clueless' but the whole idea of scripts, ebooks and using scripts IN ebooks is a new area for me and a bit intimidating...hence all the confusion.

However, I see now that simply removing the .txt notepad adds is no great sin and all should function well.

Than you for your time, Sunil!

Patricia (Spain)

Posted on: 7:46 am on August 21, 2002
patricia Hello Ed!

Thank you for the little jewel of information!  What a tidy little solution for any future situation as well!

Thank you again,

Patricia (Spain)

Posted on: 7:51 am on August 21, 2002
EBookCompiler I think Ed's solution is better!

#1 I meant navigate to the folder where your HTML files are, in the Filename file in the Notepad save box, type in writefile.as

Notepad will actually save the file as writefile.as.txt

#2 I meant go in Windows Explorer to the folder you had selected in step #1

#3 It probably says something along the lines of no application is associated with the .as extension.

The way Windows works is like this.  The extension (the bit after the dot at the end of the name) is used to guess which application is used to view/edit the file when you double click on it in Windows Explorer.  Which application works on .txt files, etc. Notepad?  How does Windows know .txt edits in Notepad? Because it stores this as part of the settings.

If you go into Windows Explorer and do something like View/Options, File Types tab, (the exact path to this varies in 95 vs 98 etc) you can use this screen to setup or modify new file associates.

As for .as versus .txt files.  They are both plain text files

So you could just as easily name your writefile.as as writefile.txt if you wanted, but remember to change the links to it, e.g.
<A HREF="#!writefile.txt"> instead of <A HREF="#!writefile.as">

Posted on: 12:23 pm on August 21, 2002


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