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Affiliate/Email/HTML/Image Protection Rocket - PreAnnounce

 4 new programs for authors
EBookCompiler This is a pre-announcement for 4 new programs that will be released in the near future. All programs have completed development and testing.

The intent of the pre-announcement is to share the information, and also answer any advance questions you might have.

A formal announcement will be made when the programs are officially released.  This will be in the email newsletter and announcements area of this board. This will hopefully (not guaranteed) be in approximately 1-2 weeks


This program is a protection tool for affiliate links.

It generates code that you then copy/paste into your site, etc.

Basically it allows you to create an affiliate link which is hard for somebody to modify.

This is primarily intended for use on web sites, as opposed to ebooks, but if you want to you could put the "frame" (see below) on your site, and link to that on your ebook.

The program creates two types of affiliate link:

1. You can place a frame around a merchant's site.  This means that after a user clicks a link, one of your URLs (as opposed to one of the merchant's) is shown in the browser address bar.

2. You can disable the frame option (some affiliate programs do not allowing framing).

The code generated also hides your affiliate ID coding:

1. When a person moves the mouse over the link,

2. During the connection/download to the merchants site.

3. It in the source code you can't see the affiliate ID.

The program can generate 3 types of code: HTML, ASP and PHP.

The HTML option does **NOT** require JavaScript enabled (unlike some other rival programs of this type), and therefore does **NOT** limit your affiliate links to only JavaScript enabled browsers (unlike some other rival programs)


This program is a protection tool for email mailto link (the type of link a user clicks to send you email).

It generates code that you then copy/paste into your site, etc.

Basically it allows you to create an email mailto link which is

(a) invisible to spambots (spambots are programs that spammers use to scan the internet pages for email addresses to add to their lists)

(b) invisible to viruses (some viruses incorporate spambots or scan the browser cache for mailto links)

Primarily this is useful for your site, but because of (b) you might want to use it in eBooks too.

The program hides your email address using a number of techniques, you can choose which to enable.  

For maximum protection you can enable all these techniques, and also opt to use JavaScript to generate the protected link - however please note: if you use the JavaScript option, then the email address will only display in JavaScript enabled browsers.


This is a protection tool for JavaScript and HTML code. It allows you to encrypt or compress these codes using a variety of techniques.  It can work on entire pages, or even sections of pages (for example you might want to hide the code for just a form on your page or something).

The tool is intended for use on your web site as opposed to in eBooks (although you could use it eBooks but with Activ E-Book Compiler it probably would not offer any significant advantage as we already compress content, etc).

As mentioned the program can be used for entire pages or just sections of pages.  If you do entire pages, you can add a whole number of files and it will process them all in sequence.

The program has a number of options, for compression/encryption the options are:

1. Compress - The content is compressed into JavaScript (very small files may come out larger)

2. Compress/Encrypt - The content is compressed into JavaScript (very small files may come out larger), and no human-readable text from the original will remain.

3. Encrypt - The is encrypted into JavaScript (may come out larger or smaller), and no human-readable text will remain.

4. Ultra-Compress - If the content can be compressed into JavaScript (comes out smaller) it will be.  If the content is smaller in HTML format, it is left in this format.

The program also has an option which removes many redundant spaces, etc from the original code (e.g. comments in HTML or JavaScript) before doing the compression/encryption step.


This is a protection tool for images. It is intended to help you protect your images and bandwidth.

It is intended for use on web sites rather than eBooks.  However the Anti Leech option may prove useful to eBook authors for preventing unauthorized downloads from their site, or other sites exploiting their downloads.

There are 3 main features:

1. Anti-Right click code generation.  This prevents right click on your web pages, either at all, or just right clicks on images. You can choose to show a message when the user right clicks or just stop it.

2. Trick Image protection.  When a user right clicks and attempts to save an image to their disk, they end-up saving a dummy image instead of the real one.

3. Anti Leech: This is the big one, details follow

Anti Leech
When you have images (or multimedia downloads or EXE downloads etc) on your site, people with other web sites can link to them, and offer them "as if" they are theirs (and you can end up paying for the bandwidth used to deliver these files from your web host!)

The Anti Leech tool prevents this.  Only your own site (and upto 3 other sites you specify) can link to your downloads/images.

If an unauthorized site attempts to link to your download/image, they will be sent instead a "blocked" image or page of your choice.

Anti Leech also can prevent people directly typing in the URL to access your images/downloads.  However be aware, that if you enable this, it may also prevent some user's legitimate accessing the images/downloads thru your site (e.g. those users with certain privacy tools).

Anti Leech works with web servers that support ASP or PHP.

The PHP Anti Leech option offers two modes of operation: Generate or Redirect. The ASP Anti Leech option offers only the Redirect mode.  The Generate mode is more secure in protecting your images/downloads.

Posted on: 7:09 pm on March 10, 2004


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