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Archived Message:

File Statements

Grandmaster Does anyone here know how to effectively use the new forms feature of the new beta version to write to text files?
I've tried using the file statment FILEWRITE without success.

Posted on: 5:40 pm on March 23, 2002
EBookCompiler index.htm

<FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="#!writefile.as">
Address 1<BR>
<INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="faddress1" SIZE=32>
Address 2<BR>
<INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="faddress2" SIZE=32>



REM next line necessary for 4.20 (see note in README)

REM retrieve fields from form in Activ Variables of same name

REM build a long string of the text

REM prompt for file name
FILESAVEPROMPT('bsave','filepath','Save Address Info','','')
      MESSAGEBOX('bok is {bok}')
              MESSAGEBOX('File saved okay')        
              MESSAGEBOX('File save error')        
       MESSAGEBOX('The address was not saved')


SET('bok',0) is necessary because in 4.00, 4.01 and 4.20 (not 4.21) expressions in nested/conditional statements are still evaluated even though the rest of the code doesn't execute.  This is fixed in 4.21, so in 4.21 you can delete this line.

(If you've ever used some UNIX shell scripts, you're probably familiar with a similar "feature"

Posted on: 2:14 am on March 26, 2002
Grandmaster Thanks you so much for this script.  It's a life saver. I started playing with it with the aid of the help file.
I added on to it with success.
I have recently download the beta version of 4.20.  I wasn't aware that there was a 4.20  Is this is the non-beta version of 4.20.
Thanks again.
This script helped me to understand Active Script a little better. NOw I'm going to find a way to get the information that is posted in a form to be displayed... kind of a database type thing.

Posted on: 4:40 pm on March 26, 2002
EBookCompiler 4.20 is still beta (see the thread with 4.20 in the title)

In next day or two, we will have 4.21 *beta* ready.  4.21 beta basically fixes the bugs that were found in the 4.20 beta

4.21 beta is also a "release candidate".  This means if the beta performance is satisfactory, then it will become the official release.  If it isn't then we repeat the cycle and going to 4.22.

Posted on: 1:45 am on March 27, 2002
Grandmaster Ok. Very Good. These are bugs I haven't found myself. Can't wait to download it and try it out too.
BTW, I made a script that utilized the FILEEXIST and the FILEREAD statements that were successful.
But I can only make the contents of a text file display in a message box and not back on an html page or back in the form text boxes for editing ease.
I've been checking out some VBscript tutorials. I've "messed" around with VB6 before. I probably should try to use Jscript since I've done more with javascript than I have with microsoft languages.
I just want to know more about VB script because it looks so easy to use.

Posted on: 12:40 pm on March 27, 2002
EBookCompiler Try using DISPLAY

Build a long string with all the HTML tags (including the HTML header etc) and then use DISPLAY


Try creating a temporary file containing the HTML and use NAVIGATE or NAVIGATEEXT to display it.  For NAVIGATE make sure the file is in the {ebook} directory.  For NAVIGATEEXT make the file anywhere, but include the full path in the parameter

A good cheat method is to include 1 or 2 extra sort of "template" files on your source folder, these contain the top and bottom of the HTML page.  Read these in, and add your stuff in the middle before using DISPLAY/NAVIGATE/NAVIGATEEXT.  If these extra template files are in your source folder, don't end their names with .htm or .html if you have Security for HTML files set to High (Advanced Security) or else you won't be able to read them using FILEREAD

Posted on: 4:19 pm on March 27, 2002
Grandmaster I've managed to have the variables displayed back into a form for editing purposes. (retrieving the data and placing the information back into a form for editing)
Now I've got a new question. I know you're a busy man and I'm trying not to bother you too much... but
I'd like to APPEND the data into db file. So far, I've decided hold the information in .as files rather than txt files.
The problem is FILEWRITE over writes the information with new information that I input.
How could I append this information at the end of the file (adding to what's already there)???

Posted on: 6:28 am on April 1, 2002
EBookCompiler Read in the old info into a string using FILEREAD
Add the new stuff on the end
Write it out with FILEWRITE


Another way would be to store all the parameters in a INI format file.  You could have set an item called COUNT which had the total number of items, then use item 1, 2, 3, etc. to store the items


Both the above would work if this is not too demanding an application.  If you have a lot of data or need speed, a better solution might be to use an external program, or the API to write the file handling stuff in a conventional programming language.  Using the API (if the language is C++) you can call the file writing functions from Activ Script, or you could use the RUN command to run the programs to do the adding, etc.

Posted on: 4:14 am on April 2, 2002

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